A Brief Overview of a Brinker Habitat called: Autotrynoraptor

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A Brief Overview of a Brinker Habitat called: Autotrynoraptor

Autotrynoraptor is small o'neill cylinder spun to have one gee. Majority of the interior, is combination of dense forest and jungle, with it often changing from one to the other. The majority of the inhabitants, choose to live an extreme neo predator primitive lifestyle. They go beyond living neolithic society, instead choosing to be predatory creatures, which are often based on those from Earth but not always. Most Ego choose to retain their sapience in their predator morph, but also have a strong conscience toward hunting, killing to sustain themselves and to live their own lifestyle. So they've elected the only ethical creature to hunt and devour is themselves. And they'll alpha form themselves and sleeve them into morphs to be hunted and killed. Each resident will only hunt after their own prey variant fork, and its consider deep taboo to hunt and kill someone elses prey fork.

Alt name for the habitat: Most Dangerous Game, So Full Of Yourself, Consent.
I was thinking to myself, that one of the few lifestyles not touched into EP, is an autovore. So here we go, an autovore habitat, where they sleeve forks of themselves into deer or cows, and hunt themselves.