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Building minions

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Building minions
I know there are custom morph rules built. Are there rules to make combat robots one programmer would use as combat drones?
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Re: Building minions
You can either buy a robot that is already shown in the rulebooks, and add the weapons as separate costs (if you want to add that weapons), or buy a morph, outfit it with a Muse/LAI (or even a fork) and buy its gear. Essentially, if you want to build "adds" for a character, he only needs to follow the rules already in the book for acquiring a Morph and buy gear for it, then use a puppet sock implant to control that morph. But remember, unless the morph has some resident AI it will require constant control from the character... meaning he will need lots of extra mental actions (or he can be an infomorph, anyway he is limited to 4 actions per turn).