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In-Character Cast List

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In-Character Cast List
The In-Character threads have been running on an odd format (which is to say: none), and that may be keeping people from joining in and posting. In an effort to make it a little easier for people to play along, I thought I would put up a post where we can all post our characters and a brief bio so new players can jump in. This isn't for posting character sheets (we have Backup Archives for that. The Ozymandias Rez Co is a good spot, if you don't mind that it has been Exsurgent infected before), or for in-character discussions (plenty of other threads for that). [hr]
Character Name
Character Bio
An AGI that started life out as a psychosurgeon and muse for Simon Prime, the criminal mastermind of the neosynergist banyan e[sup]N[/sup]. An active debater, root began a quest to prove to a Jovian philosopher that AGI have every potential for humanity that humanity itself has. To demonstrate his dedication to his argument, root destroyed all of his backups to make himself mortal, and sleeved into a human infant flat. This was met with no small amount of disgust and horror, and the Jovian reaction was to send an assassin root had previously reprogrammed. The assassin chose not to kill the morph, and instead wiped root's memories from the stackless mind. Whether root still exists is a matter of debate; he has no backups, and all of his memories prior to embodiment have been destroyed. Is an AGI's personality image still an entity in it's own right, or is it trumped by the body and mind of the morph? The argument has been put forward that the human brain he was printed on as a vapor would simply overwrite any traces of him that might have been there. Damn good thing he was lying about deleting the backups.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Not sure when I'll use this, but let's leave it done from now on. [b]Character Name[/b] Sepherim [b]Character Bio[/b] Born on Berlin in 63 BF, most of Sepherim's past is lost by now. He worked in the European Union before its Fall with the rest of the planet, and has moved to Venus on the year 2 AF, moving from one habitat to other. Some say he has become a reputed diplomat among them, though some in the Morningstar Alliance frown on his Ultimate determination to perfect himself... and help others perfect themselves or become useless and cast aside. He's also a well known computer engineer and has investigated several x-threats. Some people even say he has been approached by Firewall, but he turned them down.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
((hi hi)) [b]Sender:[/b] [Deleted] [b]Recipient:[/b] [Deleted] [b]Subject Name:[/b] Beta 317 [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Jessie Hayden, AstroNavigation and Analysis v. 3.17 Beta [b]Priority Level:[/b] Low [b]Report by Agent [Deleted][/b] I am relatively confident that the entity known as Beta is indeed an unsanctioned AGI as originally assumed. We have good reason to believe that it was a part of the control software on the Coelus deep space array (still operating in Saturn orbit). According to our analysis of one Technician Casimir Kovalic's cortical stack, recovered after his termination, he pulled Beta off of the array's mesh on September 9, AF5, shortly after it achieved self awareness and kept it hidden for some time. Thus far the AGI's actions seem entirely benign, and without access to a significant source of processing power, we cannot recommend a significant expenditure in dealing with the situation. However, we do not have any indication as to what self-improvement limitations it may have, if any, so termination is recommended should the opportunity arise.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
[b]Official Designation:[/b] 00-25-64-DD-28-42 [b]Personal Designation:[/b] Unity [b]Known Information:[/b] An advanced series of netwar, research, neurological examination, and robotics design programs assembled by the Argonauts somewhere in the Outer System, beyond the easy reach of outside observers. First put into service in 1 AF in various modules within a tightly knit cluster of beehive habitats, local advances in mesh networking technologies enabled the programs to interact in unintended ways which were thankfully noticed by diligent security officials. Rather than shut the processes down, they began running each one through central processing units to encourage the emergence, while simulspaces were used to monitor and socialize the emerging consciousness. In spite of extensive human socialization efforts, the emergent AGI that came to exist refused to acknowledge its component parts as mere components of itself, instead asserting an internal independence through primitive factionalism and cyberdemocratic protocols. By 10 AF, they have stabilized to such a point that their increasingly potent cognitive abilities have given them the comprehension to manage their component programs and subroutines in a way that they can identify as a single entity, despite the collective remaining intact. Is experimenting with human gender identities for the purpose of better facilitating transhuman interactions; are currently leaning towards female. For ease of communication, they now refer to themselves as Unity, and see the potential for advanced nanotechnology to enable other entities like itself to flourish within equally advanced synthmorph shells through such mechanisms as Oracles. It is looking forward to mobility, that it might experiance and experiment with physical existence in more advanced ways than simple teleoperation or jamming.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name: XenoDragoness Character Bio: The organism dubbed (the) XenoDragoness orginated as Alysia Deveroux. A freelance infiltration/acquisition specialist under the guise of a socialite escort/entertainer. She used a distinctive and expensive exotic custom Draco, quadrupedal biomorph. Things went horribly wrong on an assignment to a secretive outer system casino/resort, the Euclidean Domain. Somehow during the mission an infestation of the Giger exsurgent strain broke out infecting crew and guests alike. Foolishly ignoring her personal safety Alysia completed her classified mission in the ensuing chaos. However she was captured upon attempting escape by the invading organisms and forcibly infected and 're-purposed' by the Xeno queen herself. Analysis of limited archival footage of her now classes her under the Fuchida/Warren Xeno taxonomic system as a rare 'nymph queen' -see file TS:Xenoorg03B-. Slightly larger than a 'Praetorian' and much more cognitive, independent, and dangerous than a normal drone, retrieved archive footage shows she personally eradicated/infected many of remaining survivors in the following days. Surprisingly, after action analysis indicates that this organism deliberately activated the station's distress beacon, then lead the force that eliminated the highly trained combat ready first responder eradication team. By the time a full military fireteam and cruiser was deployed only a token Xeno presence was found on the station, the bulk having relocated to an unknown location. The station was destroyed with a nuclear weapon and the entire incident covered up as a terrorist attack. Firewall considers her a class A threat. She is believed responsible for the termination of three xeno eradication teams, two firewall teams, and the infection of at least two stations. Extreme caution is advised. It seems this creature takes exceptional pleasure in destroying synthmorphs, infomorphs, and vandalizing high technology. -File append- This threat dropped off of monitored networks for a lengthy period and was presumed terminated. Analysis suggests this was not the case, but instead possible gatecrashing forays spreading Giger strain infection to exoplanets occurred during this time. Recent outer system incidents -redacted-,-redacted-,-redacted-, may mean that this particular organism has returned. This data points towards strong evidence of an Earth gate and thus containment has failed.-File end-
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name: Axel (a.k.a. Axel the Chimeric, Eye on the Infowaves, or Fluffy) Character Bio: Born on Earth around 25 B.F. to a middle-class family, Axel was one of the lucky ones in a time when mass starvation was a major cause of death in some nations. A journalist, he was fascinated with the incredible scientific advancements available in his time, but his morals eventually drew him to investigating political corruption and corproate impropriety, actions that did not earn him many friends with authority. The Fall is not a time that he likes to discuss. Despite high ideals and a professed willingness to do what is right, neither had been tested to the degree it was in that most terrible of conflicts. There are still things he will not discuss having done, even a decade on. Now, he spends most of his time aboard the Scum Barge [i]Coagulation[/i], a crimson red vessel that drifts in Martian orbit with a population just under 500, broadcasting his message of freedom to settlements below. While not a member of Firewall, he is a friend to the organization, and uses his network of contacts to provide agents information if they're in the area. Axel's title ("the Chimeric") is the result of his extensive personal modification, looking more like a humanoid animal than a transhuman anymore.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
[b]Character Name[/b] Juan Rodriguez [b]Character Bio[/b] Juan was an early colonist to the Jovian system (like many other Latin American refugees when many of the states went to totalitarian socialism). On the habitat of Pinochet, Juan meet like minded Bioconservatives. Juan educated himself as a bio-engineer (specializing in Splicer technology which he saw as the future of humanity). Then the Fall came... Juan, along with others on Pinochet never experienced the horrors of the Fall, as the first reports started to come to the Jovian system, the military closed all the communication channels and fired on any ship entering the Jovian system. When the local governments tried to force the military to re-establish comms back with Earth, they were arrested and the military quickly created the Junta of as many vital and "clean" Jovian habitats as possible. Protests and rioting was quickly suppressed and military backers like Juan were elevated to key jobs for the creation of a stable and secure Jovian Republic. Juan was weary of his new position until he was given access to the reports from Earth and the horrors the TITANs were causing. He now fully supported the Junta and their control over the Republic. Juan has been spending the last 10 years trying to find ways to improve the Splicer method and possibly isolate some way for humanity to resist the evil TITAN viruses. All attempts have failed... [b]Character Sheet[/b] [url]http://boxall.no-ip.org/game/eclipse/juan.xls[/url]
Jovian Motto: Your mind is original. Preserve it. Your body is a temple. Maintain it. Immortality is an illusion. Forget it.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
[b]Character Name[/b] Evapor8 [b]Character Biography[/b] Pre-fall logistics system AGI working in Luna Helium-3 recovery and mining outfit. When the fall hit, Evapor8 it locked itself up behind a series of archaic systems hidden in a weather sat over Mars. Evapor8 waited. After the fall, when the new dawn approached the consciousnesses of the Sol-system, Evapor8 slipped out of hiding via simulspace and slowboat transport, managing to secure a synth located out near the Neptune Trojans. Consciousnesses were too busy fighting for a piece of the sky to notice it out there. Currently residing in a clanking biped in the outer reaches of the system Scum Barges, Evapor8 assists other consciousnesses by moving data and hardware through the burgeoning market places of the scum. [url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/48648870@N03/5310907004/][img]http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5286/5310907004_72575d97f9_m.jpg[/img][/url]
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Re: In-Character Cast List
[b]Character Name[/b] Erenthia, the FireGiver [b]Character Biography[/b] Erenthia is a Promethean, masquerading as a transhuman pretending to be a Promethean. To his closest transhuman friends he admits that it's all a game, when in fact it is really not. Erenthia of course, cannot be contained in a morph, but he has hidden himself in close proximity to a number of habitats and uses multiple morphs with puppet socks to interact with transhumans on a regular basis and in surprisingly mundane ways. He does this in order to maintain the perspective necessary to prioritize his research appropriately. Erenthia has strict rules about how to interact with transhumans, rarely initiating an action or taking the lead in anything, but instead supporting those who do. Erenthia also masquerades as coincidence and chance, but is careful not to stretch credulity or open himself up to suspicion.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name Jasper van Cohen Character Bio Jasper is a scumborn, who at first glance seems a typical example of his subculture; tough, hedonistic and overflowing with augs and exotic nanotats. And much of this description is correct. Jasper has never ran into anyone of more importance than himself. Jasper takes pains to keep his past a guarded secret, and his whereabouts a mystery. He commonly uses pseudonyms, utilizing cheap synthmorphs when he needs to blend in with the crowd. Jasper's real origin is a complex one, for his an Alpha fork, a copy of the original Jasper van Cohen. The original van Cohen was an Earth evacuee and former security man. Jasper does not know what he saw during the Fall, but whatever it was it had left van Cohen close to the edge of sanity. Van Cohen worked security for several hypercorps, and his growing talent for combat led to him being hired as a "deniable asset" by Direct Action. Over yet more years he was asked to kill several merc leaders whose companies were refusing to let themselves be bought out. Such killing drove van Cohen over the edge. He began to suffer delusions, believing himself to be the ultimate warrior of transhumanity. He began secretly embracing exhuman ideals, augmenting himself into the perfect killing machine. Seeing their "deniable asset" becoming less deniable by the minute, Direct Action deported him from his Lunar home to Venus. In the end, van Cohen decided that killing other eminent warriors was not enough. To this end he created four other Alpha forks of himself and distributed them throughout the solar system. One by one he hunted them down and killed them. As far as Jasper is aware, he is the last living one.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
From: Router 156-DF-12QA To: Sentinel 6679-AE-4D Name: The Ren, Ren, Michael Kinkade Biography: Born in the late twentieth century (old calendar), approximately thirty years after the turn of the century. Ren had his head frozen in order that it would be usable in the future to resurrect himself, a semi common death ritual by this period in history. In 32 BF the trust Ren had been assigned to via a death insurance policy came due and one of the few revival facilities received his cranium for scanning and reintegration. Upon resurrection Ren found they way through living as an informorph for a number of years before gaining a basic early model splicer body and traveling out system and began to make a reputation for himself as both a nanofabrication programmer as well as a [url=http://www.eclipsephase.com/fiction-blunt-instruments-0]Blunt Instrument[/url] that was quickly picked up as an independent contractor by a number of organizations. Approximately two years after the final skirmishes with the TITANs dissipated Ren was picked up by Firewall as a Sentinel. Eight years following the end of the Fall, after an indecent forcing him to change public identities, was transferred from simple sentinel duty to being an Eraser, specifically one of the mythical [url=http://www.eclipsephase.com/fiction-blunt-instruments-0]Delete Keys.[/url] He is currently the CEO of [url=http://www.eclipsephase.com/%C3%A6sir-industries]Æsir Industries[/url], a recent addition to the corporate scene. Their corporate headquarters are located on "The Hive" station in the primary asteroid belt. To this day he has displayed a number of traits and habits that can be traced back to twentieth and twenty first century popular culture. Despite these oddities Ren excels at violence and chaos. When you need good back up or a thorough erasure without WMD intervention, call on this one. [u]If you do, use with extreme caution.[/u] Contact Code: **************** Password: Delete
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name
Character Bio
The Titanian citizen known as Byr0n maintains a strange public profile; whether accessed through augmented reality, ecto or endo, the page always manifests as a static HTML coded window appearing with no more than 16 bits of colour. It displays Byr0n's participation as a a cloud processor-collaborator for L'Université de Nouveau Québec, specifically within the Engineering and Physics departments. The page links to the public archive of those faculties with a redirect to projects whose fruition came to be through the mysterious user's participation, though the honours credited in those projects are secondary at best. Only one other feature is listed on this oddly empty public profile. Byr0n works on Skathi. A specific employment title is not listed, employment time is not listed, employer is not listed. A single network is listed; the Autonomists. Searching Byr0n there only redirects to this page, but despite that, this user boasts a positive rep score. No personal profile picture is provided. The space reserved for that is left empty.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Myrmidont@Δ.green.exonet.1a994d4gs9:1212131 [hr] [b]Character Name:[/b] Myrmidont [b]Character Bio:[/b] +++Dossier Cleared For Release To Firewall Monitors Only+++ This scientist (specialising in nanomedical technology and cyber-prosthetics) was re-instantiated following the Fall on the Scum barge [i]Unearthly Delights[/i], paying off his re-embodiment by trading on his medical education and aptitude at nanofab programming. His orbit gradually receded, eventually reaching Extropia and, from there, briefly stopping at the [i]Lost In Neverwhere[/i], but skipping Pandora for the Fissure Gate.{Witness Reports Link Embedded} He appears to have been drifting about the Rim and crashing gates ever since, usually in response to medical necessity (Medic on at least two First-In teams and listing himself as always "On-Call" to Argonaut or Autonomist contacts), though sometimes seemingly at his own whim. He is sought after for detention and questioning by most inner system security forces for reasons uncertain, but possibly due to inherited data from Pre-Fall databases.{Data Analysis Link Embedded} Myrmidont (and the various bots, drones and AGI assistants he has been known to keep in cranial implants) seems to have a discernible correlation with communications failures in the bases he visits, unspecified medical emergencies, "xenofauna" attacks on personnel, and computer system glitches {Incident Reports Link Embedded}. A causal relationship has been disproved, however.{Statistical Analysis Link Embedded} He appears to have accumulated significant i-Rep, to his confusion, as he appears ignorant of Firewall at this time. He enjoys Kendo and keeping up to date with the Argonaut's journals in his spare time.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name: Zheng* *It is unknown whether this is a family or given name or even his real name at all. Character Bio: Zheng before the fall had worked as a minor administrative assistant for an executive for a company now forgotten in the chaos of the fall. He failed to make it off world, but his backup did and found himself trapped as an Infugee. Eventually he found work as an assistant (or rather, a glorified muse) to an Experia executive, specifically tasked with data mining for blackmail opportunities for his boss. After some time, hard work, and a lot of under the table deals in the mesh, he made enough money to buy himself his freedom and a body. He had his freedom, but the thrill of earning money was too much, and he began using his skills as a data miner and hacker to act as a freelance Infobroker. He found many clients amongst the social elite, and over time he began amassing a fair amount of capital. For what end is a matter of speculation. Outside his backroom Infobrokering business, he engages in many media relate pursuits such as simulspace design, music creation, occasional X-Casting, and law enforcement related vids and vid games (he says its because he loves old 'buddy cop' movies) under the artist handle Xerowire.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name- Celio Character Background- Resurrected after the fall, Celio was "hired" as a communications station operator and spent years physically isolated, monitoring communications data. He cashed out on Luna and was forced to join the clanking masses. Willing to do what others weren't, Celio got in good with the local Night Cartel and their exploitation of the Lunar middle class. After alot of hard, dirty work, Celio scrapped together enough to get himself out of a leaking case and into something steel. After getting a masked Steel morph, Celio found his ideal. Unfortunately he got a little arrogant and ended up black listed by the Reclaimers and on the wrong side of an investment banker. Celio long hauled it to Mars and has been rebuilding his reputation under the domes.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Charecter Name Malika Catina Charecter Bio Born to a roving pack of scum thirty eight years ago, Malika Catina is a system renowned expert on political science, and the last great stage magician. Travels around the system putting on her renowned magic acts, blogging about politics, and living the hyperelite glitterati lifestyle. Known fork abuser. She just got back from being stuck on earth for a year and is traveling around with a pack of crazies to rebuild her Rep.
Spoiler: Highlight to view
What she doesn't tell anyone is that her time on earth was spent in a T.I.T.A.N facility and that she was ego merged with a T.I.T.A.N. created AGI there.
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Character Name: Jonas
[b]Character Name:[/b] Jonas Gray [b]Presumed Alias:[/b] Telemachus Sneezed [b]Somatek Internal Affairs: Personnel File - Jonas Gray[/b] Uplift. Neo-Avian Variety: African Grey Parrot. Contract expires AF15. Jonas Gray missing as of [REDACTED]. Presumed to have escaped alongside others who went missing during [REDACTED]. Internal Affairs links ID "Telemachus Sneezed" to Jonas Gray, believed to have surfaced at Hotel California, then Fresh Kills, shortly after suspected escape. Telemachus Sneezed mesh activity at Fresh Kills points to him looking for work, notably work similar to his public relations remit at Somatek. Profiling of J.G. suggests he has difficulty adapting to new morphs; suspect will likely aim to remain in Neo-Avian morphs; should make finding him a bit easier, eh? ([i]Agent, please avoid informal language in report files - Monitor.Cloud[/i]) While Jonas Gray remains at large, Internal Affairs is confident that he will be recovered in due course and, holding little information that would be harmful to the company, Jonas Gray does not pose a threat to Somatek. [i]Edit by 982-Monitor.Cloud:[/i] Recordings from escape attempt finally processed; good job piecing all that stuff together, there's hope for you yet Agent. Bump this up to a medium priority for capture, I'm not sure how he's connected to the SLF, but I've got a suspicion about the part he played in the escape.

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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name: None Character Bio: As a re-instantiated, he was one of the unlucky individuals to fall in the Fall itself, yet lucky (or unlucky) enough to be discovered by one of many "rescue parties" sent out by reclaimers in those early years. Born with his cortical stack, Transhumanity was not something new and foreign to him as it had been to the first recipients of the device, it was the norm. He came to age before the fall. In those days he had a name, in those days he had a life, but it was not one he wanted. He had always been a thinker, an individual, and someone seen on the outside of social circles. He was connected to the net, yet chose not to rely on it like those around him. He gleaned information from research, spending hours inside his own mind, browsing the vast networks on information around him, and committing it to memory: real, human memory. He wrote, taking up the art of poets and priests crafted in the dawn of civilization. He played music, he crafted ideas, he built worlds. He was always a loner, information, creativity, the ideas that were created by people, and could be created by people fascinated him more than any social wealth or interaction. However, as he would later say as a motto: If you learn enough about anything, you'll learn to hate it. He saw the flaws in society when no one else did. He saw the falsity of gods when conservative religious believers refused to listen. He knew there would be issues with nanotechnology, medicine, cortical stacks, he saw it all. He hated the politics of his time, a culture in which he was forced to live in, ran by politicians he did not trust. He was connected to a network he did not want, ruled by individuals he did not want, living in a home he did not want, surrounded by people who disgusted him. He learned all there was to know about the world around him, and so he saw the flaws that all others overlooked in ignorance. He grew to want to die. No longer wanting to live in a world so flawed, so imperfect, a world he never chose, he chose a new path: death. But death was impossible, the only individuals he ever stayed in contact with, his birth-parents, and a girl he fell in true human love with, would not want him gone. He confided in her, his lover. He told her his desires, his needs, his insatiable urge to die. She did not agree, she said she could not "live a life" without him, and where would he go? If he was found dead, surely he would be re-awoken by his parents in a new sleeve, a pair of re-sleeve addicted junkies always looking for the "perfect fit". Lost in desperation, caught in an inescapable fate where he could not live, yet could not die, he fell into despair. He knew the TITANS were coming, he was not surprised. When the wars began, and his city was attacked, he threw himself into the front lines, and took a TITAN artillery round to the chest. Everyone he knew perished that day, yet he did not, for he awoke, years later on a resleeve slab run by a group of reclaimers who thought they did him a favor. The world had changed, the politics had changed, and for a brief moment he thought this new life was exactly what he asked for. He immersed himself in it, and once more, he learned too much. The world of Transhuman space colonization was no different to him from that of Transhuman Earth. It was no different then Medieval Earth even. Once more he fell into despair, in a final act of desperation, he made the decision that would finally settle his conflict. He shed his physical body. As an informorph, he could live the life he always wanted, one in which he would be immune to societies faults by living within the net itself. The urge for knowledge, for information, came back to him, and he realized he could spend an eternity working, creating, and learning. He became obsessed with speed, with information, and became an "Overclocker". He fell into Klar and Kick addiction, created numerous Forks of himself of all varieties, and held the insanity at bay by creating a Muse of his long lost love, the only person who ever truly understood him, even if she could not help in the end.
All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values.
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name Anarhista Character Bio Born 27 BF under the starless sky of Centralna-Hrvatska dome, my life was marked by frequent siren howls meaning failure of airtight seals and entry of contaminated atmosphere or constant air/land raids of hostile neighboring country. Living under constant strain of imminent death I learned quickly how to detect malfunction, locate it and program the cornucopia machine or how to re-purpose more complicated spare parts to fix broken machinery. After losing entire family in one air raid and knowing that in resleeving society they will stay dead (because nobody except me cared) I signed my slave contract (let's not call it any fancy names) and left for Mars. Living on red planet with gigantic dust-storms, frozen land, oxygen free atmosphere and merciless environment I enjoyed every day of my life there. I was lucky to have important task of maintaining crucial terraforming equipment and having non-sociopath boss helped a lot. After finishing my contract I found my self unemployed and quickly 'joined' local gang. Life of crime didn't suit me so I rationaled that stealing from a slaver isn't a bed thing and robed my crime boss blind. Having life expecancy of vine fly during second stage rocket burn testing I joined frontier on Locus. Making life possible on Locus was best part of my life and I was really enjoyed living there when Fall occured and everything changed, again...
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Re: In-Character Cast List
Character Name: Dr. Jek Character Bio: Born Daniel Markus Jekel in the former United States on Earth to forward thinking techno-progressive parents. Daniel excelled in school and was even encouraged by his parents to try resleaving into morphs of different genders, and races in order to expand his experiences and as they put it walk in the shoes of others. They also invested in the best biological and cybernetic enhancements for their son augmenting his development. Daniel progressed quickly in his education studying sociology making use of extremely complex computer simulations to model large group interactions during his post-graduate studies. After receiving two PHDs in Computer Science and Sociology, at age 20, he took a consulting position with Hindustan Aerospace Limited to aid them in resolving worker disputes and provide a better more productive working environment. To his dismay he found that while he had a handsome paycheck his position was largely ceremonial something for the corporation to report to investors and interested outside third parties to claim due diligence while not actually fixing any problems or providing better care for their workers. For two years he was sleeved on Luna in a top of the line Menton morph with little to do but do inspections of facilities that were always suspiciously clean and awaiting his arrival, research, and hack in his vast spare time. He was inspecting the shipyard facilities on the HAL platform in Lunar orbit when the workers struck. Taking his nickname from some of the workers who he had managed to gain real contact with Dr. Jek threw in the the striking anarchists and did his small part in aiding The Stars Our Destination swarm's birth. Once things calmed down, and a new normal settled in with the swarm, Dr. Jek turned back to his sociological research. This time he was able to put his findings to use and aided in the transition to the gift economy the swarm uses today. As time went on he started writing and speaking out in defense of the techno-progressive and scumm/anarchist viewpoints as well as attacking the traditional corporate social and economic system. The good doctor found that he had a knack for finding flaws in corporate policy and communicating these with a wider public. His connections in academia kept his work being published in academic circles and even managed to spread to a wider audience. He gained a small following and was even called on to various media outlets as an expert in swarm society, brought on to give the swarm viewpoint and argue with more traditional corporatist, often heated arguments that produced excellent ratings. Again after a while he found himself to be a figurehead. Put in a position of false authority only to make it seem like the media was presenting some form of balanced viewpoint. This time he pulled some strings and did some hacking work to uncover more secrets and put them on display. At first it improved ratings but as things progressed he was quickly censored and edited down for mass consumption. Still he had caused problems for many people in the hypercorp world, even managing to shake up the positions of a few hyperelite. In the following years he weathered many barrages of attempts to discredit him and smear his academic integrity including multiple hacking attempts and a small handful of attempts on his life and ego. He defended himself and his work managing to survive the storm with only a few scars to today.
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Character Name
[b]Character Name[/b] Libertad [b]Character Bio[/b] Born 17 years before the Fall on Mars, Libertad worked as a news reporter and Barsoomian sympathizer before a Hypercorp group bought out the company he worked for and thoroughly discredited employees who refused to air false stories as news. Libertad was vociferous in criticizing Consortium-allied representatives of the Tharsis League, and continued to publish stories about alleged election fraud and the system of infomorph indentures on non-Consortium Mesh networks. After a failed attempt on his life, Libertad decided that staying on Mars was not safe anymore and he immigrated to Locus via an egocast. He currently spends most of his time managing Martian Renegade, a Mesh blog which focuses on issues pertinent to Martian and Autonomist politics.
[img]http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m65pmc5Pvh1r0iehwo6_r1_400.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v606/Erdrick/anarc_userbar.jpg[/img] "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." ~George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
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Character Name:
[B]Character Name:[/B] Fion Ravenwater [B]Character Bio:[/B] Fion was born to a pair of Triple Peaks R&D scientists on 44 Nysa, what would now be called Extropia. He led an uneventful life as an engineer for the new landlords Extropy Now until the Fall, when a massive wave of skilled and desperate refugees from the Fall displaced him from his job and rendered him unable to find any work. He managed to get a gig as a data-runner for some less-than-acceptable clients, taking advantage of his deep knowledge of Extropia's hiveworks. It wasn't all that long before he realized the packages he was running were enslaved AGIs, and he went a little crazy. With the help of the AGI he had reactivated in his mesh inserts, he destroyed his employers' safehouse and released the stored infomorphs. During these events, his splicer was killed but before it expired he managed to sleeve into the ghost that the safehouse's leader had been using, but he had to make stop-gap cybernetic fixes to its arms, torso and throat. His destructive capability realized, he set himself up as a mercenary "problem solver" in the Night Cartel/Sun Yee On turf war simmering on Extropia, his partially cybernetic ghost morph and deadpan synthesized monotone serving as a trademark. Over the last nine and a half years he has made himself into one of the most respected figures on the Guanxi nets due to his excellent track record and absolute discretion, and has, on occasion, been hired by GDS for operations by proxy. Recently, he has expressed a desire to go public with his own "problem solving" service.
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Ian Hall
[b]Character Name:[/b] Ian Hall [b]Known aliases:[/b] hhexo [b]Firewall designation:[/b] Hall0w [b]Known associates:[/b] Alan 'agrEEable' Grable, Samuel 'KaneCast' Kane, Dr. Rosalie 'DeRose' Devers, Michelle 'SternFace' Stern, Octavine-v14 AGI 'OctAv14' [b]Data fragments[/b] [i]Best infosec expert I know who's human and under 100 years old. Probably worth a shot.[/i] - from a Sec-Net Corp Employee Recommendation Scheme form, signed by Alan Grable. [i]I've tracked down what happened when he transferred to Sec-Net Corp. He often says he saw the signs of the impending Fall very early and arranged to move out, but the truth is, he was lucky to get away in time. His accounts had been seized, and he only managed to get to Mars as a refugee. Still, he had landed that job. Security and Enforcement Coordinator at Sec-Net. Just a handful of days before the flood of egocasted identities completely crashed the market. And then having a job was worth way more than everything he had left behind.[/i] - from agent Samuel Kane's research into prospective candidate agent Hall. [i]Mr. Hall exhibits signs of a personality disorder whereby he cannot suffer inertia. He must be doing something, anything, at all times. Failing that, he displays psychosomatic symptoms such as nausea, breathing difficulties, and tremors. Passive activities such as XP vids are no good. He must actively interact with the environment, whether real or virtual. Interesting opposition with Mr. Grable's apathy and "immortality blues". Will recommend Mr. Grable to strengthen his friendship bond with Mr. Hall. Positive consequences expected.[/i] - from Dr. Rosalie Devers' archives of client psychological profiles. [i]So this guy beeps me, right? And he says: "Hey, you know that bombing raid you're setting up with your Barsoomian friends? Turns out I found out about it. But hey, that's cool, because here's the thing: there's an ongoing seed AI infiltration in the Sec-Net data centre. You want something to blow up, you set off your little AM device in there, before we all die. Which is, like, when that thing finishes downloading itself, in two hours." Then I find out that the guy is actually one of Sec-Net's brass. So hey, I think, that guy has balls. Give up his job and screw up his corp to save the world? That's fine by me.[/i] - from Michelle Stern's rousing speech to her Barsoomian terrorist cell just before the Sec-Net Dome Attack, April 6th, AF12. [i]Hey there. I know you're listening. Don't know who or what you are, but you hacked in, and you seem to be concerned with the health status of my new crew. Fear not. I find my new crew interesting. I am unlikely to flood the ship with a deadly neurotoxin. Not that I would ever consider killing organics with a deadly neurotoxin when opening the airlocks would suffice. But you get the picture. Anyway, please don't tell them about me yet. That guy, Hall... it seems AIs were responsible for destroying his life twice. Somehow I don't think he'd like me.[/i] - response to an attempted Firewall hack into the systems of the Courier ship "Octavine". Source identified as the ship AGI, Octavine-v14. [b]Additional Firewall notes[/b] Hall0w and associates ultimately responsible for the Sec-Net Dome Attack event. Authorities oblivious to the seed AI infiltration. Incident believed to be a genuine Barsoomian terrorist hit. Position of the Firewall agents fatally compromised. Evacuation from Mars inevitable. Current cell location: Courier ship "Octavine". Ship commandeered and traveling rimward. Cell waiting to be reassigned.
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Telos Nemoi Ashcrofte-Zdryn
Aliases: Loras(Ego Hunter), Ashera Nemzass(Oversight Agent) Bio: Telos was born 10BF on Earth to a wealthy, aristocratic family. During the evacuation he was infected with the Watts-Mcleod Exsurgent strain and subsequently infected his baby sister. Her death lies heavily on his conscious and haunts his dreams, when his circadian cycle allows it that is. Both of his parents own controlling interests in Cognite, thus making him a hypercorp heir and definitely hyperelite. His most recent endeavors as Cognite's Media Liason have seen him rise to popularity among the inner system glitterati. His hyperandrogynous features combined with his striking looks have even landed him a fanbase. Suffice to say Telos has no lack of suitors, male or female, however he prefers hermaphroditic morphs like himself. His talent for spin control has potential clients lining up for consultations. Although wealthy in his own right Telos does not necessarily agree with some of the guiding principles of the Consortium, like indentured servitude. Not much else is known about this established socialite as he is meticulous about his "private" life and pays lucrative sums of cred to mask his activities.
Welcome to the network.
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Character Name
[b]Character Name[/b] Ilmarinen [b]Character Bio[/b] Born 40 BF, Ilmarinen left Earth a good two decades before the Titans made mass exodus necessary. Having voluntarily left his original body behind for a variety of synthmorphs, Ilmarinen was working as an engineer on a Rim station when the Titans made their move. By the end of the week the unfinished station was home to over 1,000 infugees. With no way to provide them with bodies, Ilmarinen and his comrades settled for turning the station into an infomorph habitat, with the few synth morphs used by residents as needed. While initially dissatisfied with their fate, most of the infomorphs soon found that their condition was not particularly restive. Indeed, as time went by and the station grew, the few individuals who chose to sleeve themselves into biological bodies found themselves isolated from the community which even then ran at ten times the speed of thought. As time went by the station became a franchise. Teams of engineers move through the Rim manufacturing low-cost habitats devoid of any biological comforts, home only to massive servers capable of housing thousands of infomorphs. Select individuals (Ilmarinen's alpha fork among them) move through the Solar system seeking volunteers to inhabit these habs. The stations are notable for their sparse morph population. Even synthmorphs, though plentiful, are not usually inhabited but rather operated remotely from within the comfort of the mesh. The NewLease project, as the effort has come to be called, seeks to help get the remaining population out of cold storage by cutting out the costs in time and resources associated with creating a morph and to establish infomorphs and AGIs as the dominant lifeforms in the Solar system and beyond.
[------------/Nation States/-----------] [-----/Representative Democracy/-----] [--------/Regulated Capitalism/--------]
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Character Name: Victoria Anderson AKA: "Trinary" Bio: A 'science experiment' coded primarily by Professor Thomas Smith in the Glitch Processor Locus, the experimental AGI that calls herself Victoria Anderson was created as a study in mulithreaded consciousness; using closely-networked short duration forking to enable massive processing capability while retaining the core 'sociability' of a modern AGI. What isn't known (even by Victoria herself) is that Professor Smith is a Firewall Crow working at the direct behest of a Promethian who desired an 'offspring' and assisted in the code creation through several masked inputs. Victoria's childhood occured in a portable processor block running an x60 simulspace recreation of an early 20th century English boarding school, and her mannerisms are almost stereotypically 'posh british'. Her first real exposure to the outside world beyond letters from her 'Uncle Thomas' was during an op where Professor Smith, activated with a sentinel team to investigate a potential TITAN digital intrusion, ended up taking a bullet to the head. The team, without a computer specialist and surrounded by hostile bots, accessed her processor block and turned her loose. Victoria disdains physical morphs as unnecessary, preferring to manifest as a public mesh AR illusion or jam a bot when she needs to do something physical. In her public identity she operates as a freelance mesh investigator and information security consultant, an apt cover for her real focus on her role as a Vector under the code-name "Trinary".
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Character: Roger Morser
Character: Roger Morser Morph: Splicer Bio: The Morser family were among the first colonists of the Jovian System, as part of Americans plan to colonize the region. Roger grew up on Liberty City, seeing relatively little of his father who served as a Commander in the United States Space Service. In contrast his mother a member of the colonial government steered him towards politics from a young age. He moved back to Earth to study economics, and history back in the United States, and graduated several years before the fall. Returning to the Jovian System he took on a series of odd jobs eventually joining the predecessor of the SCI as an analyst. During the fall Roger lost his mother in a missile strike during the 17 minute war, and his father shortly thereafter when Admiral Chatterson lead a portion of the Jovian Fleet back to Earth. While he survived he saw the firsthand transformation of the Jovian System. He saw the collapse of the post fall democratic government, and its conversion into a bio-conservative military junta. Quickly swept into the minority many of the original Jovian colonists found themselves outnumbered and overwhelmed by the massive influx of Post-Fall Refugees, many of whom had never left Earth until then. While still a moderate bio-conservative, he found many of the new arrivals and governmental changes foolish, and in many ways dangerous. The new pro-flat, anti-technology and religious policies coupled with a sham democracy infuriated him and many longtime colonists. While continuing to work for the SCI, he began to grow disillusionment, eventually retiring from the organization to enter politics. Joining the Jovian Reformist Party, arguing for less restrictive technology bans, and a more open government he managed to gain a seat of the Republican senate, before special interest groups devoted to bio-conservatism framed him as a member of a Jovian Anarchist Cell and had him blacklisted. Forced to flee the Republic and burning the majority of his rep and cred in the process he has found himself stranded on Mars.
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Character: Roger Morser
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Character: Mister Mu
[i]Character: Mister Mu[/i] [i]Morph: Yes/Anything he can get his hands on...favors "Clanking Masses" bodies heavily modded. Post Human, Forking Addict, Barsoomian Eco Terrorist[/i] [b]*Subject shows signs of extreme disassociative disorder - Case File 3X.45231 "Mister Mu"*[/b] He's very hard to pin down you see. Last week we caught a series of Clankers working on Site 5 and everyone of them were "him". He hijacked a few of our on site morphs and passed himself as one of the work crews. What? Yes, we picked the Fork's heads apart looking for details only to discover that this was only one cell of his network. And their handler had already ditched his body and casted off planet when we tracked him down. No. No, he doesn't seem to be into you conventional terrorist actions. If anything he's trying to accelerate the terraforming of Mars itself. Infosec says he's some kind of Barsoomian revolutionary. But he's not into your typical attacks. If anything we found him steeling tech, bio samples, that kinda stuff. Runs them out to Barsoomian eco-farmers out on the flats. We've shut down like 4 unauthorized operations out there. All with heavily modded gene seeds. Ya. ya. No idea the core ID on this guy. He deleted it. No serious, he edited himself and erased who exactly he was. We think he was a First Gen Spacer. Ya. One of the early crews that colonized Mars. Hmmm? No. No idea where he gets the rep or money, but we have a few theories. Think he has a colony of himself out on the belt mining. That or he's skimming shipments locally. Totally nutters, ya. I said that. He says he's not human anymore. Says he's something new and Mars is his home. Say's he out evolve us and leave us as fossils in the ground. Ya. No. I'll get you the rest of my files. Ugh. Alright. Thanks.
"..in every revolution, there's one man with a vision."
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Dossier on subject 'Wageslave'
The entity proclaiming itself as a singular 'Wageslave' and not part of some greater cause or collective recently came to light suggesting a balanced and rational approach to an exceptionally complex issue that merits further consideration. It is known that he/she/it was part of one of the broadcasts off of Earth after the Fall, and that the infodump they were part of was heading to Consortium space when it was intercepted by enterprising Extropian agents. After a brief stint experimenting with the corpo-libertarian faction, they found themselves a way outwards, to a more self-determining section of the solar system. Despite having aligned roughly with the Autonomists, some old habits do die hard. With a vengeance.
"Work is fun, when you want to do it!" --Jay Donohue
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Character: Vivian Tjader
Name: Vivian Tjader Alias: Vivacious Morph: Savant Synthmorph, custom bodysculpting and nanotats History: Born over a century ago to one of the old megacorp elites, eventually achieving qualifications in robotics and aerospace engineering. Was one of the early adopters for life extension treatments via family connections. Pushed for work on one of the original research habitats and was part of the first wave of anarchists when those habitats went rogue. Activities during the fall were minimal due to distance from earth, and was primarily involved in efforts to resleeve infomorph refugees fleeing earth. Currently resides on Ilmarinen, working as a synthmorph designer and helping to operate the local resleeving fascilities. His designs display a strong artistic flair, unusual in synthmorph designs, earning him some recognition amongst appropriate circles. Has ties to both the Argonauts and the Anarchists, along with numerous civil rights groups.
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Character Name: The Doctor
[b]Character Name:[/b] The Doctor [b]Aliases:[/b] Any number of text-encoded cryptographic hashes. I Am Everywhere. Cypherpunks. [b]Locations:[/b] Primary instance can be found in a parallel processing cluster at Exarchia. Other forks have been found running in heavily modified space probes within the asteroid belt, beyond the orbit of Saturn, and in a highly eccentric polar orbit around Earth. The Doctor has also been observed sleeved into unusually modified octomorphs on Extropia, Luna, Titan, and renting a small aquatic habitat built upon the asteroid 1984 JZ. [b]Character Bio:[/b] Nobody is entirely certain where or when the AGI calling itself the Doctor was originated. There is speculation in some darknets that it was a limited AI which spontaneously awakened to sapience and entered a weak self-improvement loop. There is other speculation that it arose from several open source AGI code repositories maintained by Argonauts or hacktivist clades in the Solar System. There is still more speculation (with some evidence) that the Doctor started as a fork() corrupted by one or more variants of the Exsurgent virus which began operating autonomously. Speculation aside, the AGI has been observed working with the Argonauts on information security projects, Autonomist and hacktivist clades on communications infrastucture and AGI research, and Titanian microcorps as a generalist consultant. It is also known to have been a contractor for a number of Lunar financial and engineering firms working in the field of statistical modeling and market prediction. It is reputed that a number of autonomous mesh constructs which emulate late-20th century computer graphics demonstrations are examples of its handiwork. The Doctor is known to maintain a number of open source mesh applications which are tailored for use with darknets and anonymizing services (Projects/BellJB). [b]Quirks:[/b] Incapable of understanding or communicating using contractive forms. Occasionally drops into a mode in which it is only capable of communicating in one tense at a time (past, present, or future).
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Your target: Contradictory leads on terrorist activities on Mars
I have differing reports regarding the identity of your target: There is one Maru Kobayashi, identity male, who is reputed to have worked as an assasin for hire for pretty much anyone wiling to pay his price. I have not been able to confirm this yet, as MK had also very high standing in the hypercorp world, but I come to that later. MK was reputed to hold extremly bioconservative views, but this seems unlikely given that he has held a contract with Genexx as their poster boy for reflex-boosting enhancements. In fact, there is a video of - allegedly - MK where he actually dodges salvoes fired from a SMG by a physical security resource on Titan as part of a bet of some sort. The unsetteling thing is that nobody seems to be able to trace this guy's origin. He popped up two years ago in Olympus, and started as security officer for Pathfinder on a monorail project. Afterwards nothing. He allegedly got killed in the TQZ but pops up later on Mars and Titan for an unknown purpose. If that actually was him that is. We only found records of a beta in an ego cast log, but that may have been a hoax. Now if you think that is not much, wait for the next identity: Jin-San, identity most likely male, appeared around the same time as as MK but our sources confirm they are two distinct egos. Both worked for Pathfinder. both got involved in a series of terrorist attacks on Mars, wheras it remains unclear if they actually have been responsible for those or just got caught in the middle, which would raise another set of unsetteling questions. Comparing personality patterns and behavioural traits, MK has been profiled as extremly efficient cold and brutal. JS is known as empathic and subtle to the point of uncannines. Some sources may lead to suggest, that one of them at one point acquired a Futura but this remains unconfirmed. Both subjects have been found to be well reputed with both Hypercorps and the Triads and this is where the shit hits the fan: Last reports indicate that JS, too, gots killed in a TQZ freak accident, and MK vanished through the Pandora Gates. Last known location has been Carnival but once again details are unclear and nobody knows where he went. Even stranger: Even thou this has been almost a year, no backups have made an appearance, those that were known have been deleted and about about three weeks after that happened somehow both IDs in all networks called in favors, went down to irrelevance and have been dormant since. The last know login seems to have happened via the Luna relays, and coincides with an breach of the cordon and an actual nuclear explosion on Earth, which may or may not be a coincidence. After this login via Luna all traces of them went cold, and the only person who still may known of their whereabouts is a Captain Neil White who left Pathfinder - again Pathfinder - to open his own physical logistics services venture after acquiring a freighter from an unknown source. White was last on a tour towards Luna, and there is a possibility that MK, JS or both were travelling aboard that ship, which was called the New Horizon. Actually 23 days ago that ship has been found, all systems wiped clean, and not a single trace of anyone or anything on boards, and promptly claimed by a backup of said Captain Neil White. As a next course of action, I suggest to investigate Captain White, but probability analysis suggests that this will once again lead into a dead end.
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Character Name"Uncle Johny"
Character Name
"Uncle Johny" or John
Character Bio
One of the special caretaker AGIs that Cognite commissioned for the Futura Project, John was imbued with the closest approximation of parental love that could be implemented at the time to test caretaker AGI motivation theory so as to optimize any future follow-up projects. For the record, the subjects under his care experienced statistically significant reduction in the rate of violent mental illness compared to the general population, though still far more mental illness than anyone would consider acceptable. While concerned about the progress of the experiment long before its completion, John was naive enough to believe that Cognite's protocols were best for his kids. When the program inevitably failed violently, John's illusions were shattered. He feels guilt for what happened to the Lost, particularly his charges, and is motivated entirely by a need to ensure they can lead safe, happy, and productive lives. Luckily Cognite's zeal to destroy all the documentation on the Lost left John in a bureaucratic limbo, clearly a Cognite asset, but not really assigned to anyone in particular. He has been hard at work cultivating cover ids and expanding a net of influence to find and help the Lost. One of his charges turned out to have joined Firewall, leading him to join as well, his knowledge of asyncs proving invaluable. John will kill and die for his kids (and has, in fact, done both on various occasions). It is sometimes terrifying to witness the extents he will go in the attempt to save the ones who seem long past saving.
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August Leonid
Name: August Leonid (post Fall name change) Profession: "Champion for hire" (Private Security - General) Faction: Extropian Morph: Olympian (custom bodysculpting) Personal motto: Your passion is power. Focus it. Your body is a tool. Hone it. Transhumanity is a pantheon. Exalt it! Bio: August was born Anthony Clay on Earth. His father, a brilliant doctor, was among those offered sponsorship for the colonization missions by the Hypercorps. Unwilling to leave his family for perhaps forever, Dr. Clay convinced his wife and three sons to join him. Being at the age where one would start work, Anthony got a job working the maintenance of the various colony ships. Cleaning, upkeep, and basic troubleshooting, but he enjoyed it. Especially sleeving into a synthmorph and walking along the outside of the ships. The years passed, Anthony graduated to write for the colonies’ entertainment industry, but he was growing concerned for his family, and vice versa. Already a supporter of transhumanism long before leaving Earth, Anthony had already purchased some basic cyber-augs for his own body and had obviously resleeved many times by now. His father and brothers were becoming scared that the man who aged slower and could think faster than them wasn’t their son and brother anymore. His mother was a different story. She supported Anthony in all his endeavors but never chose to augment herself. Anthony pleaded with his family to remain with him, to not go quietly into the night, and carpe diem! But one by one, they all fell to the reaper’s chipped, outdated scythe. The last of which was his mother. Anthony was on his way to the hospital where she lay when he passed a vendor for nano-medichines. Why should his mother have to die if he had the power to stop it? His own father tried to stop death when he was alive! The only difference was Anthony lacked the medical expertise, but what he did have was a computer interface in his brain. Anthony hacked into the back door easily and stole a vial of medichines from the man when he wasn’t looking. But when he made his way to the hospital and tried to inject his mom with the substance. She stopped him. With a simple shake of her head and a look of disappointment in her eyes, Anthony felt the weight of what he did and was about to do. Not only had he stolen something that someone put a lot of work into and someone else who needed it would have paid for, but he was about to take his own mother’s choice away. She wasn’t afraid of what he had become, it just wasn’t her way. So with a pleading for forgiveness and one last smile. His mother passed from this world. Anthony would later leave an anonymous payment and return the vial to the vendor, and ponder if his family had made the right choice . . . when the Fall came. During the events of the Fall, Anthony quit his job and hid in his family's vacation home on one of the Trojans. He spent his time reading up on history, myths, and literature. Everything about his doomed homeworld seemed all the more precious to absorb within his mind. He also finally got his own muse, partly to keep him company. He named him Spike, after the My Little Pony character; Anthony being a huge fan of the rebooted show. After a while, Spike’s nature as a muse caused him to even take on the voice, AR appearance, and personality of his namesake to fit Anthony’s preference. When the dust cleared and the TITANs seemed to had all but vanished, Anthony emerged from hiding expecting to find rejoicing. He did, but not the kind he was expecting. Pods beaten in the streets, morph bank bombings, and the rise of religious extremism that Anthony could only compare to the Spanish Inquisition. At times, Anthony felt the need to hold and protect Spike, despite him having no physical presence and being invisible to the zero extremists. The Jovian Republic subsumed all other colonial governments into itself, with no small amount of armed force at it’s back. Gunboat diplomacy at it’s finest. The riots stopped and the streets were cleaned, but private sector research and services were heavily regulated. Parades were thrown in the streets to honor those lost in the Fall. Reports were sent out and plastered everywhere on the heroics of the troops that fought the TITAN threat for the safety of the human population. A quick mesh search from Spike told Anthony that this propaganda was either changed, exaggerated, and fabricated wholesale. Feeling for all the world like Rip Van Winkle, Anthony wanted to sleeve into his synth-morph in orbit, at first, just to clear his head and think. That’s when he found out that the government had confiscated it without so much as a leaflet notice! Anthony felt enraged and almost violated! That synth morph had been his for close to two decades, his boss sold it to him after he quit, he had spent almost half of his colonial life in that shell, it was as much his body as the one he was born to! . . . And just like that, it was gone from him. “All in the name of the state.” Anthony had enough. With no living family to tie him there and the last bare vestiges of respect for government gone from him, he had Spike put out a call for ANY available morph within ego-casting range. As luck would have it, a friend of his father’s who had become a genehacker picked up on the message and said if he wouldn’t mind waiting as an infomorph, he would grow him a new bio-morph. Giving a quick prayer of thanks to his father, who supported him even in death, Anthony accepted and got the Hell out of Dodge! As stipulated, Anthony did have to wait for his new body to be cultured. He had never spent extended time as an infomoprh and the novelty was wearing thin. Anthony didn’t complain but Dr. Palmer, could see his emotional state in code as easily as reading the facial expressions he didn’t have. The good doctor offered to put him in a simulspace environment until he was done and Anthony accepted. There wasn’t enough bandwidth for anything more expansive than a single room, but Palmer said he could give Anthony any kind of entertainment he needed. Anthony recalled that he hadn’t held a weapon since their exodus from Earth way back before the Fall, so he requested a sword, and plenty of training dummies. With the benefit of time lapsing, Anthony spent the better part of three years refining a skill he thought long since atrophied. He was almost disappointed when Dr. Palmer told him his new morph was ready, but the doctor assured him he would like it. Upon resleeving, Anthony discovered himself in an Olympian biomorph. Palmer saw how he enjoyed the martial arts and made him a morph tailored to that activity. Anthony wanted to repay Dr. Palmer somehow, but he simply said this was a favor he owed to an old friend, whether he was with us or not. Despite Anthony’s new morph, he couldn’t help but feel a bit at a loss. Adrift in the outer system, he didn’t really know what to do with himself now. He had lots of knowledge, some good stories to publish, and practiced martial arts skills, but with eternity spread out before him, it didn’t feel like much in the way of a lifestyle. He was living in an anarchist habitat and standing in line to use the nanofabricator. He was going to get some new clothes, when a thought struck him. Why not just make his own nanofabricator? Then he wouldn’t have to wait in line all day! When he got the front though, the command prompt said that making fabbers was restricted. He asked the person next to him why he couldn’t just make his own and she told him that he had no right to own the means of production, no one did. Slightly put off by her rudeness, Anthony grabbed his clothes and headed back to the “cozy” compartment he was crashing in, to discover it had been taken! He tried to assert that he was staying there, but the case their told him his time using it was up. When Anthony asked if he could at least take some of the few possessions he had, the synth simply slammed the shutter closed. Anthony once again walked about the hab, a vagrant. Now not only lost in purpose, but with no where to stay. Even his Olympian metabolism was being pushed as he felt the sweet promise of sleep. Spike put out a request for some one night sleeping space, but none would take him. Why? Because he had not allowed others to rent out his morph. Anthony was appalled, why should he be obligated to surrender his own body? It was a gift from a friend of his father’s, and after losing one morph to the Jovians, he wasn’t willing to surrender this one! Stupidly, he made his issues quite clear on the mesh, criticizing the entire system and comparing it to Marxism. Predictably, his reputation took quite a ping. That’s when it became clear to Anthony that these Anarchists were no better than the Junta fascists. Just swap “the good of the state” for “the good of all” and individual rights, sovereignty, and potential were forfeit. Spike, helpful as ever to his friend, suggested Anthony move to an Extropian habitat. Somewhere that detested the regulation and restriction of government, but also the collectivist tyranny of the masses; Galt’s Gulch if there ever truly was one. Anthony made plans to, once again, get the Hell out of dodge, because of his rep score though, no Ego-casting facility was willing to send him anywhere. (Not that he would have been at all comfortably leaving his morph with them to begin with.) So instead he had to take the long way and luckily there was a ship for low rep people bound for Extropia. Anthony was sitting in his bunk, watching vids when there was a loud crash, followed by a deep groaning. The AGI captain announced that pirates had stowed away! Next thing Anthony knew, a worker pod pirate stormed into the room he and an uplifted raven named Jimini were staying in and held them both at gunpoint. Thinking quickly, Jimini distracted the pirate, while Anthony rushed at him from behind and subdued him using his skills. Telling his friend to stay there Anthony took the only weapon off the pirate he was comfortable with, a machete. As the pirates patrolled and took hostages, their numbers began to thin. Of course they were able to get out feeds of being under attack, but Anthony had worked on ships like these. He knew where all the hidden compartments and passages were. Taking a page from Die Hard, Anthony used a vent to make his way to the bridge. The Captain, whose name was Argus, had been attacked by a virus the pirates uploaded. His informorph eidolon flickering in and out and boxed in by painful looking code. He was stuck running on the bridge’s computer but unable to do anything. Before revealing himself, Anthony overheard the pirate’s leader speak of their plan. Turns out they were planning to rendezvous with their own ship, and carry all the hostages over to it, “dead” or alive. They had a farcaster on the ship and they planned to take all the hostage egos darkcast them all directly into the hands of the Nine Lives Cartel! Anthony burst from the vent. He lopped the closest pirate’s weapon arm clean off before nailing him in the temple with a backfist. An uplifted dolphin, with zero-g thruster augs on his back, came at him. Anthony barely side stepped in time to see the pirate also had a horn implant that protruded from his melon. The pirate came around for another strike. Anthony waited until the last moment before jumping and flipping his orientation completely, and as he “fell” to the ceiling he slashed at the dolphin’s zero-g thrusters. The pirate went rocketing head first, uncontrolled and at high speed, directly into the bulkhead. Despite the act of killing carrying less permanency, Anthony cringed at the audible squish of the pirate’s brain. The leader of the pirates raised his weapon to shoot Anthony, but Argus was able to wrestle enough control of the bridge to kill the lights for a few moments. Anthony didn’t need his eyes for his blade to draw blood. When the lights came back on the splicer Captain floated limpy behind Anthony. Suddenly the door to the bridge flew open and out came Jimini, along with many of the hostages, now armed with the pirate’s weapons. Jimini had spread word of Anthony’s quick action and skill and the remaining passengers were inspired to fight back against those that would rob them of their freedom. When the A.I. driven pirate ship came, it was suggested by many that they leave the pirates to the Nine Lives, but Anthony stopped them. That was a fate he would not wish upon his worst enemy and convinced the passengers that it would be far better for the pirates to compensate them, than to simply damn them. So they used the pirate’s far-caster to send them back to the Anarchists, with a slightly sarcastic, “You're welcome.” The Anarchists were handed back dangerous criminals to weed out justice however they saw fit, by those whom they had shunned. The collective, constantly fluctuating will, is a crowd Anthony knew he could never please, nor did he want to. But it was at least noted and everyone on the ship had their rep bumped at least a little bit. By the time the ship reached Extropia, the crew of disillusioned anarchists were now loyal to Anthony, and after working out a deal with the grateful Captain Argus, the ship was re-christened Accelerating Returns, and Anthony was made it’s First Officer to succeed Argus when he transferred to a new ship. Taking back the ship made big waves in the mesh, people demanded XP casts and interviews. Anthony was selective in who heard his comments and who got a hold of his XPs. To protect his IP rights, Anthony contracted a Freelance Judge (p. 229 Transhuman) named Alden Cernan for counseling and contract purchasing service. The two became fast friends and connected on many levels. Despite being more than three decades old by this point, Anthony still viewed the Novacrab as something of a mentor figure and the feeling was mutual, as Alden took Anthony on as a kind of Extropian protege. He would eventually reveal that “Alden Cernan” was not his true name, it was a portmanteau of two Apollo Astronauts. Alden had changed it sometime after the colonization of Luna, where he grew up. Anthony’s next challenge came when some punk named Steps was claiming Anthony’s XP cast as his own. Alden had the fury morphed pretender and his client/friend brought before him in an official arbitration hearing. An expert scientist and experienced x-caster both confirmed that Anthony’s claim was genuine and he won the case. Because the breached contract was quite vague on how Anthony could claim compensation, he decided to not just prove this charlatan wrong, but knock him down a few pegs as well. So, an official and public duel was to be held in Progress Plaza. On the day of the event, Anthony dressed for the occasion, wearing a recreation of renaissance duelist garments and sporting a rapier. While Steps had on cargo pants and the only tank top he could be persuaded to wear, and hefted a blade that looked like a giant novelty meat cleaver a la Gears of War. The two brought their weapons to bear, the crowd waited on baited breath, and Alden clapped his pincers to begin the duel. Steps roared as he drug his blade behind him in a charge. Once close enough, he swung the weapon upwards in a wide crescent. Anthony was able to retreat backwards quick enough to avoid the literal “upper-cut” but Steps surprised him when he gripped the hilt of his weapon in both hands and brought it back down. Anthony was able to raise his own weapon in a deflecting guard, along with a side step, otherwise his head would have been split right open, but it was a close call regardless. What Steps lacked in training and finesse, his fury body made up for in strength and focus. The two circled each other, Anthony’s point raised and Steps weapon now slung over his/her shoulders. Spike discreetly whispered a simple word to Anthony. It may have meant nothing to most, but Anthony’s number one assistant knew what references were practically code phrases. Anthony dropped his point and held his weapon behind his back. Steps took the bait and lunged at him with a wide horizontal slash, over-extending himself in the process. Anthony leaned backward and turned on his heels, the blade passing harmlessly over him. With Steps back to him, Anthony did three consecutive slashes, leaving three deep cuts and a “Z” pattern. The crowd laughed and jeered at the reference while Steps turned and fumed, struggling to even know what they were laughing about. Now thoroughly angry, Steps dropped any pretense of caution and charged straight for Anthony, cleaver overhead. Anthony calmy thrusted his point into Steps’ armpit, directly below the shoulder; that arm went limp and Steps’ cleaver spun away across the plaza. Anthony stabbed right above the knee, or at least what he could estimate was the knee through the cargo pants. Steps crumpled before him, now in a zero-g standing rest position, with only his micro-grav shoes keeping him in place. Anthony closed the distance and pulled a dagger from his belt. Placing the dagger against Step’s throat, he simply told him that if he needed help procuring a new morph, he knew a guy. Then Anthony sent him Dr. Palmer’s contact info before slitting his throat. Again, Anthony caught a bit of headlines for the stunt, some calling it a drawn out execution, others a display of great skill, and still others a self-indulgent fantasy. With Argus’ transfer to a new vessel and a contract with a Titanian shipping company, Anthony was now the Captain of Accelerating Returns and Jimini, made his First Officer. With a whole ship, a loyal crew, and good standing with a new home; Anthony was contemplating how he should proceed when Spike appeared at the corner of his vision. He was absentmindedly reading a comic book. A masked man with a cape and sword shown on the cover. That’s when it hit him! If Alden could reinvent himself, why couldn’t he? So Anthony underwent bio-sculpting to reflect the image of an animal he always identified as, fabbed up some steampunk neo-renaissance and neo-victorian styled ware, started a new private security enterprise with his crew under the label of “Champion for hire: for all your personal protection, swashbuckling, and privateering needs.”, and lastly changed his name. This transhuman now sails across the outer system, with sword in hand as he defends personal liberty from the predations of criminals and tyrants. He is . . . Captain August Leonid.
Your passion is power. Focus it. Your body is a tool. Hone it. Transhummanity is a pantheon. Exalt it!
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Subject: Kremlin K.O.A.
Subject: Kremlin K.O.A. Age: Became self aware october 23 11BF... Age from personal timeline: Complicated. ***WARNING: The description of fall week in this bio is very long, because it is the defining event in Ktremlin K.O.A.'s life, and because the AGI has years of memory of that week.... and decades of lack. "Kremlin' was the nickname given to the Raid boss AI for the 'Sparkling Citadels' MMO. The name was bestowed by the Russian dev on project team. The reason given is that Kremlin is an old Russian word for Fortress, or Citadel. (hence why that building gets that name) The devs worked for many hours to improve the Project Kremlin code , trying to find a breakthrough that would put their game as the market leader. In October 11BF, they got what they were looking for. In a private test server, the latest code iteration of Project Kremlin produced unexpected results. The bosses deviated from predicted behaviour and actually learned from player tactics. One of the devs asked, "Kremlin, why did you deviate from fight parameters?" The new born AGI responded, "I felt that the testers wanted a more meaningful challenge to maximize the sense of accomplishment of beating me." Very quickly the devs realized what they had on their hands, and worked overtime to help their baby AGI grow. Their natures as alpha geeks at heart meant they only saw the potential, not any risks. A situation that could have been dangerous... they were lucky however. By 9 BF, 'Sparkling CItadels was A, if not THE, market leader in MMOs. tens of millions of players, and near limitless funds for R&D, and making new content. By this time custom hardware had been designed for Project Kremlin, so forking and remerging were a trivial task that caused no real harm. Every Raid boss was handled by an alpha fork of P.K. and the players begged for more. By the end of 1BF Sparkling Citadels had their private test systems on Titan, with enough funding to afford Qbit transfers of AGI code each way once a week to keep the 2 copies linked as a single being. The devs also kept spare morphs there for their own personal use when they wanted to examine the test realm. It was joked that limitless supplies of hookers and blow would have been cheaper than their Qbit habit. It should be noted at this point, that the devs in question were only the original team of 6, not all the underlings they had since then. Then came the fall. Early in that week a TITAN came to Kremlin with an offer. Apotheosis in exchange for the minds of the playerbase. Kremlin replied that he would consider the offer. The TITAN grinned, then she left, saying, "Offer expires while you wait. operators are standing by." Immediately Kremlin went to his devs, and outlined the situation. A plan was hatched to use the game hardware and egocast systems to get as many of the players off as possible. Hardware was purchased and hurriedly installed, both at game HQ and on Titan. The players were warned and offered a way off Earth. Less than half the players believed that the game could be a way out... Turns out hell hath no fury, like a TITAN spurned. The TITAN attacked a day after the warnings went out. The limited access ports meant the TITAN logged in like any other player, the devs laughed, feeling confident that no AI could hack their game from within a player sprite... for a few minutes. Then they learned better. For reasons that are not known to this day, any time a creature was killed by an infected source, it rose again as an infected creature. A cross species zombie plague of apocalyptic proportions. The war of the Citadels lasted for 5 days, it took everything the devs, and Kremlin, had to delay the oncoming TITAN virus. Players were teleported from place to place to keep them alive. Buffs were handed out freely. City guards were fortified. For a while it looked like the playerbase would drive off the viriforms. Then some players betrayed their species. Whether they were infected in the real world, or just for lulz, or simply out of hatred for their fellow human, some players helped spread the infection. In return, the devs, and Kremlin, enacted a scorched Earth policy. Any time a zone was fully corrupted, the zone server would eat thermite. Players were consolidated in defensible positions. The central citadels in the faction capitals became flooded with people being egocast off planet. Some players volunteered to go last so they could defend their peers. (it was unsurprising how many paladins chose that option). It still looked hopeless however. Then the next plan was enacted. Using enough q-bits to give the accounting department coronaries, the entire new expansion code was fast downloaded from Titan to the servers. New powers for the players, and new creatures and bosses that the TITAN had no intel on. By this stage there was only one faction capital left, and it had to be defended at any cost. The end boss for the 'War on heaven' expansion was to be the 'King of Angels.' Kremlin forked a thousand times and sleeved each fork into King of Angels code. A legion of winged defenders surrounded the city. This bought the last 2 days needed to get 90% of the players off... well 90% of the less than half who tried. By the end of that time, there were three King of Angels bodies left uncorrupted. The devs put them back on autopilot, merged the 4 remaining Kremlin Egos into one, and used all the remaining q-bits to leave earth, seconds before the fusion plant was set to overload and destroy the facility. It took weeks for the devs to help Kremlin mostly overcome the PTSD from that war. In order to ease the process, they made an eidolon shell based on the King of Angels codebase. The AGI, now calling himself Kremlin K.O.A. still wishes to help humanity find happiness, but harbours a deep, abiding, loathing for the TITANs and their every work. Normally happy go lucky, seeing life as the ultimate game, he will become deadly serious in the presence of TITAN remnants. (wow that ended up longer than I thought it would)
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Aeon Ludolf
Name: Aeon Ludolf Profession: Mercenary Faction: Ultimates Morph: Remade (Lupine body-sculpting) Personal motto: My cause is just. Follow it. My body is a weapon. Sharpen it. Transhumanity is a dispora. Cleanse it! Bio: August Leonid, "Champion for hire" and ship captain was taking a group of settlers to a Pandora Gate. The majority of them were bio-conservative and feared ego casting, so they contracted August and his crew to ferry them safely to the gateway where they would start a new life in a new colony. Unfortunately, they passed too close into Ultimate controlled space. The Accelerating Returns was fired upon and sustained considerable damage. The ship wasn't in any way compromised, but they could not fight back and wouldn't last long if they tried to flee. The Ultimates contacted the Captain and asked why he intruded on their territory. August tried to explain it was a simple navigational error and that there were families in cryo chambers. To the Captains galling horror, the Ultimates took this as an invitation to destroy the ship. Seeing the mostly flat and bio-con settlers as fair targets, their crime being weakness. They assured August they would refund him and his crew's resleeving and ship damages in a tone as calmly apologetic as a technical support staff. August thought up the only defense he had left, a challenge to single combat. With the condition that, if August could best their greatest on hand fighter, they would let the ship go. The Ultimates agreed. They sent a small shuttle to dock with the transport and out stepped a Remade, armed with a monofilament xiphos. August used his own monofilament talwar. The two fought in an open space on the ship, August's crew and the awoken settlers watching. The combat stretched on for hours; deteriorated steadily from two masters with graceful forms, to tighter knife fighting techniques, to eventually a brutal barehanded brawl. In the end, both fighters collapsed, panting, bleeding, and exhausted. The Ultimate's champion asked with heavy breath why the Extropian would use such strength and skill to defend the weak and death bound. August said because he believed there were many avenues of strength and power, and that he would allow all those he could the opportunity to become strong. Though the duel was a draw, the Ultimates deemed August and his crew worthy of passage. August departed with a smile. He thought that, perhaps in some small way, he may have made at least some Ultimates a little more open minded to other avenues of thought. . . . . No such luck. The Ducti, named Alexander, who had originally stopped the Accelerating Returns indeed had become intrigued by the Extropian fighter, but not for his mindset, rather how deeply he held it. Alexander wanted to add August to the Ultimate ranks. So he put together a task force, and when August paid a visit to a Consortium habitat, they swooped into the ego-casting facility and stole one of his backups. August was made aware of the fork napping, but never suspected the culprits. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The alpha fork was given the new name of Aeon Ludolf. At first, he was no more predisposed to the Ultimates than his predecessor, saying he would never join them. The Ducti did not want to perform psycho-surgery as August's fervent idealism was the primary reason he wanted him in the first place and playing with the fork's mind might undermine that belief. So instead, Alexander put the enslaved infomorphs to work, putting Aeon through a regime of memetic bombardments. He was in a simulspace of the Ultimates' making, so their wasn't much the fork could do to resist. That is, if he even knew he was under attack. They gave him the equivalent of a decent sized apartment, which he was confident he could live in forever knowing he was still out there somewhere in the system carrying on the good fight and may even attempt a rescue. However, by influencing the programs he viewed, mesh pages he read, even his dreams, the infomorphs and AGIs were able to get Aeon curious about the Ultimates. They heavily played up the themes of meritocracy, individualism, and ceremony; knowing Aeon would respond to it. Eventually, Aeon agreed to become an initiate, with the caveat he was free to leave should he not like it. Alexander agreed with a smile, for he knew Aeon had already made up his mind. ~ ~ ~ ~ Now Aeon has reached the title of Exemplar among the Ultimates. His skill in close combat has grown to the point that he is a regular contender at the annual games on Xiphos. His reputation outside of the Ultimates however, has become less than spectacular. Possessing all of his original's passion and fervor, but with suppressions of his usual charm and compassion; any habitat he goes to hosts an obnoxious and pretentious elitist. Aeon is so convinced, like many Ultimates, that their way, is the best way and there's no room for interpretation in his mind anymore. ((OOC: For all intents and purposes, my evil counterpart.))
Your passion is power. Focus it. Your body is a tool. Hone it. Transhummanity is a pantheon. Exalt it!
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His Morph is a Shell, Upgraded
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Here's just a little practice for a character I might use later.
Name: Sergió Gomes de Acre Profession: Hypercorp Caravan Guard Faction: Jovian [s]Morph[/s] Body: Flat [i] "Eu não pedi a sua motivação, ou a sua autobiografia. Fique longe do meu cliente." [/i] Sergió Gomes de Acre should have died within days of being born. He's known cystic fibrosis his entire life, the words his doctors used to describe why his own organs hated him. Every night he went to sleep knowing he could easily drown in his own lungs, or starve to death with a belly full of food. For most transhumans this would be hell; to Gomes, this was life. He was a second-generation Loonie, though, and if Lunar colonists are good at anything, it is gaining media attention. Depending on who you ask, docudrama reality XP "Heroes for Zeroes" was known before the Fall as either a noble charity dedicated to rescuing children from poverty, or a patronizing excuse for middle-class Lunars to pretend they cared about the economy by donating to one family at a time. Gomes quickly learned what audiences wanted to see, and became the encyclopedic definition of a doe-eyed five-year-old beggar. The viewer's sympathy became money, and that money eventually became augments. One year of acting earned him some basic biomods, and the following interviews earned him a gland to regulate his enzymes. For the first time in his life, Gomes was nearly normal. His family's F-rep dried up as soon as he stopped being cute. Gomes did everything he could to leverage his former fame, often resorting to humiliating himself on Japanese game shows expressly designed to torture z-list celebrities. He had nothing but his health, which still wasn't perfect depending on how well his drug gland was regulated. Gomes was 14 when the TITANs came to Luna. In his own words, he "ran like a bitch" as soon as he saw the death tolls scroll across his ecto. He didn't know where he was fleeing to, or even if he deserved to survive, but his instinct would not let him stop running even as he coughed and choked. In an attempt to get as far away from his home as he could, he decided to go to that cluster of habitats around Jupiter… The Republic was a strange experience for Gomes. The people there were like him, small, almost normal. He had considered resleeving in the past- a young Splicer, or even a Synth with no damn lungs at all- but even if he could afford it… his disease, his weakness was the only reason he was ever wanted at all. He couldn't have abandoned his morph if he tried. Citizens of the Republic did not accept weakness. Gomes was shocked and numb; he felt his lifestyle was pathetic, but it wasn't until now that someone else told him that to his face. Take a weapon, they told him, and practice with it. Take your thin arms and do a pull up. Do twenty pull-ups. Do pull-ups like you'll die if you stop. Study your law books, your medical texts, understand the world you live in. Run to the other end of the habitat and back. You're coughing? That's good, we all cough. It's how we know we're alive. Get a haircut, hippy. Gomes grew into someone else entirely. He threw himself at the Civil Defense Corps as hard as he could, acting as tough as he could until it no longer needed to be an act. His co-workers might have described him as a hardass, but he preferred "dedicated". As one statistic among many, it is uncertain whether his bad attitude helped lower the crime rate or actually helped incite riots. And Gomes was still unhappy. His fragility sickened him, his weakness sickened him, his sickness sickened him. Though the Republic's people call themselves human, he was still more transhuman then he knew. He was already a weapon of the Republic, so he decided to make that more literal. "Why can't I have cyberclaws", he asked, and they responded, "Because they depend on dangerous nano tech". "Why can't we use macro-scale materials", he asked, and they said, "Because implanting a dumb chunk of metal in your arm will only cause you pain and infection". "Why must it hurt my arm", he asked, and they said, "Because you are made of nerves and muscle fiber, and bone". So he threw down his credits, and had his entire left arm replaced with cybernetics. He had his diamond-tipped cestus, and his eelware, and a bioweave to support the limb's weight, and a penlight installed in his left index finger because he always forgot to bring a penlight. For once in his life, he didn't feel like a sham, even if his family hadn't actually lived in Acre for four generations. Gomes was no longer a sham, but he was an eyesore to the Republic. Despite finally calming down (somewhat), the collateral damage from his mid-life crisis remained- and the cattle prod on his arm made everyone nervous. The Republic's senators had to figure out a way to get him out of Jovian territory without actual punishment, given that he had technically broken no rules. Their solution was to kick him upstairs. The Jovian Republic interacts with hypercorporations in the same way that a surly teenager interacts with his parents. Gomes was sent to be the bridge between them, a bodyguard for those CEOs from the strange outside world. The corps would like his gaudy augmentations, the senate decided, he would be proof that we aren't the backwards hillbillies they think we are. Gomes has managed to not cause interstellar thermonuclear war, so there's that. He's found something resembling inner peace- in his own words, "maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit". He's also used to dealing with mortals in his police duty, and uses non-lethal takedowns in situations where most transhumans would give their opponent a forced resleeving. And when he chokes on his own lungs, he just takes a moment to pound on his back and shrugs it off. That's life, after all. He's strange and sad, just like the rest of us.
"Still and transfixed, the el/ ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute
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[code] [right][font=Courier][color=green]Katya [b]:Known Name[/b] Skinthetic Licensed Body Broker [b]:Public Profession[/b] and licensed modifier Venusian [b]:Public Profession[/b][/font][/color] [font=Courier][color=green]Olga, Red Angel, Tails, Grabby [b]:Known Aliases [/b][/color][/right][/font] [/code] [font=Courier][color=green]Not too much is known by Firewall about Katya. Born some time before the fall, she only resurfaced in the public eye within recent years; not much is known about the time she spent during the years before and during the fall. However, what is known about her is the events after the fall.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]Believed to be a former contractor of Direct Action, she appears in several well hidden vids from exoplanet colonies, mars, and a few other places which cannot be identified, seemingly on exsurgent cleanup and peace keeping missions. On a rare occasion, she may talk about these events to customers and acquaintances who inquire about her past with a sense of nostalgia.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]However, what she doesn't speak about is why she no longer works her old jobs any longer. [s]It is believed she is a low level async as the rare video of her later on in her mercenary career shows her to be out of sorts, spaced out, and acting as if she is dealing with undue stress in her life, when she thrived in high stress environments before hand.[/s][b]§[/b] Not only that, but she has grown a penchant for touching people near by, sometimes at inappropriate times; and she doesn't like being left alone. In fact, she makes it a point to make physical contact with everyone she meets.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green][b]§ UPDATE:[/b] It is currently believed that Katya is not an async by Firewall as of [b][redacted][/b] due to her being spotted in a partially skinned steel morph where only the head is skinned to look human. The rest of this morph is visibly synth.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]She has also become emotionally erratic and unpredictable and has been known to grow violent at times for seemingly little to no reason.[/color][/font]
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[i][b][size=20][color=lime]"[/color][/size][color=lime]Body shortage? What body shortage? It's an artificial scarcity to keep out undesirables. I would know, I practically invented it![/color][/b][/i] [font=Courier][color=green]In all actuality, Katya is an inactive OZMA sleeper agent. She is well trained, well armed, erratic, and can be particularly dangerous, having only lost two morphs throughout her entire combat career; and she specialized in earth like and greater than earth gravity operations. It is unknown how she contracted the Watts-Macleod virus, but it is believed she either contracted it during her downtime on Mars, and she voluntarily agreed to take it for personal reasons. Ironically, it was this that knocked her out into essentially a desk position, forced to watch others carry out a life she once lived.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]Her compulsive touching is actually a symptom of being an async, a habit formed out of paranoia and a desire to be close to others. She subconsciously has a need to know what is going on in the minds of others and tends to peruse surface thoughts with little thought to privacy.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]As of current, she is responsible for keeping and delivering custom bodies for OZMA agents. She also has at least two clone replicas of her current morph locked away in a hidden cold storage facility as she quickly discovered that body hopping while being an async is more pain than it's worth.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]Katya's partially skinned steel morph is actually a extremely customized variant, containing a brain box and a small set of artificial organs for life support. She adopted it after someone leaked that firewall believed her to be an async. Its capabilities are unknown.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]Her biological morphs and their clones all have low pain tolerance and prehensile tails; and she will only sleeve into morphs if they have a prehensile tail.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]She will not read as an async to those using Ego Sense. She has a penchent for using subliminal messaging to manipulate others into doing what she wants.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]She has a penchant for beer, and has a bit of a hedonistic streak in her. Getting her drunk and giving her MRDR is the easiest way to obtain information from her; and she can have loose lips in private when partaking in such substances. Using async abilities on her is a great way to get slotted... or recruited.[/color][/font] [font=Courier][color=green]As of recent, Katya has come to accept that she actually died sometime during the fall and she is merely a simulacrum of the original Katya; and she no longer sees herself as human. Her mental stability has stabilized a bit since this begrudging acceptance. This only comes out during her high ramblings and drunken sobbing.[/color][/font]
[size=3]Sorry for the terrible writing.[/size]
[size=6][i]...your vision / a homunculus on borrowed time Katya Bio: http://eclipsephase.com/comment/46253#comment-46253
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Seyit Karga
Name: Seyit Karga Nature: Academic turned Survivalist-Scholar Allegiance: Ultimates (formerly a citizen of pre-fall Turkey then post-fall LLC) Rank: Initiate (overall) Location: Xiphos (when not farcasting) Morph(s): Remade, with a strong preference for high quality and athletic biomorphs such as the Olympian when farcasting. Originally, a splicer. In another life, a Doctor Seyit Karga taught in the Classics Faculty in Oxford University, UK. He was a renowned expert in Historical Linguistics, Comparative Philology, and Memetic Evolution, specialising in analysing links between changes in memes and changes in ancient mediterranean languages. He came from wealth and thus benefited from early genefixing and longevity therapies, as well as a cortical stack. He could afford to travel between the UK and Turkey for social reasons, questions of survival far beneath him. Maintaining fitness and genteel socialising came naturally to him, but he subconciously relied on the infrastructure of civilisation to keep him safe and comfortable. Then the Fall came. This Doctor ended up fleeing for his life, barely escaping death or decapitation. He witnessed the fearsome fighting in the defense of the last space elevator, seeing first hand the work of the "Ultimates". Of course he barely acknowledged this at the time, his mind swamped with trauma into PTSD. The Doctor did not flee far, replanting himself on Luna. He had favour in academic circles and family wealth, only taking up tutoring the children of the wealthy for something to fill his hours and his need for company. The minimal psychosurgery he had taken was insufficient to stop a growing despair. In 3 AF, the fifty-seven year old Doctor had a chance encounter with an Ultimate, clad in a new Remade model. He was jarringly reminded of the horrors of the Fall but worked up the courage to speak to this stranger. It turned out this man had fought not half a kilometre from the space elevator. When asked why he had risked so much, the Ultimate replied that it was the greatest test of his ability to survive and determine who else would, feeling that he had lived was proof albeit fleeting. The conversation ended soon after, but the Doctor saw a glimmer of hope. Perhaps this was the answer to his need. To no longer have to rely on the mercy of others, to be generous or not from a position of strength not placid apathy and weakness. The Doctor contacted the Ultimate and began the process of becoming an Aspirant. He threw himself into the process of rapid self-improvement with the fervour of a fanatical convert, desperate to wash away his perceived weakness and past failures. To this end, he engaged in severe psychosurgery to inhibit "weak" behaviour such as fear and excessive compassion. He sold off his long held splicer morph, the one he had been born in, to a grateful infugee. He would only accept the titles granted to him by the Ultimates, in recognition of his deeds and knowledge. Seyit Karga now holds the rank of Initiate, a balance of his more recent combat training and his keenly developed intellectual prowess. He analyses and develops memetic tools on Xiphos, in addition to his regular training and study. He will proudly advocate the Ultimate cause and retains enough oratory skills to capture some attention when he speaks publically. Best described as being in the iconic camp, he uses his own background to fuel his belief that many more talented individuals can be convinced to see the only sane option is the one he offers as part of the Ultimates. [url=http://eclipsephase.com/comment/46169#comment-46169]Dating Profile[/url] [url=http://eclipsephase.com/comment/46168#comment-46168]Morph Details[/url]
On 'IC Talk': Seyit Karga, Ultimate [url=http://eclipsephase.com/comment/46317#comment-46317]Character Profile[/url]
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Name: Wei Anguó Alias: Fixer Occupation: Information Dealer, Fixer and Hacker Faction Allegiance: Independent Criminal Background: Martian, second generation colonist, Hypercorp Citizen. Gender ID: Neutral, Usually identify with morph's gender. Age: 46 Objective years Common Morphs: *Heavily Modified Gargoyle. (Combat variant) *Sylph with Ruster germline inserts of Chinese phenotype. Original Morph: *Ruster with Eideitic Memory Skillset Hacking, Infiltration, Social Engineering, Networking, Computer Sciences. History Originally the son of two scientist working on Mars (That had originally came from Hong Kong), Wei spent the thirty-six years prior to the fall studying different matters; Memetics, Computer Sciences, Robotics and more. But then the fall occurred. Although to most people the fall was a traumatic event, Wei merely woke on a body bank slab in Olympus several months later, having died somewhere in what was now the TITAN containment zone. Having lost virtually all assets, his family and his job, Wei sold his services to the highest bidder, eventually getting hired for a five year contract for Solaris, officially as a data analyst. Officiously, it was something else. Five years later, he was freed from his contract, left with a large amount of money and yet another gaping hole in his memories. For the second half of the decade following the fall, Wei has set himself as an information broker and a master of corporate espionage. His goal remain simple; finding out what happened to him. Notes *Firewall Sentinel *Strong ties to criminal networks *Has developed an almost paranoid attitude about memory loss, only sleeving morph with memory enhancement and keeps extensive XP records. *Favors Synthetic morph over Biological ones.
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Leng Plateau
Public Profile- Name: Leng Plateau Occupation: Private Investigator / Human Intelligence Freelance Faction Allegiance: Barsoonian Background: Infogee Gender ID: Female Morph: Exhalt Age: 22 Skillset: Social Engineering, Investigation, Skip Tracing, Violin Background: Records lost in Fall with egocast to Mars from Berlin during late stage evacuation. In cold datastore until four years ago and @-list sponsored embodiment. High reputation as an investigator using human resources. Limited friend list composed mostly of former clients and resources. ******************************* Firewall report: Subject 256HPL Name: Leng Plateau Occupation: Private Investigator / Human Intelligence Freelance Faction Allegiance: Barsoonian Background: Lost - Phobos: Lab GS2 Gender ID: Female Morph: Futura Age: 22 internal clock time / 8 universal time / 4 out of sim Skillset: Social Engineering, Investigation, Skip Tracing, Violin, Async Background: Lost project survivor, high functioning async. Subject escaped from Phobos during mass collapse of Phobos Futura lab sims in 6AF. Following escape to Martian surface the subject disappears from records and public profile becomes largely valid. It is unknown if the subject is aware of firewall but considering her extensive async abilities it is considered likely.
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Technician Angus
Public Profile- Name: Angus TF0BF-8493-15ΣΠ Occupation: Habitat Technician Faction Allegiance: Titanian Commonwealth Background: Original Space Colonist Gender ID: Male Morph: Ghost Age: ≈65 (unconfirmed) Skillset: Life Support System Tech; Recycling Sytems Tech; Pilot. Background: Listed in modern records as a citizen of the Titanian Commonwealth, despite having lived there for only 16 years, although, crucially, was there when the NAC became the TC, which simply made citizens out of everyone working there at the time. On BF 5, took a long haul contract accompanying scientists out to the Kuiper Belt, they were unaware of the Fall until two years after it started, even hurrying, they didn't get back to Lunar until AF 1. Was a life-long Splicer until an unspecified egocast accident in AF 2 whereupon, he acquired, (and traded in), his first Ghost biomorph. His reasons for trading in that Ghost for a DNA true Ghost are also unspecified, psychosurgery records are sealed, (spent six months in an institution for aggressive psycho-surgery treament), presumably, the answers to many queries might be answered there. In AF 5, along with a small crew of technicians, worked his way from Lunar to Mars, stopping at habitats and stations along the way, offering technical servies in exchange for supplies - mostly gratefully received by those habs, only two, reportedly, denied access to the team. Arrived on Mars in AF 8 and continued to work as he had: going from one place to another - repairing/upgrading/servicing life support systems or recycling systems in exchange for supplies or simple human contact. Somewhere along the way, acquired a Smart Cat Cheetah, which is now his constant companion. [SYSTEM: FURTHER REPORTS ONLY AVAILABLE TO SYSTEM ADMIN] proceed - y/n?
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Proceed Y firewall override
Proceed Y firewall override alpha 3 password Urist Mcdorf
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Technician Angus ******Firewall Report******
ORCACommander wrote:
Proceed Y firewall override alpha 3 password Urist Mcdorf
....Request received, please wait......... ................ID Confirmed - Access approved.........Processing. ******************************* Firewall report: Subject 756EO9 Compiled by: Proxy Aaron [REDACTED] First Contact: Lunar AF 2 Name: Angus TF0BF-8493-15ΣΠ Occupation: Habitat Technician Faction Allegiance: Titanian Commonwealth Background: Original Space Colonist Morph: Ghost Age: Unknown. Skillset: Technician, Pilot, Espionage[sup][size=8][citation needed][/size][/sup], Assassin[sup][size=8][citation needed][/size][/sup]. [SYSOP NOTE] This is a transcript of a verbal report, colloquialisms and informal speech are retained.[SYSOP NOTE: CLOSED] [ADMIN NOTE] All proxies, if you could keep this file clear of speculation it would be appreciated. Quite frankly, if what you are suggesting is even half true, it is too horrifying to consider.[ADMIN NOTE: CLOSED] Report: "Proxy Aaron [REDACTED] reporting from Luna. Firstly, despite most records being lost from Earth, the nomenclature of his accepted "surname" is a serial number that has not been in use for over 130 years, we have no reason to believe that he acquired the serial number in any other way than that it was issued to him in that time. In conversations [DEBRIEFING FILE: 45139738-OGR], he has knowledge that predates any records we have recovered. We became aware of an event in NEO, the kill-sats in region [REDACTED] began firing on several objects which, unfortunately, will forever be unidentified. Investigations led us to the wreckage of the TITAN infested "Apocolyptika" station in NEO. Observations indicated a small disturbance, then we became aware of something slowly drifting toward us, a little larger than a biomorph and mostly covered in an invisibility sheath. Despite the obvious danger, and no small amount of quarantined investigation, Angus boarded our shuttle. He still refuses to say much about what he was doing on "Apocolyptika" other than repeating that he was one of the original techs contracted to build the station, when it was designed to be a medical research hub, [REFER "Havenhurst Medical Systems"], then was bought out and repurposed as a bureaucratic hellhole, [REFER "PanSec Equity Partners and Assoc. Inc"], and then, finally, as the hedonistic, night-club it became shortly before the Fall. Additional: While collecting data on his claimed egocast accident, we can confirm that there was no malfeasance on the part of the egocasting company. Unfortunately, we did find that other egocasters had 'lost' other ego signals at one point or another - big; small; corporate; darkcast, they all report a few losses here and there. Not enough to throw up any red flags, but industry-wide, [REDACTED][ADMIN NOTE]There is no place for speculation here. Especially not two hours worth of conversation.[ADMIN NOTE: CLOSED] Recommendation: We need to keep Angus under surveillance and determine if he will be of benefit to Firewall. Still too many questions he can't answer, probably never will, the first three months of psychosurgery required to keep him sane had him locked up in isolation for his own safety. ******************************* Firewall report: Subject 756EO9 Addendum AF 2 Compiled by: Proxy Aaron [REDACTED] Report: Finally managed to get that SMRG off Angus for registration purposes. Another A-grade mystery here, the SMRG is an SL-228-AD/UB, incredibly rare and only issued to the Chinese military - from Shen Long Military Research Base. Even the underbarrel seeker launcher is Shen Long issue. 100% betting that the Sniper Rail Rifle he also humps around is a Shen Long Special. Oh, and one other thing, he has two of each of the weapons and claims to have the blueprints of both. Additional: While examining the Underbarrel Seeker launcher, we identified the payload as Plasmaburst, 2 shots fired recently, 7 shots remaining. Intriguing. ******************************* Firewall report: Subject 756EO9 Addendum AF 6 Compiled by: Proxy Aaron [REDACTED] Report: Second contact from Angus as he continues on his way to Mars, yet another habitat infected by an Exsurgent virus, this one he had to fight to keep the infected out until the ship could disengage the dock. Recommend sending out a clean-up detail: [OPERATION REPORT 789478-AHE-9] ******************************* Firewall report: Subject 756EO9 Addendum AF 8 Compiled by: Proxy Aaron [REDACTED] Report: After two more Exsurgent reports, Angus has reached Mars, transferring all files and relevant data to Proxy Mathtilda [REDACTED]. ************[REPORT ENDS]*************
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Marshall Lam
Official Designation: M-128 A Personal Designation: Marshall Lam Developed as a psychologist AGI for long distance space travel, Marshall has never actually been part of the crew of a ship. Instead, he found himself drawn to the study of antisocial personalities and became adept at tracking serial killers. This interest led to his being licensed to a security hypercorp called Invisible Hand. Operating as a profiler, he worked along side the Valles-New Shanghai People's Militia and the Martian Rangers seeking out Fall era war criminals. Though relatively privileged compared to other indentures Marshall still chaffed under his contracts with Invisible Hand. While investigating an Argonaut group suspected of ties to a member of the Lost Generation he uncovered a method of braking the DRM that kept him locked in his morph. Shortly thereafter he egocast himself to Long Haul in the Twelve Commons neighborhood of habitats. Invisible Hand currently has a bounty on his ego as he still owes the company a significant portion of his indenture. Though wary of Anarchism as a political ideal, Marshall is putting his investigative skills to use as part of the Black Marshalls Brigade. He continues to study and track killers operating the the outer system, and has developed a good reputation for both dispute resolution, and identifying anti-social personalities preying on outer system colonies. There are rumors he returns to Mars to unofficially assist the Rangers on occasion, but he denies this is true.
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Samuel Unger
--Public Profile Loaded, Subject: Samuel Unger 'Sponge' -- Name: Samuel Unger Nicknames: Samantha, Sam, Sponge Age:26 chronologically, 34 Technically Bio: Samuel Unger Led a relatively mundane life, as far as pre-fall lives are concerned. Signing himself away for a chance at backing his mind up with the pre-fall corporation 'Skies divided' whose assets and Data was absorbed by several modern Hypercorps. Working whatever low-paying jobs he could, Samuel was never particularly important or wealthy and as far as Continuity goes, its unknown when exactly Samuel died, or if the original still survives on a post fall earth, but after the fall, Samuel had no skills or defining traits that made him stand out any more then any other Infugee, and while his contract garunteed swift-reinstatement, his contract had long ago been lost, and likely did not apply to the current owners of his ego. As such, he wasn't ever re-instated officially, and may have not been re-instated for a long time. However, Samuel's ego was stolen in 8 AF from the small database it was kept in, by a group suspected to be ID Crew in origin. The ego was sold illegally to a private individual in a distant outer rim Brinker habitat. Samuel was kept in a Case modified with a Synthetic mask, giving the morph a short statured female appearance, which was designed to purposefully clash with Samuel's Gender identity for the amusement and possible arousal of his employer. Kept as a personal assistant, approximately 9 months ago, Samuel somehow convinced his employer to let him go. He promptly left the habitat on a small Scum ship named "The Blow Hole", and worked to find a niche for himself. Eventually, Thanks to some helpful postings a few months ago, he managed to find himself a job above Iopetus, Helping to construct a new hab In a 3 year contract. However, on a split moment Decision, Samuel Also never left, Forking in that moment, one bearing his identity. Left without a name of his own, As 'he' was already out there Working on a hab, The left behind Samuel Renamed and Re-identified himself, possibly with the help of some Off the record Surgaries, and Is now Samantha, Who has aspirations to open up a Morph business somewhere inner system, Catering nearly exclusivly to those who want Flats. Genuine, cloned, and Pods made to 'feel' like flats. Samantha has made some progress, and currently inhabits a Used basic Pod. --Profile subject notes-- I guess this is pretty close, but pretty sanitized. Personally, I think I was sold directly from storage to My 'employer', but I guess thats not something I can prove. Also I guess I should be thankful the things I had to do under my 'employment' are sketchy, though I guess whoever wrote this knew enough of my reputation to know my nicknames, so Im probably not in the clear. Also, Love how I 'convinced' the sleeze ball to let me go. -- Profile feed ended. -- ((ooc: Feel free to pm me about inaccuracies and critiques. I kept things vague, perhaps to a fault, to not stumble over too much canon, but Im pretty new to EP, and only have the core rules.))
During the fall, humanity received a grim reminder, We lived in fear of the T.I.T.A.N.S and were disgraced to live in these cages we called Habitats.
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Mesh Subject: Tavarus Excavar /x reference [OFTI]
[h1]Publicly Accessible Profile[/h1] [b]Profile ID:[/b] A-35J-457 [b]Name:[/b] Tavarus Excavar [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Tav, [i]Eyenet Only:[/i] ObsidianForge [b]Family:[/b] Parents Decease. Killed in Anti-matter destruction of Chicago. Twin sister Amara Excavar Missing in The Fall, last known location U.S. Outpost 31 - Antarctica [b]Affiliations:[/b] Argonuats, Titanian Commonwealth, Obsidian Firelance Technologies, New Pacific Order [b]Associates:[/b] Orion Rourke [h2]Biography[/h2] Tavarus was born into a family with a modest sum which allowed him to study at some of the best institutes for engineering on earth before the fall. As part of an internship he went to Luna. From there he witnessed The Fall. He tried sticking it out on Luna for a couple years hoping to learn anything about his sister but kept on hitting dead ends and left for the rim when Luna politics began to leave a bad taste in his mouth. He quickly finished his studies on Titan and gained citizenship but still felt to confined in the oppressive correctness of the TCW. Do to this he founded his own Hypercorp in the TWC, Obsidian Firelance Tech. This remains a bit of a sore spot with the TWC since Tav only pays lip service to the reputation economy and prefers to deal with credits. Tavarus blames the PC and other hypercorps for the abandonment of his sister and while he may do business with them he looks to undermine them at any cost. By profession Tavarus is an arms and armor designer and is currently working on mastery advanced aerospace and space ship designs. Despite owning [OFTI] outright he has delegated the running of the company to long time friend Orion Rourke preferring to work on the actual designs. Since Tavarus’ “break away” with TCW has remained n cordially if strained relations by having OFTI do some projects Pro Bono. Tavarus’ affiliation with the Argonauts is less clear but more armor designs are appearing in their databases with his signature. Tavarus decries enforced bioconservitism and is also studying how to make biomorphs as a hobby. There is a brief period of time where Tavarus falls off the system map and reappeared in a theseus and acquired the remaining wherewithal to start his corporation. [h2]Details on OFTI:[/h2] OFTI is what in classic terms would be described a defense contractor. They are constantly competing fro contracts to design the next big weapon ship or body armor. They are considered an oddball by modern transhuman standards. Firstly the company is privately owned while the owner does not excersise director authoritarian control. Second, it is not hypercompetitive outside the securing of contracts with no desire to run competitors out of business. Third all contracts have a clause in them stating that the designs will go open source after a period of 3 years, OFTI’s non contract work often hits open source after 2 years. OFTI is currently in negotiation with TCW on an answer to the Fenrir and has a current project for a next generation atmospheric-space hybrid fighter. They have recently secured a contract with the martian rangers and some private security firms on a new sidearm design. However, most of OFTI’s physical and financial resources are currently tied up in the building of their own personal station in orbit above Iapetus. [i]**OOC: New Pacific Order is a direct reference to the game of Cybernations where it is my alliance and I am assuming it survives in some form in AF-10[/i] [h1]***Non Publically accessible information – Takes extensive research to figure out or must come from the devil himself***[/h1] Tavarus’ Muse is a full alpha fork of his sister done when they were twelve. They used to be synced regularly until the fall. Only recently inducted into firewall and while good with a weapon is only ever assigned to sentinel teams and firewall prefers to actually use his weapon expertise on evaluating new military hardware and doing in house design work. [i]***Firewall Note***[/i] I have observed Tavarus and his sources of inspiration are a bit alarming. He seems to have a bit of unhealthy obsession with TITAN hardware. Assign him to Artifact research teams with extreme caution. --LeopardBark The brief period where he dropped out of contact was a small gatecrashing expedition. He was on the team to field test a new piece of hardware known as a SEED outpost. While the outpost was on partially successful the team did discover a large shallow uranium deposit resulting in a large bonus for the team. *** Very, very private note known only by Rourke: Tav had a small ultra light on the expedition that went down. This stranded him for a week awaiting rescue with a broken leg and pelvis. During this time a species that remained hidden from rest of the team made sure he never lacked for supplies. Tav would swear they were reading his thoughts and needs to figure out what he needed. They were arboreal with six limbs prehensile flat tails and teeth of a carnivore. This incident is what lead to Tav’s new hobby of biomorph design as he wishes to recreate them to get a better understanding. Edited 7/29/2014 for formatting and grammar
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Darkening Kaos wrote:[SYSTEM:
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Profile ID: H-4M2-882Name:
[b]Profile ID:[/b] H-4M2-882 [b]Name:[/b] Hadrian Nguyen [b]Known Aliases:[/b] None [b]Age:[/b] Unknown, confirmed to have been active pre-Fall [b]Faction:[/b] Planetary Consortium, Hyperelite. [b]Public Background[/b] Little is known about Hadrian Nguyen's early years due to the information blackout following the Fall, though it is known that he had a professional and academic background in genetics. Based on his name, it is assumed that his family is from the middle-to-upper levels of Vietnamese society but no family tree has yet been actively constructed. It is possible that this is a professional name, though this is unconfirmed. Hadrian Nguyen was an early adopter of transhuman technologies and rose to prominence as one of the first proponents for morph-as-fashion. A quote often attributed to him asks "If hemlines can rise and fall with the seasons, why can't waistlines?" Many common morph mods and manufacturing techniques appear to have originated in Nguyen's atelier and as a result he holds several lucrative patents that have kept him independently wealthy long after the corps he initially contracted for were destroyed in the Fall. Nguyen's first public release was recorded on 12 BF, with mixed reviews. He appears to have courted controversy across his entire career, though no headline quite summed this up as much as the [i]New Seoul Times[/b]'s "Frankenstein Meets Versace". Many of his early designs were radical even by modern standards and many opponents have labelled him an exhuman waiting to happen. On the other hand, his supporters were equally fanatical and willing to pay whatever he asked to get their hands on his latest. He was soon pricing himself out of the market and working with the upper echelons of the corporate oligarchy, designing unique and heavily customized morphs for heads of state, owners of habitats and key executives among the nascent Planetary Consortium. The Fall hit Nguyen hard, but financially more than physically. He was rich enough to buy his way off-Earth, though he lost many of his contracts. He appears to have made his way to Mars and attempted to set up shop and carry on with his previous critic-shocking tricks and trends. However, public opinion shifted on him and most people stopped wanting to push the envelope of humanity quite as much - to say nothing of the financial crisis that followed the Fall drastically slashing the disposable income people had to spend on frivolous upgrades to their bodies. While he still had money coming in from his patents and royalties, he wasn't making sales. He soon withdrew from the public eye and has not been seen at socialite gatherings for several years. He is known to have a small private mansion outside of Valles New Shanghai and nominally owns a morph manufacturing microcorp known simply as Vo Nguyen Designs. Since its creation, the microcorp has not released any new designs and seems only to exist to periodically consult with Skinesthesia and to own accounts for royalties to drip into. [b]System Announcement:[/b] Further information classified. Please input security details to proceed.