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A People’s History of an Unfortunate Universe

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A People’s History of an Unfortunate Universe
Hey folks, I'm a indie journalist working on a project that I hope may help answer questions & heal emotional wounds. I'm collecting personal accounts of the Fall from people all over the Solar system. I know those hellish years are a bloody, confusing blur, but by piecing together every story, every little scrap of information bit by bit, I hope to shed some light on what happened back then. Who knows? Maybe you might help someone find a loved one you struck up an innocuous conversation with on an evac shuttle? Maybe you were an unknow.ing witness to a TITAN war machine's fatal weakness? For those of you familiar with classic literature, my approach will be similar in composition to the seminal work of Max Brooks, World War Z
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Re: A People’s History of an Unfortunate Universe
I don't know those books, but I don't have problems in telling you my story. I guess I'm less traumatized by it than the rest, or who knows. I was in Brussels back then, working on a project... well, I guess that the European Union government no longer holds secrets, and I do believe in open information. We were investigating a way of overcoming some biological limitations humans have, and making the human body work better in cold. You can't imagine how cold Europe was back then unless you've been there. In any case, we were working there when it all went to Hell. TITANs and governments alike started their wars and conflicts and we were all fucked. I did my best in some bio engineering that was meant to be used against some biological plagues the TITANs were supposedly throwing against us... though I still believe that Russians were probably behind it, instead of TITANs. In any case, bombs started to drop around our compound and the military started to evacuate us. Helicopters came and took us to a military base, somewhere in Italy probably. Ships were being shot to space and we waited in tense lines in order to get our places. Then they fell upon us, hundreds of.... things. We had no chance, only to run to the stars. I guess I was one of the fortunate that made it into one of the ships before the whole starport was destroyed, and from there to the Moon. I mean Luna. Guess I didn't stay there long, but that is another story.