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Capturing and selling other morphs

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Capturing and selling other morphs
We are new to Eclipse Phase and a player wants to know if they can take a morph (either knocking out biomorph or hacking a synthmorp) with out destroying it. what would that they need to do to be able to either sell the morph or use it themselves as a back up morph. If this has been asked already my apologies.
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1. Knock out and/or restrain
1. Knock out and/or restrain the target. (There are several ways to knock out a target: Stunners would be one obvious way of doing it.) 2. Hook them up to an ego bridge. There's really no way to resist what an ego bridge does to you. Once you've used the ego bridge to empty the morph, there's nothing stopping you from using it like any other empty morph. With that being said, the morph would be hot property (like any stolen good). Stolen items suffer a -50% adjustment when you're trying to sell them (pg. 296 of the core rulebook). And you might toss on an additional -25% adjustment for the "used" condition on the same page. Actually using a stolen morph would be potentially dangerous. The level of danger involved would vary depending on how unique the morph is and who's likely to come looking for it: A totally generic synthmorph would blend in. A biomorph with a distinctive scar on its right buttock would be easier to identify. A morph cloned from a specific hypercorp exec is probably just walking suicide. At the very least, you would need to alternate the morph's nanotat ID (see pg. 280). Appropriate Hardware or Medicine checks might also let you "clean" the morph of distinguishing characteristics. (Common biometrics include DNA, facial thermographic, fingerprint, gait, hand veins, iris, keystroke, odor, palm, retinal, and voice prints.) Laundering a cleansed morph would also pose unique challenges. The specifics would depend on where you're trying to launder the morph: Potentially easier among the anarchists or if you've got a convenient scum fleet; harder if you're trying to legitimize a morph in the Jovian Junta. (You might want to use techniques used for money laundering as a source of inspiration.)