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Can AGIs use psi?

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Can AGIs use psi?

Now I realize that AGI characters have the infolife background which clearly prohibits them from purchasing the psi trait. (pg 131: Infolife) However I find it somewhat ambiguous whether it is prohibiting them from purchasing it at character creation or from EVER gaining the trait.

I know one needs a biological brain to use psi(pg 220: Morphs and Psi), but AGIs can use biomorphs (pg 245 top of the page), so that's no problem.

I'm not sure there's anything forbidding an AGI from acquiring psi during play via infection by Watts-Macleod. If their programming emulated human brain pattern enough to sleeve a biomorph then it seems vaguely plausible.

Thoughts? Official rulings? Am I just missing something?

Tearlach Tearlach's picture
No, infection from

No, infection from Watts-Macleod should be a viable way for a infomorph riding a fleshbag to gain psi-abilities. But what self-respecting infomorph would do that? Come on, they're made out of meat.

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Icky Meatbags. Synthetic is
Icky Meatbags. Synthetic is the way to go. How else am I going to get my Armour Rating up to 45/40?
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Of course. The infolife
Of course. The infolife background is where you start, not where you finish.
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Meat has cooler mods.

Meat has cooler mods.
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Re: Meat has cooler mods.

You find me a shapeshifting biomorph with the ability to merge with identical shapeshifting biomorphs to form one massive shapeshifting biomorph, and we'll talk. Until then, it's all about the synthmorphs, baby.

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