Casual Roleplaying

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Casual Roleplaying

Hello everyone.

I'm not looking for a group or game so much as I am looking for one, maybe two role players. Often times we get so caught up in Firewall, Gatecrashing, and the TITANs that I think we forget what we're fighting for.

Many people in this setting have a standard of living unimaginable by us today. It be nice to have two people meet, in person, AR chat, or simulspace and just, have a conversation. Talk about their jobs, their hobbies, etc. Not to say the people talking CAN'T be Firewall Sentinels or extreme x-casters, just that they are off today.

Maybe even the two might strike up a relationship. Friendship, romance, who knows?

I think it would just be nice to roleplay an average day with two people meeting each other for the first time.

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