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Combat Manager & more to come

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Combat Manager & more to come

Eclipse Phase - Muse

Over the next couple months, I'll be creating several tools that I think will be fairly useful to the Eclipse Phase community, as well as compiling other resources. Currently, there is a combat manager (features listed below), as well as a list of Arabic words which I think may come in handy, and add a little flavor to your game.

Combat Manager:

  • Add and remove characters at will
  • Simple interface - click "Add Combatant" to add a character (rinse and repeat as necessary), then click "Next Turn" to see who comes next in the initiative order.
  • Displays current characters name, initiative score, total initiative, and speed score, as well as the current turn and the current phase.
  • Known Bug: A character added in the middle of a phase will not be included in the initiative order until the next phase (provided they have the speed necessary to act in that phase).

In the future, I'll be adding a few other tools, and hopefully some more interesting resources. Check out the page for more detailed plans.

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Looks good so far, thanks!
Looks good so far, thanks!
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Re: Combat Manager & more to come
Just posting to say there's some new content on EP Muse (http://epmuse.farvista.net). I've been adding database information for the Ego manager, and decided to start adding filterable lists of traits, skills, psi sleights, and more. Currently, the Traits list is the only one up there, but there will be more coming soon. Check it out under "Resources".
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Re: Combat Manager & more to come
I don't actually speak Arabic, but I happen to know a few handy phrases to add to the list. Apologies to any native speakers if my transliterations are horrible.
You're welcome.
Yes or Of course.
Hada [b]hu[/b]ah
That's it or You got it. [i](Probably a really, truly horrible transliteration.)[/i]
[b]Hahm[/b] dal All[b]ah[/b]
Thank God [i](Not necessarily a religious utterance but more of a culturally-appropriate way of saying, "Whew." I'm almost certain this is technically off by a mile but if you say it fast enough, you'll get the idea.)[/i]
Coffee [i](The Kh is a really hard K sound.)[/i]