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Factor Rep?

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Factor Rep?

In a game with a lot of Factor interaction, since they are a hive mind the reputation rules apply perfectly to them.
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Good point
I think that any organism with a set protocol of interaction, would be candidate for reputation. Relative to transhuman social interactions, though I don't now how recognizable it would be to us. But I see where you are going with this idea. Not bad at all.
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Of course, it wouldn't be

Of course, it wouldn't be called Reputation. Factors might call it 'Utility', and measure it on your possible use for their purposes. Or maybe 'Reliability', and lower it for mucking with gates or AI.
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you're supposed to add new

you're supposed to add new reputations as needed, when PCs are dealing with any particular faction that falls outside the predefined groups. If you were playing a game that dealt heavily with the factors, i'd say you should write one in for just this purpose.

calling on them for favors might be a pain though. wait 3-5 years between visits, or whatever its supposed to be. might make for some interesting long-term background projects to run in tandem with more traditional operations, though.

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If you keep their visits to

If you keep their visits to that schedule, making a rep for them is probably more than is needed. On the other hand, it would be needed if you:
-Stepped up the frequency of their visits.
-Gave them a permanent presence in our solar system.
-Had their ships leave behind large Q-bit reservoirs for emergency contact.
-Discovered a pandora gate destination close to one of their worlds.