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The Builder[Second attempt at a scenario]

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The Builder[Second attempt at a scenario]
I'm working on a scenario to run for my first game of Eclipse Phase, and I could use some help fleshing it out. Here's what I have so far: [B]Background:[/B] The Builder is a mutant strain of the Exsurgent virus which has infected and transformed a TITAN fractal into a forest of glassy, transparent fibers within the TITAN quarantine zone on Mars. After transformation, the Builder gathered information about its environment, intercepting and decoding transhuman transmissions. Eventually the Builder discovered a suitable target, a scavenger group named Kell’s Clan, which operated out of Arsia Mons. It predicted where Kell’s Clan was going to explore next, transported itself to a building along their path, reconstructed itself into a cornucopia machine, and replaced the building’s mesh network with itself. Then it waited. After some time, Kell’s Clan did indeed explore the area, and discovered the cornucopia machine. They loaded it on their rover, but as they were preparing to leave, one of their number, Jameson Zai, was attacked by a neurotoxin injector swarm. The other members fled with the cornucopia machine, leaving him behind. Kell's Clan returned to Arsia Mons and their leader, Ivan Kell, began calling his contacts to inspect their haul. Most interested was a man named Sying T'ang. T'ang, a member of the Sun Yee On triad, was intimately familiar with fabbers and knew immediately upon inspection that this was no ordinary nanofabricator. T'ang offered to buy the artifact for an incredible sum, easily enough to buy a small private habitat. Ivan Kell accepted, and T'ang arranged for the artifact to be shipped to Qing Long in a quarantine container. Ivan used part of the money to get Jameson resleeved from backup, then departed for Pavrati. After spending some time contemplating fate with Comrade Ethanol, Jameson joined up with the ecostation nomads of Mars, hoping their lifestyle would bring him some relief. Once on Qing Long, T'ang began calling his own contacts, inviting them to come inspect the artifact and put in their bids. Vasha Yozhikov, a contact from Omnicor, won the artifact in sealed bidding. Vasha arranged for the artifact to be shipped to Far Reach II and went on her way. Once the artifact reached Venus, Omnicor placed it in a fail-deadly surface station only reachable via egocasting or with Q-morphs. The station itself utilizes active cooling and was lowered to the surface via a tether after the artifact was placed aboard. Once in place, their research team began performing experiments. One of the losing bidders, a man named Nedrid Hafnen, contacts the PCs to recover the artifact. [B]The Builder:[/B] The Builder possesses all the capabilities of a TITAN nanoswarm, a TITAN fractal, and a digital exsurgent virus. It is able to physically interface with electronic and optical circuitry, and even replace circuitry with itself, while retaining all capabilities of the original device. It is quite capable of improving transhuman devices. The builder's objective is to infiltrate numerous transhuman habitats, either by appearing innocuous or actively helpful, depending on its target. Once it is present in a sufficient number of habitats, it will take control and convert the inhabitants into Exsurgents. [B]Omnicor:[/B] Omnicor wishes to learn more about the artifact to incorporate its technology into their own nanofabricators. So far, the researchers have determined that the artifact is definitely not transhuman technology, and have been attempting to interface with the device to make it function. They have made minor progress, managing to make the device create geometrically perfect objects of uniform composition. [B]Jameson Zai(deceased):[/B] After Jameson's death in the TQZ, the builder reconstructed him as an exsurgent. xJameson has access to all his memories from before his death, and access to Jameson's credit accounts and reputation networks. It is likely he will lose access to the credit accounts shortly due to changing ids and passwords, but his reputation networks will persist. This will allow xJameson and the Builder to enact further plans on Mars. [B]Jameson Zai(resleeved):[/B] Resleeved Jameson spent some time seeking answers in the bottom of a bottle. After pulling himself together, he decided to get away from it all and joined the ecostation nomads. He has greatly enriched the nomads with his funds, and they are grateful to him. [B]Ivan Kell:[/B] Ivan Kell has headed to Pavrati to experience the finest pleasures transhumanity has to offer. He has resleeved in a Venusian Glider morph with chameleon skin and spends much of his time riding thermals without a care in the world. [B]Nedrid Hafnen and the Phaethonites:[/B] Nedrid, or as he prefers to be called, Deliverer of Glorious Dawn, is a member of the Phaethonite cult. He is charged with acquiring TITAN artifacts and other useful items and returning them to Phaethon. He insists upon titles instead of names and will create titles for the PCs if they do not have any. [B]Mayu Shigeki:[/B] Shigeki is a Consortium Oversight investigator following a money trail. She is attempting to track down the destination of a suspected TITAN artifact. Shegeki is all business, and has no sense of humor. She has two well-trained bodyguards, Nadirah Yakootah Naifeh and Kong Pan. Nadirah is fairly personable, and very skilled at discerning motives. Pan is extremely perceptive, and notices the slightest details. [B]Arsia Mons:[/B] Arsia Mons is full of unsavory characters, some of which are unstable. The local mesh is full of malware, and connecting will bring a character under immediate viral attack. Kell's Clan's careless handling of the artifact has allowed the Builder to begin taking over the local mesh, but the process is not complete and it is not yet a direct threat. [B]Omnicor surface station 5A43:[/B] Surface Station 5A43 is a modular structure designed to be lowered on tethers. Each module is a spherical active-cooled structure that will fail catastrophically if the active cooling ever fails. A team of 5 researchers is actively researching the artifact, which has begun to respond to their attempts.
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Re: The Builder[Second attempt at a scenario]
Sounds like a good setup. It was not obvious to me how Sying T'ang determined that it was a special nanofabricator: this might be relevant since this will be why Nedrid Hafnen knows it is valuable, yet it might be something he might want to hide from the PCs under a suitable cover story. My suggestion for the cover story would be that it contains integrated pre-Fall DRM keys: there are some very nice blueprints around that cannot be used since the companies and institutions that made them disappeared in the Fall. Recovering the keys would allow various groups to print their products, and would hence be valuable.