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Character sheet second edition

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Character sheet second edition
Ciao I'm working to the second edition character sheet and maybe someone can find it usefull :-) At the moment, only the front page is ready. I'm waiting for some more REP and Muse info, before doing the next page. Pools have different colors because I will use some decoupage plastic gems to represents Pool Points. I used Microsoft Words but I have some troubles to keep the format in the pdf version, sorry. I used 2 fonts, both free on Internet: SabonLTStd-Roman and Swiss 721 Black I did not spent any C.P. in my Design skill, I'm sorry :-D Please help me improve this sheet, any help and commet is welcome
Microsoft Office document icon Sheet_EP2E_v1.doc215 KB
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I am so nabbing this for when
I am so nabbing this for when I DM next. Thank you so very, very much!
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Here is a newer version (non-fillable, sorry)
I updated your version with a second page, darker colors, and tweaks for the full release of second edition. It's still not as fancy as the official page, but it has space for equipment. It's also a little less confusing, in my opinion, and doesn't have the errors that are in the official sheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Hh6Ja7Yc5bP0KwdB4wUsbUiqYgORpKQ/view?u... On Google drive