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The Character Sheet needs improving.

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Lomax Lomax's picture
The Character Sheet needs improving.
The original character sheet leaves no space for writing the field next to skills that need to be assigned a special field ( Pilot, Academics, etc.). I like the rulebook very much otherwise, but that's just shoddy work. I am looking forward to purchasing a hardcopy (it's just easier to read and use when GMing), but please, please correct that mistake.
Tearlach Tearlach's picture
Re: The Character Sheet needs improving.

While we are on this subject, a few blank spaces for skills not covered by the rulebook (or additional academics/hardware etc) please.

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Re: The Character Sheet needs improving.

In my opinion, no character sheet for any real, non-carcinogenic RPG
ever has room or space for everything it needs to have. This is, in general,
the one big failing of RPGs in general: that Character sheets seem to be
an afterthought, rather then an integrated part of the writing the book.