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Character creation

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Character creation
Hello all, I'm starting an EP campaign and have had my players create their characters. Several characters have abilities in the 90's due to bonuses. Has anyone here restricted starting level characters from having such high abilities? Seems odd that a starting character can routinely pass certain tests...and not have to worry about failing. Seems powerful to me. Thoughts?
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EP, unlike most games, gives
EP, unlike most games, gives a mere trickle of xp. At least if playing with the rules as written, it can take real life years to get enough rez to make a noticeable increase in your skills. As such, your characters begin basically at the peak of their game.
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Fair enough. But how do you
Fair enough. But how do you stop someone with 90+ brute force hacking? Seems like nothing is safe from them.
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How do you stop someone with
How do you stop someone with 90+ guns and fray skill in a firefight? How do you stop a face with 90+ social skills? It's one of the bigger issues with the system IMO. All you can really do is throw similarly skilled adversaries at them to test them at opposed skills.
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That's a great response. That
That's a great response. That's exactly what I'll do. Thank you for the response and insight.
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VPNs and good crypto
VPNs and good crypto practices (In game terms, encrypting everything) works pretty well. Just getting to the part where you can make an intrusion test should be a challenge against a well set up system. If nothing else, it takes some expensive equipment and a week or so to hack those systems.
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Perfect...exactly what I'm
Perfect...exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you
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Exsurgent virus is your best
Exsurgent virus is your best friend. Take an infected and unprotected system and put honey in it. Sit and watch the best hacker in the planet ripping is own eyes off because of mind rape. :) A direct confrontation could be entertaining sure, but I would try to exploit character weaknesses instead. EP is full of dirty tricks if you need them! From toxins, to illegal forking, cloaking vests, drones armed with bombs, seeker and shock weapons,... Make them succeed, they deserve it. But make them cry, the deserve that too!! :D
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Eclipse Phase is a game where
Eclipse Phase is a game where the characters start out strong. Having a few skills in the 90s range is acceptable. You should keep in mind that things in EP can be incredibly lethal. A firefight can easily cause the Players to wind up dead. Even with skills in the 90s. They shouldn't get into fights without an unfair advantage. If possible, they should convince other groups to fight each other. Direct Action will almost certainly have better weapons and manpower than the players do. Let them fight the TITAN monster. Basically, players should be cleaver. High skills is not always enough.