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Character Advice

Hello there!

To make this different from other topics asking to optimise a character, I mainly wanted people's opinions on some matters as I am making up a character to play.

For some reference, I am building mainly a hacker character and they are a Scum, living out in a Remade Morph on the Barge (I like the sound of The Ronin of the There's No Going Back flotilla, but also the Lick Me, I'm Delicious flotilla).

Anyways, that's a tangent. My first main concern was Rep. In the Rimward part of the system, it's easy enough to get a grip of, CivicNet in the Sunward part seems a little strange though.

The inner system seems to use credits as their currency, but they still have an established Rep in c-rep (there is also f-rep too for the real high fallutin' types).

I was wondering if the Networking:c-rep and Networking:f-rep are mainly used to get a connection from that network and credits are then used to pay for the goods requested? Is that correct?

Lastly here is my current rep scores. I have Networking:@-rep (as they are Scum) and Networking:r-rep (as they decided that my character gets software from the RNA, upgrades it with their Hardware skill and then open sources the improved software to pay it forward and get rep).

@-rep (80)
c-rep (60) - Note this will be used to burn, leaving me to pick up less expensive goods.
g-rep (60) - Noted hacker, but I'll be burning this too.
i-rep (40)
r-rep (60)

That's 25 CP from my character in Rep. Is that an ok amount to spend on Rep? I know the full 35 is pretty looked down upon, would you think this is an ok way to spread rep about (not counting the Burn of course)?