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Body Switching

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Body Switching
Hello all together, I'm really looking forward to Eclipse Phase. Aside of the mention of psi (which final role is still a bit unclear to me) it seems to be the type of setting I favor. My question here is:"In which way you plan to put the switching of body shells into rules?" Will there be an new character sheet for every new body? Just a mark in the equipment? A change in certain pools? Something else?
Feldion Feldion's picture
Re: Body Switching
I would assume that the character's intelligence, personality, tenacity, and all the rest would stay with the character. A new body would change the physical capabilities of a person only, such as new eyes granting night-vision, or increased body mass giving extra strength etc. By body switching you would not be able to increase your mental abilities, just your physical.
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Egos and morphs
What we've decided upon is a system where you have your core competencies, personality, and know-how called an Ego. The majority of the sheet is your ego, that part of you that carries over from body to body. Then there is the morph, which is the physical form you take. Morphs are better though of as equipment, albeit equipment you can heavily modify and are quite attached to.

Brian Cross
Posthuman Studios

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Ok, than perhaps "Morphs" would have been the approbriate place for this thread. Sorry. So you have taken the equipment solution. How will physical skills/attributes be managed then. I suppose there will the no "Strength" or similar stats then?
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Seperate Sheet?
Is your morph recorded on a seperate sheet? Or on both (sorta like "Lesser Shades of Evil" if you are familier). I liked the notion of mind and body being seperate things... but then again it sounds like when you're "resleeved" you (or your fork) is in that body till it dies or you/it are removed. And can you play without a body at all? Run drones from a mainframe or such?
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We have what are called
We have what are called "aptitudes" which are natural capabilities on which skills are built. Aptitudes are part of your ego and transfer with you from body to body, though certain morphs may give aptitude bonuses. Now, even though their is no "Strength," there is for example a Somatics aptitude that is your natural ability to use a morph to the best of its physical capabilities.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

Tzeentch Tzeentch's picture
Is there a similar
Is there a similar abstraction of mental attributes to encompass the idea of augmented intelligence? That is, varying levels of mental ability depending on the resources of your shell (information gathering, processing, retrieval, analysis nonsapient AIs)? This was one thing I thought THS sort of let slide when it let you divorce yourself on the physical attribute side of things.
RobBoyle RobBoyle's picture
We're still working on
We're still working on character sheet designs, so I can't say just yet. You can play a bodiless infomorph or AI, yes.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

smarinaccio smarinaccio's picture
Getting Used to the new "Morph"
Is there any sort of "Adjustment" to the new Morph - or is it presumed that anyone can jump into a new biped-like shape and take off running? Is the transfer handled wirelessly?

Shadowrun GM since 1990

Insect King Insect King's picture
Morph limitations
To parallel Tzeentch's question. I presume that your morph housing has it's own set of adjustable limitations - fixed strength, damage resistance, movement etc. But what limitations to shells have on the ego? If a PC infomorph cut-pastes himself into an broken or obsolete model; how does the run-down or badly maintained hardware impact on the PC's mind? Cheers, Chris.
Cthulhu Cthulhu's picture
Core Character

Sounds like something similar to Amazing Engine [where you have a core character that you can move between different gamebooks] or Dream Park [where you can redesign your character according to the session to be played] or, in fact, like a HERO multi-power [where your powers can be rejigged according to what you want to do].

Regardless, I'll be interested to see how you accomplish the multi-body effect...
...Though it might be a nightmare to actually play.

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