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Core Rulebook version

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Core Rulebook version
So I just bought a copy off amazon, looking forward to it getting here :D However, just want to make sure I'm getting the most up to date version available. If anyone would be kind enough to let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, as it probably is. Copy I'm getting: http://www.amazon.com/Eclipse-Phase-Rob-Boyle/dp/1934857165/ Thanks! ...Wow I'm an idiot. Just noticed this page: http://www.eclipsephase.com/releases
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Re: Core Rulebook version
That will be the most up to date printed edition available. It is not, however, a copy that incororates errata, but that is because there is not a printed edition that does. To get the most up to date edition you either need stick the errata in yourself (post it notes!) or use the freely available PDF edition.