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Bode of Sattva - meditation-based Avatar community

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Bode of Sattva - meditation-based Avatar community
root@Avatar [hr] The last time cybernetics and AI research had funding, the argument ran that eventually our online presence would be like Tron: a digital Avatar that you drag around with you from site to site. This form of human-computer interface is apparently akin to God coming down from the heavens and tonguing your ear, and looks like Second Life. This, of course, is deadly heresy, as using Second Life is akin to rubbing sand in your eyes with a steel brush. Bode of Sattva is this particular science fantasy kicked into the future where the Avatar concept isn't a professional inside joke. It's like the PvP servers of modern WoW, except you meditate together in harmony with the inner computer, and share recipes for pure, organic, hand-written assembly code guaranteed to be just like ginseng for your processor core. Oh, shit, it's still a stupid idea.
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