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Can you purchase multiple morphs during character generation?

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Can you purchase multiple morphs during character generation?
As the title says, is it possible to purchase multiple morphs for a character during character generation?
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Yes. For credits.

Yes. For credits.
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My GM said NO to buying with credits.
If you allow morphs to be bought with credits at character gen, you get silly-good deals on some of them. A synth costs 30 CP but if you buy it with starting resources, it's only 5,000 credits (5 CP). There are many other examples of where the CP and credits would allow very min-maxed combos if you could start the game with morphs purchased with credits, so I agree with my GM that it's a bad idea. He's allowing us to purchase extras with CP, the upside that we're assumed to be familair with them for releeving purposes. To buy them with credits/rep we have to wait until in-game and then we face resleeving into an unfamiliar morph that may have hidden quirks (some good, some bad). When I started the thread, I was wondering if there is an official answer to this around.
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Even if you are forced to

Even if you are forced to wait until "in-game", what stops you from leaving yourself plenty of excess cash after creation and buying a few just as the game begins? I haven't been able to find explicitly where the book deals with what happens to money bought with CP but not spent on gear, but if it carries over, then this is a very limited prohibition.

And anyway, what's so bad about buying a spare Synth? For 30 or 5 CP? It's not unbablancing , since to upgrade it to EP standards would require significant expendature of resources.
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If you wait until in-game

If you wait until in-game then you first have to attempt to find the morph you want to buy. In the inner system, credits may be enough, but many characters - and possibly games - are set-up for use in the outer system where Rep needs to come into play. Also, there's the fact that buying the character's 'new' morph in-game may get you a morph with unexpected details (morph Traits, augmentations, etc.) since you're not always able to buy a brand new off-the-rack morph. Lastly, there's the issue that you now have to attempt resleeving into a new (for you) morph. Purchased at character generation, it can reasonably be assumed that you are Familiar with sleeving that morph and that helps with the Integration and Alienation (a +30 modifier is a big deal!).

As for why it's a big deal: it's the fact that one character can take an Infomorph (0 CP) for his first morph and then buy a Synth for 5,000 credits (5 CP) getting both for a total of 5 CP. The next guy goes the opposite route, and he get both bodies for a total of 30 CP (the Infomorph is effectively free). That's not a balanced way of doing it.

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Good point.

Good point.
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It is pretty annoying that

It is pretty annoying that morphs costs (in CP) are so radically different than prices. I.e. A novacrab is 30cp bought with credits or 60cp (if purchased "outright").

At the same time I just created a character with multiple morphs at creation; it was a cool choice to have made.
On one hand I got a 10 cp "break" (i.e. Remade+Exalt is 90cp direct or 80 if the exalt is bought with credits); on the other you've spent ~25% of your non-skill credits on morphs. Getting implants for both, paying for storage, etc will set you back even more.

It seems fair to say
1. If a certain morph is "required" you must buy a required morph with CP.
2. Otherwise you have to buy the more expensive morph with CP.

Some other factors:

Owning a morph and taking care of it are different. If you buy a biological you need to have it stored. Somebody who just buys a case and sticks it in a storage locker for a year (cost [Low]?) gets what they pay for.

It may be me but I see a lot of egocasting happening in games; having two or three morphs at your "start point" doesn't necessarily have a big impact on the relative effectiveness.

Just my thoughts.

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One other factor to take into account

One other factor to take into account is that your starting morph - purchased in CP - is where you're currently housed and resleeving is non-trivial.

I've just been skimming other chapters as I work through the history, but it appears that a second morph bought with credits at character creation would require:
- Life support for a biomorph.
- Preventative maintenance for a synth.
- A facility in order to resleeve.
- On average, a day or two to reacclimate each time you do so.

Buying a second morph with credits is cheaper in terms of CP, but it might be more costly in terms of game time and maintenance.

The credit costs do seem a bit low, however. I suppose it depends upon the current state of supply and demand. I was under the impression that there was still a relative shortage of biomorphs as of the default setting start date.

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Spread them around
One of the better uses of multiple morphs is to spread them around. For example, try having one on Mars, one on Titan, and another at Locus so that you have a few options when egocasting. This is a good way to use in-game purchased synths which are cheap and seem to require little in the way of starage or maintenance. Putting them all in one spot seems somewhat wasteful.
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Yes, buying extra morphs at
Yes, buying extra morphs at chargen is allowed, and the original intent was to do this with credits (not CP). The morph you buy with CP is defined as your starting morph, so buying extras on the cheap and then starting with one of those shouldn't be allowed. There would be additional costs as well, like the Moderate body bank storage service fees.

I'm generally of the opinion that gamemasters should be smart and shouldn't let their players get away with tricks that violate the spirit of the rules (and if they do, they get what they deserve). As noted, however, there's an easy fix to this problem, and that's to simply make any additional morphs be bought with CP instead of credits. I'll look into errata-ing that, or at least adding it to the FAQ in progress.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Good forward planning.

Good forward planning.
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Venusian who has a body on a
Venusian who has a body on a Venus Aerostat, adn then one wherever the
political power is, so he/she can do discussions there, then jump back
to Venus, to do whatever...I would be inclined to say "CP or Credits based
on how much you plan to use the body."
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Honestly, it does kind of bug

Honestly, it does kind of bug me that a Synth costs the CP of an Exalt, when Synths are almost Splicer-common. It should be a morph for the Clanking Masses, not the skilled and 1337.

Maybe I should just personally houserule the cost down to 10 (and the Case down to 0). If you want to be so deeply uncool as to use a synth as your main morph, knock yourself out. (If you want a Synthetic Mask, now, pay full price for the disadvantages you're ditching.)

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Or let characters buy the

Or let characters buy the synthetic mask for a cp cost.

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Re: Yes, buying extra morphs at


I would recommend that in the case of having multiple bodies, have the player pay CPs for the most expensive body and credit for the rest. This will make the infomorph problem disappear, while encouraging players to have redundant bodies saved up.

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Re: Can you purchase multiple morphs during character ...
I would say the best way to handle it is to give your players caveat info about it. They can purchase all other morphs at creation, but this creates a potential issue. They must pay for storage, maintenance (in the case of biomorphs), and other potential things when dealing with extra morphs. It's one thing when you have a morph that can be easily carried with you, but a completely different beast when you have to find a place to hide your reaper that people won't stumble across. If a player finds a way to make his morphs easily accessible (especially if he effectively carries them with him), I would require he paid the CP cost of the most expensive morph at his disposal (if I have a swarmanoid, synth and pleasure pod with me at all times, then I pay the CP cost of the synth and buy the others with credit). The last two options are more of houserules. The first one being that all morphs can be paid for via credits. It makes morphs cheaper in most cases (excluding, say, flats), but universally so for everyone. The other option is alluded to on page 139: "A credit cost is also listed, but this refers to the cost of buying such a morph in gameplay." In other words, if you want it you gotta find it. This one may not completely be a houserule, considering how it is inferred in the book.
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