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Burning Rep for Trivial Favors

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Burning Rep for Trivial Favors
This might be a fairly pointless question, but I was just now reading the rules on Rep and favors, and I noticed that Trivial favors have a Burning Rep Cost of 0 and yet still have a refresh rate. Granted, the 1 hour refresh is very short, but since you could apparently just "burn" 0 rep if you need more trivial favors within an hour, even this refresh time seems kind of pointless. Also granted, I expect that PCs will rarely waste time going after trivial favors, but this still struck me as strange. Am I missing something?
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Re: Burning Rep for Trivial Favors
No, you are not, but I don't think it is a bug eaither. Probably the rep cost would be lower than 0, and only come into effect when you do that several times one after the other. Something like having a 0,25, but in the end, up to the GM to note when they are abusing it too much.
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Re: Burning Rep for Trivial Favors
Trivial favors are things that are largely moot. Asking your buddy if you can have a can of beer from his fridge; getting someone to bring you a seat; generally things that people don't pay much mind to. You probably ask for trivial favors several times in a given day. These are intended to be things that you can ask about as often as you like. That said, the GM is [i]always[/i] recommended to use common sense when dealing with player actions. For instance, while borrowing 50 credits is a trivial favor, borrowing 50 credits from five different people now becomes 250 credits borrowed: a minor favor. Asking for four 15 minute services is essentially asking for an hour's worth of labor, and it works the same way. Don't let people try to catch little loopholes in the system by reading things to a literal excess.
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