Celebrity foods

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Celebrity foods

For some reason a discussion with someone recently turned to the "Long Pig" franchise in Transmetropolitan (Long Pig being human meat). They mentioned the idea of celebrity endorsed versions, namely "meatloaf meatloaf". Eclipse Phase technology could do the same with vat grown meat or nanofabbers, although with morphs being a commodity as much as an individual I'm not sure it'd be so popular.
("what's in this?" "dog" "really? tastes like pork." "sorry, barking dog").

So, does anyone else have some terrible puns for Celebrity foodstuffs?

Meatloaf meatloaf
The black eyed peas and rice
How about a shank of Tom Hanks?
Liam Neesham
Limp Bizkit and gravy
Clint eastwoodsmoked BBQ pork
Leonardough DiCaprio

(I'm sorry I'll stop the puns)