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book release + shirt

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book release + shirt
I wonder, will you plan to release the books and a t-shirt as the one you wear in the Gen Con interview? it would be nice to buy the whole kit for christmas?? see ya!!
RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
The t-shirts were actually
The t-shirts were actually made for GenCon *last year*, back before we had even finalized the EP logo. We ran out of them long ago. Typically Catalyst only gets t-shirts made in preparation for the summer cons, with a new design each year, so it's likely you'll have to wait until next summer to see one. However, if you want to pressure Catalyst to make some before then, you can lobby them at contact [at] catalystgamelabs [dotcom]. Maybe if enough people voice their desire for one we can convince them to do one sooner! :)

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Eh..I wish... They have said
Eh..I wish... They have said before that t-shirts and such do not sell well except at cons, and so don't have plans to make a range of them. I know...I have been in the people lobbying to get faction T-Shirts and patches up in the Battleshop...
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Maybe the other way?
Wouldn't it be just simpler to release high resolutuion logo and let players print it on T-shirts in their local t-shirt-printing-facilities? We've got a lot of them in Poland and I'm sure it'd be much cheaper than getting a shirt from the States ;) Anyway, how's the logo made? Is it screen printing? Does anybody have any photos? :) I'm afraid it'd be harder to embroider it on a shirt that just print.
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A high-res EP logo will

A high-res EP logo will eventually be made available on the site here -- one of many things on our list.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

strangeasangels strangeasangels's picture
You could always put an
You could always put an Eclipse Phase design up on http://www.ziraxia.com... I work there as the programmer, and I can probably work out a custom deal with royalties if y'all are interested. We do all the fulfillment and shoulder the printing costs, so there's no overhead on Catalyst's part, and fans can get shirts to help spread the word. Drop me a line if you're interested.
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Licensing things under the Creative Commons appeals to makers.
Or we could just take what you've already released and make our own shirts and desktop backgrounds - that's what I did with the EP poster and The GIMP tonight. I plan on printing the graphics I was messing around with (simple though they be - I'm not a graphic designer) on t-shirt transfer paper to make myself a shirt, though I don't plan on posting them anywhere at the moment (the licensing on the EP poster .pdf is unknown so I don't want to violate copyright).

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