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Character sizes, subdual and knockout?

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Character sizes, subdual and knockout?
Hi, I noticed something a bit strange with the rules for Subdual, Knockbacks and possibly other rules. They don't seem to take into account the size of the target. Are there any way of measuring size in the game? For instance, the way I read the rules now, regular sized Morph could flip over a tank with a successful Knockback attack, or stop a 30 feet tall walking war machine with Subdual. Surely, I must be missing something important here. :) Cheers, Eirik

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Missing: One GM

"Surely, I must be missing something important here." Yeah, game master oversight. :-)

EP looks like one of those games that requires a lot of involvement and say-so from the GM. Clearly you can't punch a tank and flip it over, but you might be able to get it to veer into a ditch, or force a crash test, or you might not. There may not be a rule for it, but it's the type of situation-specific call your GM is going to have to make frequently.

There may actually be a perfectly crystal clear by-the-book answer to this question (I'm not really looking), but even so if you keep looking you're going to find plenty more odd situations, and the game master is going to need a heavier, more involved hand in EP than in a game like D&D4 (which practically plays itself it's so structured) or Shadowrun (which has a specific rule for damn near everything)

This is one of those games where, instead of flipping through the book trying to do something "right", the GM is going to have to make some decisions and keep the story moving, even if there is a specific rule and it's not being followed to the letter. There's nothing wrong with that, but it may be a big change depending on what systems you're used to.

If the rules were as complicated as the setting, you'd have a hard time getting an entire group to sit down and learn it.

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Rule of Cool always applies.
Rule of Cool always applies. If you can roll high enough, and explain it
ina really cool way, you can do it!
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Rule of Cool. Never heard

Rule of Cool.

Never heard of that before. That's awesome.
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Re: Rule of Cool. Never heard

Look it up on TVTropes. And don't blame me when you end up spending the whole day browsing it.

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Re: Character sizes, subdual and knockout?

Aside from things like vehicles, you also have morphs (like the novacrab) that are particualry large and morphs (like the sliteroid and neo-avian) that are particularly small. To some extent, Durability gves a guide on size (although the sliteroid has a very high durability for a 2-meter-long snake) and the SOM bonus supposedly goes along with size too.