The children of Alpha Plus

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The children of Alpha Plus

I've been browsing the dossiers about locations. One place stood out, in a rather disquieting way: Alpha Plus. While I'm the last person to deny anybody voluntary psychosurgery (heck, just earlier today I gave some guy partial temporal lobe seizures triggered by seeing and interacting with cats), a question that went completely unaddressed forced itself upon me: What about the children? Are they allowed to develop naturally? Is there an age of maturity at which they have to choose between psychosurgical modification and exile? Do people at Alpha Plus even mate? Do they have a generational plan?

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iDent: Daughter of Chrome

That is a good question. I've just had a cursory look into it, after I had a cursory session of swearing at you for your complete lack of references to where information on Alpha Plus can be found.

As far as I can tell, the folk at Alpha Plus do not reproduce biologically. Their only mechanism for growing their numbers appears to be recruitment; they don't even appear to do forking, not even temporarily. They're kind of fucking weird, though, using a lot of biomorphs and unique egos for what I'd charitably call "menial labor." Uncharitably, I'd call it "Send a fuck robot to do a fucking robot's job, asshole, people have better things to do than clean the septic tanks!"

Frankly, I find the idea of the place horrifying, but... Well, as long as everyone volunteers to surrender their autonomy... Well, I guess you have to let them, but still, holy fucking fuckity fuck! This is how the Church of Happyology gets started. Do you want the Church of Happyology? I don't want the Church of Happyology.

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