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Character Vignette

Hey Guys,

One of my players submitted a little vignette for his new character and I thought it was so brilliant I had to share:

[collapse]'ve just about got my Eclipse Phase character "San Quentin" all worked out so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of his past adventures. He's a home security AI that was hacked to AGI status.

[Mission Log – Firewall team – Cargo compartment of Scumbarge “Lethargic Visitor”]

The image in the frame is calm, an animated two dimensional representation in the impressionist style of an amiable Caucasian male in his later years with receding white hair and muttonchops.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, please calm down. Our orders were quite explicit. Total lockdown. Black box. No data in or out. No emissions.”

“I will not allow you to break protocol. I will not unseal the compartment. I will not give you access to your gear in the storage compartment. Please stop asking.”

“I appreciate that this is hard on you. I’ve offered to upload you to my servers and employ time dilation to make the subjective experience shorter. I’ve offered to employ my skills in psychosurgery to treat any latent claustrophobia or information withdrawal anxieties you may be suffering. I’ve even made Sir Travis’ repulsive simulspace environment available on server seven.”

“I regret my handling of Sir Vincent’s escape attempt. I concede I could have handled it better. But I ask that you all note I did aim low. His stack is quite unharmed which is more than can be said for my drone. Once he’s resleeved I’m sure we’ll be able to laugh over the whole matter. After a suitable period of counseling of course.”

“You can continue to call me a tyrant, jailer or warden. Comments about my lineage are fine, though obviously inaccurate. You can hate me. You can rail against the unfairness of the situation.”

“I freely accept your derogatory nickname.”

“I am San Quentin. We will be together for a long time; I suggest you make the best of it.”[/collapse]