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Is Casaclanka real?

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Is Casaclanka real?
I heard a rumor from a traveler, who himself had only heard of it as a rumor. Somewhere out there, presumably in the Main Belt, there's a place called Casaclanka, where people are working on getting as many people out of clod storage as fast as they can. The story goes that they're optioning stored egos for an interview, basically ask "Do you think you can stand being an infomorph and / or synthmorph and help us making more morphs until you're at the head of the line, at which point to shove off wherever you want to?", take everybody who accepts to Casaclanka, and then churn out morphs as fast as they can while also scaling up as fast as they can. On one hand I'd think we'd have heard of an operation like that simply because that many people probably wouldn't be able to keep a secret, and seeing how many Autonomists would happily throw some support their direction, secrecy seems counterproductive. On the other hand such a morph factory would be a prime target for pirates, and a thorn in the side of the hypercorps, who wouldn't want potential indentures to have a better alternative. And on the third hand (if you don't have one, I can fix that) something more sinister might be going on. Where would the resources come from to option cold storage egos? Would they be going through IndEX? The Night Cartel? And if there's a node in the Belt running many egos, should we be afraid of someone or something manipulating them for nefarious purposes? Is somebody building an army? And if there is no Casaclanka... How do we best make it a reality?
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Login Location: Aarhus, Titan, Saturnine System @-List ID: AssassinAnna2113 The name alone is great. I can't find any hard intel on it, though. It's [i]possible[/i] there's spook agency vest-close card-playing involved, but I think it's more likely that the various Titanian agencies haven't come across any hard intel. A lot of rumors, though, and some fairly comprehensive analysis papers that start from rumors and what I would character as wild mass guessing and plot out scenarios; also a shot-down suggestion that it be proposed to the Titanian voting population that they take the 'Casaclanka' idea and run with it on Titan, vastly ramping up the production of synthmorphs/infospace servers and offering them as options to folks who'd rather get out of cold storage ASAP. Fears of creating an inadvertent underclass of synths on Titan; I'm not sure how justified those fears are, but I'm not sure how unjustified they are, either. Anyway, if it [i]is[/i] real... Well, hiding from the PC is the obvious reason for keeping a low profile. Do you remember the debacle a little while ago where some autonomist group engineered a wholly-unique, nobody's-patents-are-violated Case++ mod that was basically a Case without any of the flaws or engineered obsolescence, and ten times more comfortable to live in, and released it under a Creative Commons license saying that it was fair game for all and sundry to manufacture, royalty-free, as long as it was sold at no more than 10% markup over manufacturing costs, and indenture terms for gaining it amounted to no more than six months or 10% more revenue generated for the manufacturer than the production cost, whichever came first? A bunch of Suffi nomads started making them and handing them out at-cost, and offering indenture terms for those without any credits of "when you've made a new one for the next guy, you can take off." Totally above-board, totally legal, nobody's fucking IP was violated. The PC turned those Suffi into a fucking [i]crater[/i], claiming "economic warfare" by way of drastically undercutting everybody else's prices and indenture practices. Basically, what they said amounted to "None of our corporations can turn a satisfactory profit competing with you in an open market, so we're just going to blow you up." So.... Is somebody making an army? Under the caveat that it's totally above-board, anti-PC/Jovian/biocon/hypercorp/pirate angernation and agitation, and not some Exsurgency bullshit, then I'm all for it. Of course, this being the Eye, well... Someone's going to suspect Exsurgency. And that much heavy metal in one place [i]could[/i] be dangerous, but what in all of creation [i]isn't[/i] dangerous? The state of transhuman civilization is basically a series of calculated risks.
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One thing you're overlooking
One thing you're overlooking is that we haven't really survived the Fall yet. Once we deal with that we have more time to focus on making a better world. Of course, if you discount that, there are things to consider. Titan certainly bills itself as functioning this way, which would mean some competition for any small-scale habitat working this way. Your point regarding secrecy seems apt. I distrust any movement of this sort that won't make itself known. There is operational security to be considered, sure, but the Autonomists have proven themselves more than capable of providing security for many endeavors of this sort (though, depending on the location, they may not be within a happy operational space for easy aid; they would certainly be rather far in system). In any case [no pun intended], I would say that it's probably just a rumor, but needs investigation. I could provide security or monitoring of the habitat if we found it and it does exist, since I imagine they'd be hard pressed to turn down a psychosurgeon if their main business is cold storage egos.