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Burst fire and auto fire

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Burst fire and auto fire
how is the damage and # of hits handels in burst fire and autofire modes, it doesnt seem to state. are all the shots handled as individual attacks, are there any penelties for these attacks. or is it a margin of sucess thing for the number of hits per burst. or does it just add a set amount ofdamage to the over all attack action like it does when you concetrate fire, ie BF with a light pistol does 2d10 + something either d10's or flat damage.
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Re: Burst fire and auto fire
I'd just rule, that with concentrated bursts and autofire first bullet hits, and MoS/X more, where X depends on weapon, SOM of shooter and maybe some other details. System in the book is exotic indeed.
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Re: Burst fire and auto fire
Have you read the rules under Firing Modes and Rate of Fire on p. 198? For burst fire, you can make 2 attacks with the same Complex Action, and each is handled as a separate attack. You can shoot at up to two targets with each burst. If you concentrate a burst on one target, you get +1d10 DV. Each burst is treated as a whole, you don't need to worry about figuring out how many bullets hit or anything like that. There is no modifier applied. Full-auto is similar, except it takes up the whole Complex Action and is treated as a single attack. You can target up to three targets. If you concentrate on one, you do an extra +10 + 1d10 DV. Any time you're using BF or FA against multiple targets, just have the attacker roll once and have each defender roll against that roll. Make sense?

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