Character - Vacuum Commando Boarding Specialist.

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Character - Vacuum Commando Boarding Specialist.

I've made my first character for EP.

The concept was originally some sort of combat engineer/technician. Sort of like Hudson in Aliens, he's a soldier that can fight with the unit, but he's the one who gets out the welding torch and computers when they need to go through doors, get the computers up and running, etc.

With EP, it turned out that he became a lot more technical and he ended up as an engineer turned soldier instead, specializing in boarding operations - the guy that gets you through hulls, bulkheads and airlocks, subverts security systems, sabotage vital systems, and once the fighting is over, gets everything up and running again. Of course, it all adds up to general techie/hacker skills.

I also wanted a char that really explored the transhumanism theme.

Suggestions are welcome.

Player: ND
Background: Re-Instantiated
Faction: Extropian
Morph: Slitheroid
Gender Id: Male
Actual Age: 56
Current Moxie:
Rez Points:
-Synth/infomorph bias
+Computronium transformation
+Personal development

COG = 30 (25 base, 5 from Morph)
COO = 20 (15 base, 5 from Morph)
INT = 15 (15 base)
REF = 15 (15 base)
SAV = 15 (15 base)
SOM = 20 (15 base, 5 from Morph)
WIL = 15 (15 base)

TT = 6
LUC = 30
IR = 60
WT = 11
DUR = 55
DR = 110
MOX = 6
INIT = 60
SPD = 1(1)/1
DB = 4

Energy = 19
Kinetic = 17

@-rep = 70
c-rep = 50
e-rep = 0
f-rep = 0
g-rep = 0
i-rep = 30
r-rep = 0

Ego Traits:
Addiction (Level 1)

Morph Traits:

Psi Sleights:

Chameleon Skin, Grip Pads, Neurachem (L1), Prehensile Tail, T-Ray Emitter, Multitasking, Medichines, Structural Enhancement, 360-Degree Vision, Lidar, Radar

Tools (kit), Utilitool, AR Illusions, Exploit, Facial/Image Recognition, Firewall, Sniffer, Spoof, Tactical Networks, Tracking, Standard Muse, Shutter, Thruster Pack, Synthmorph Combat Armor (light) (w/ Chameleon Coating, Reactive Coating), Automatic Rifle (w/ Smartlink), Heavy Pistol (w/ Smartlink), (200x) Homing Armor Piercing Rifle Rounds, (50x) Homing Hollow-Point Pistol Rounds
Credits = 3550

Academics: Physics (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Academics: Engineering (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Academics: Materials Science (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Academics: Nanotechnology (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Art: Simulspace Design (INT) = 50 (50 base)
Climbing (SOM) = 45 (40 base, 5)
Demolitions (COG*) = 60 (55 base, 5)
Fray (REF) = 40 (40 base)
Freefall (REF) = 60 (60 base)
Hardware: Aerospace (COG) = 50 (45 base, 5)
Hardware: Electronics (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Hardware: Industrial (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Infiltration (COO) = 45 (40 base, 5)
Infosec (COG*) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Interest: Space Travel (COG) = 60 (55 base, 5)
Interest: Digital Life (COG) = 55 (50 base, 5)
Interfacing (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Kinetic Weapons (COO) = 60 (55 base, 5)
Language: English (INT) = 85 (85 base)
Networking: Autonomists (SAV) = 50 (50 base)
Networking: Hypercorps (SAV) = 45 (45 base)
Perception (INT) = 60 (60 base)
Persuasion (SAV) = 25 (25 base)
Pilot: Groundcraft (REF) = 25 (25 base)
Profession: Habitat Systems (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Profession: Boarding Operations (COG) = 65 (60 base, 5)
Programming (COG*) = 55 (50 base, 5)
Unarmed Combat (SOM) = 40 (35 base, 5)

Originally habitat engineer.
During the Fall, pirates pillaged his habitat. With his engineering skills, the pirates figured they could sell him as an infoslave, so they killed him and took his cortical stack.
He was recovered by Medusan Shield. They informed him that his ego was lifted from an intercepted pirate vessel, where he had served as an infoslave, supporting them in boarding operations and subversion of habitat systems. He has no recollection of this period, though he recognizes acquired skills that fits. Medusan Shield claims that the pirate ship automatically wiped his memory as a safety measure (rather than deleting his ego completely, which would mean they didn't have his services in case they escaped). He personally finds it equally plausible that the edit was necessary due to distress from participating in piracy and infoslave trade, or perhaps even that he whole story was made up.
Medusan Shield offered him a job as an engineer in their vacuum commando unit. He specializes in habitat vital systems defense and boarding operations (hostage situations, union revolts, etc.)
He was resleeved in a ghost biomorph, but never felt comfortable in it, spending much of his free time in simulspace and XP. The real world felt detached, while the alternative reality simulspace scapes he preferred were invigorating. He suspects that either his experiences as an infoslave, or the memory editing, is responsible for it.
During a botched boarding operation, he was stranded in a badly wounded morph for 30 hours before it died. His stack was retrieved, but afterwards he was certain he was done with the trappings of biological life and decided to be resleeved in a synthmorph.
He feels that the future of transhumanity lies in surpassing the flesh and living as digital consciousnesses in simulspace, with the infinite possibilites only limited by imagination. He views people's preference for living in biomorphs is conservative and no more than morphological conformity, and a huge waste of resources. The future of the solar system is to transform all available into computronium supporting informorphs - consequently, he believes any form of environmentalism or conservationism is pointless.
He does recognize that this is a long term goal, and he has no problem with the real world, which is where he works and where the change has to start. But his personal preferences is exploring and designing alternate reality simulspaces.