Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki migration

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Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki migration

The EP wiki maintained by Chuck at is migrating. He states he is doing it manually for the time being.

TBH, the migration seems like it would be not *that* difficult using some Python and wget (I am somewhat familiar with both). I have my day job to get ready for, but it looks like he/we have until July to get everything. Is he active on these forums? I'll definitely try to make some free time to see I can script up some automation tools :)

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Hello! This is said Chuck.

Hello! This is said Chuck. I'm not active, but I lurk. I'm working when I can to get this done (My computer just got set up again after being stowed away for 2 weeks, so I'm getting back into it). I've got a few key issues with the migration, namely that linebreaks get put in (otherwise Wikia ignores a single-spaced paragraph break), and that each page gets an "_1e" added to their name for differentiation when 2e is released. I'm not really concerned with cross-linking at the moment, focusing rather on getting everything moved.

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Also, if anyone wants to go

Also, if anyone wants to go through the pages I've already moved and add Categories to them, that would be awesome, because I've not been doing that.

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Tool: Add / Remove Line Breaks


Hello. This tool might help

Or perhaps this one

Neither of these sites are mine - but I have used the tools on both to reformat data.