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Other Backgrounds for EP System?

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Lord High Munchkin Lord High Munchkin's picture
Other Backgrounds for EP System?
Have people used the 'Eclipse Phase' system to run other settings/systems/backgrounds? I have tried 'Solid!' (for which I used EP to convert the old d20 blaxploitation setting). It worked fairly well (especially rep), although certain areas needed a lot of ad libbing and additional rules (mainly borrowed from aspects of BRP).
CodeBreaker CodeBreaker's picture
Re: Other Backgrounds for EP System?
I have used it to run a few seperate settings. I did a Mass Effect 2 one off, ignored the resleeving rules, which went quite well. There are certainly better systems to run it with, but my players seem to like EP so thats what we use. Also did a short campaign of Ghost in the Shell, which went much better. Had to change much less.