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Need Players - Melbourne, Aus

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Need Players - Melbourne, Aus
Hey folks, I thought I'd give this gamemastering thing a shot. But for that I need another player or two. At present, the campaign's mostly focussed on dealing with exsurgent outbreaks, but I'm looking into exploring the impact of Firewall sending you to fight cthonian horrors on your day-to-day lifestyle as well. If you're interested, near Melbourne, and available weekends, let me know. -Y
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Re: Need Players - Melbourne, Aus
Hey, I'm not sure if you're still looking for new players, but I live close to Melbourne and would like the opportunity to get stuck into some games, which should help me with GMing my own group, which I'll be starting sometime in the next month. To be honest, I just got the core book for christmas a few days ago, but I've read most of it. I really love the setting, but the rules I'm still getting my head around. I'm new to Eclipse Phase, but I've been playing RPG's (GMing 70% of the time) for almost 8 years now, so I do have a fair bit of experience. So yeah, if you have any room, just drop me an e-mail at roshifan@optusnet.com.au. If not, don't worry about it. Good luck with your roleplaying : )
- Conor -