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Mindlink: Touch range?

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Mindlink: Touch range?
Is there an errata on the Psi-Gamma: Mindlink (p. 227) concerning its range? A touch-only communication sleight seems extremely limited in a setting that allows for instantaneous, habitat-wide communication via the Mesh. Is the intent that the Touch is only used to initiate the power, and that it may be sustained after the touch is broken? If not, the idea of a "telepathic server" (mentioned in the description), consisting of a cluster of morphs huddled around the async, does not seem particularly useful...

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I think that, errata or not,

I think that, errata or not, this power deserves to be "close". Psi is so underpowered to begin with, at least give them useful utility spells.
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I agree with the
I agree with the "underpowered" comment. Is there a reason that Psi is limited to half the short range of the lightest pistol in the game? That, to me, is one of the most limiting factors.

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A 75 CP expenditure (Psi 2

A 75 CP expenditure (Psi 2 w/ 10 sleights) just isn't a good value; that's what limits it for me.
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Nope, the range of psi

Nope, the range of psi sleights is intentionally limited. Partly this is game balance, partly it's to fit our in-game explanation for psi, partly it's to make psi more of an intimate, dangerous thing and fit the mood of EP more.

Note that when dealing with two asyncs, the range of sleights is increased one range level (see Psi vs. Psi, p. 221).

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If it were cool, there would be too many.

Psi is supposed to be ridiculously rare. They say there are under 500 million humans (page 38, slightly less than half a billion), and psi occurs in 0.001% of the population (page 218) meaning there should be less than 5000 asynchs alive, everywhere, total. And plenty of those have been gobbled up by hypercorp labs, so the number running free is even smaller.

If they were too awesome, then everyone would play them, they would lose all their mystery, and it certainly wouldn't fit with the idea of them being rare.