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I don't see any way to list
I don't see any way to list equipment as being mounted on a vehicle.
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I have a recurring issue
I have a recurring issue where I have one additional CP available. This is on characters created on Windows 7, but it stays with the character even on my Linux box. I haven't spent the time tracking it down, but it happens frequently enough that I think it's a software bug and not on my side.
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My singularity program crash
My singularity program crash's constantly in either step 3 or step 9 of the life path character creation, I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit and I have DL the latest singularity off the EP website.
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Singularity still does not
Singularity still does not allow you to pick the Psi trait if you take the Infolife background.
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After the latest Update
Under Create Lifepath Character; Step 3: Youth Path; Childhood: Troubled: raised among disaster or war (to to Civilian). There is one "to" too many.
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Line 2026 of Data.txt for April 2015
The Explorer 5PP has an error in the Profession lines. a full stop instead of a comma after Profession=Gatecrashing. It is: PACKS|FOCUS|Explorer 5|5|While others have to wait for months or years to get even a whiff of a Pandora Gate or one of the rare artifacts retrieved by gatecrashers, you've walked on alien worlds and maybe even held alien technology in your own hands.|40:Academics,40:Climbing,25:Fray,40:Freerunning,25:Infiltration,30:Interest,30:Interest,20:Investigation,30:Kinetic Weapons,30:Perception,50:Profession=Gatecrashing.30:Profession,40:Scrounging,30:Swimming|1|NONE|ANY|0|50:ANY|5:SOM|0|0|0|0|0 It should be: PACKS|FOCUS|Explorer 5|5|While others have to wait for months or years to get even a whiff of a Pandora Gate or one of the rare artifacts retrieved by gatecrashers, you've walked on alien worlds and maybe even held alien technology in your own hands.|40:Academics,40:Climbing,25:Fray,40:Freerunning,25:Infiltration,30:Interest,30:Interest,20:Investigation,30:Kinetic Weapons,30:Perception,50:Profession=Gatecrashing,30:Profession,40:Scrounging,30:Swimming|1|NONE|ANY|0|50:ANY|5:SOM|0|0|0|0|0
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Psi Defense isn't being given
Psi Defense isn't being given by the following Firewall event: "You are one of the few survivors of an exsurgent outbreak on your habitat. Gain the Psi Defense trait (p. 147, EP)."
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Apologies if any of these are
Apologies if any of these are previously mentioned. These are a few things I noticed while editing the SNG files for Firewall. I was using it on Linux 12.04. * Psi sleights from Transhuman are not yet included * DR calculations for biomorphs should round up, not down -- noticed this on the Bouncer, which should have DR 53, not 52, but it may be true of others (didn't check) * Faraday armor mod missing (p. 159, GC). Faraday Suit (p. 158, GC) also missing * Sing does not remember the last directory used. It always opens the home directory. Kinda annoying when you are storing your character files elsewhere. * Nowhere does it tell you how much Credit you have left to spend. It just tells you how much you had for free, how much you bought with CP, and how much you spent in total. * The Spent Credit should be red when the Spent Credit total exceeds the total credit (free + bought), so people can easily see that they overspent * The character sheet doesn't give a Credit total. * The character sheet doesn't give an Armor total. * The description of synthmorph armor types is wrong. They are listed as a "frame replacements," which is technically incorrect (it was originally implied, but this was errata'd in the 4th printing). The synthmorph armor types all add their AV to the shell's base value. So an 8/8 shell with +16/+16 industrial armor would have 24/24 armor. * In Gear list, Nanodetectors s/b Nanodetector * Morph list (when you click on the morph tab) should be alphabetized.

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Original Space Colonist
Hi, I'm doing the original creation process and chose Original Space Colonist as Background. When I choose Interfacing as a +10 skill it does not pass it over to the ranks in Skill. Also the costs for Reactive Ammo (Moderate) and Reactive Armor Piercing (High) is reversed. Ractive (High) RAP (Moderate) I know you are able to change the cost after you "purchase" but still. Thank you
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Ego Traits
Recently our version of Windows 7 Singularity Always assigns the Brave and Social Stigma (Uplift) traits. No matter what options you select.
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More detail? I just made a
More detail? I just made a quasi-random (i.e. I just chose options at the limited randomness available to the human mind) selection and it went through with a lifepath character creation with no issue. He even wound up in an octomorph and didn't have any uplift stigma.
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Uplift Problem
Sorry, it happens using the packs character creation method. I've noticed that if I save the character and then reload the character the traits go away as appropriate. It's a work around but it's a little frustrating.
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I noticed a bug when I was
I noticed a bug when I was trying to make an Original Space Colonist. If I selected Freefall the 10 points of skill it gave me were not reflected on my character sheet. Through trial and error I found that if I removed =Spacecraft from the Original Space Colonist entry in the data file that it would work correctly. Adding another skill to the entry didn't help nor did rearranging the skills (in fact, rearranging caused a new error. It made "Piloting: Spacecraft#Freefall" the mandatory choice for the entry). My current workaround is the following change to the data file: BACKGROUND|Original Space Colonist|(EP p. 132) You were part of the first generation of colonists sent out from Earth to stake a claim in space. You are familiar with the cramped confines of spaceflight and life aboard older stations and habitats, the reality of life for most of transhumanity. Whether a science posting, commercial endeavor or exploratory outpost, your home has undoubtedly been transformed as a result of the Fall as space is at more of a premium than ever before. You might be fulfilling a role similar to your original assignment or you might be taking advantage of the new world (and possibly new political system) to find a new life for yourself.<br><br>(Pilot is for Spacecraft only)|10:TECHNICAL#Academics#Profession,10:Freefall#Pilot,20:NETWORKING,|0|NONE|ANY|0|0|||||||| I'm posting this because I suspect that this error is probably generating problems in other backgrounds/factions where you have a skill with a pre-chosen specification. Additionally Crasher Suits are not listed in the gear list. GEAR|Crasher Suit|Armor||||||10/10|FALSE||||||Expensive| Recently developed by Omnicor, this is a high-end version of a standard vacsuit customized for a gatecrasher's needs. It has all of the features of a standard smart fabric vacsuit (p. 333, EP) except that it provides 10/10 armor and is equipped with wrist-mounted tools (p. 309, EP) and a Life-Support Pack (p. 159 GC). The suit's gauntlets and boots are also hardened and provide an extra +1d10 DV on melee attacks.
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Issue with blank skills section
Files I have been working on will suddenly go blank in the skills section. As in the page will not even list names of skills just white space under the column names. Let me know if you want me to email the files. I am using Windows 10 by the way.
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Blackbird: Not sure if this
Blackbird: Not sure if this is common to other morphs that provide skill bonuses or limited to the Blackbird, but it doesn't add the morph's +10 flight / +10 infiltration. This is for a character created with a version downloaded from the Posthuman site today, so presumably the most up to date. Also, the Blackbird is currently not considered an uplift morph, even though it's a synthmorph bird (the takko, by contrast, _is_ considered an uplift morph.)
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the +2 bonus to unarmed attacks from synth morph does not get applied windows os
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Ghostwalker wrote:When you
Ghostwalker wrote:
When you create the pdf of the character sheets, some skills appear wrong. Like Art skills using SOM, Academics using SAV, etc. The numbers are correct, only the text is wrong. Something like: Profession:Military Ops SAV. As others said, the Fury morph's lacks some augmentations, like Bioweave Armor (Light) and Neurachem (Level 1). There are others minor's erros. Like descriptions, etc.. In the book the Battle Suit has a Armor Value of 21/21, not 18/18. Some Traits are also missing, like Rapid Healing. There are also some rules problems. In the book it saids that the Augmentations don't count for the purpose of Maximum Aptitude:
"Some implants, gear, psi, and other factors may modify a character’s natural aptitudes. These augmented values may exceed a morph’s aptitude maximums, as they represent external factors boosting the morph’s ability. No aptitude, however, augmented or not, may ever exceed a value of 40." EP 124.
But in the software, the augmentations are included in the Aptitude Maximum. Anyway, sorry for any english mistakes.
Confirming that this is still a problem. Not even Exceptional Aptitude seems to fix it.