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Campaign writing advice and review

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Campaign writing advice and review
Our regular GM is a little busy at the moment so I'm stepping up (for the first time GMing). I've written a gatecrashing op and would like some fact checking and advice to make sure it's a great experience for my players. The campaign is called 'Ark' by the way. I'm thinking of putting some non or less infected NPC's in the ship to allow for a bit more social skills to come into play. Good idea?
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Since vac suits of particular
Since vac suits of particular importance here add a patch kit to the standard equipment list. if the buildings in site 2 have no power they can not be hacked open safe room basilisk should be subtley mentioned when they get in there first talking to chronus otherwise it would feel a bit to arbitrary as for the epilogue of did i get infected well if their suits are not breached and if they take their helmets off as long as no fluids made contact there won't be any doubt. If they come across the infection source then there could be something like an apple of knowledge hack in a comm log from earth