• The Site is Live!

    Hi there!  If you're reading this then you've discovered that the site is live so allow us to officially welcome you to the online home for all things Eclipse Phase.  We're coming to you from Gencon where, if you are lucky enough to be, you'll be able to get more info about the game.  We will be running Demos at Gencon in addition to having t-shirts and posters and a few annoncements about the game.  So if you're here stop by and visit us at booth #1303/1307 the Catalyst Game Labs booth. 

    And even if you're not at Gencon feel free to register on the forums and start posing any questions or comments about EP you may have. 

        - The EP Design Team

  • EP and GenCon

    For folks who are attending GenCon, you should make sure to attend the Catalyst Game Labs seminar on Saturday the 16th, 12:00 to 13:00, at the Embassy Suites, room Chancellor 3. We have a special announcement to make regarding Eclipse Phase that you’ll want to hear!

    While the EP core book itself won’t be at GenCon, we will have an Eclipse Phase Quick Start Rules handout that we’ll be giving away for free. It includes an overview of the setting, a simple version of the rules, and a starting adventure.

    We’ll be posting the QSR on our (still-in-progress) website later, but be sure to stop by the Catalyst booth (#1303/1307) and pick one up. While you’re there, you can grab an EP poster and an EP t-shirt, and check out all of the other exciting things Catalyst has to offer!

  • ENnies Awards

    Public voting for this year’s ENnie Awards is now online! This year, Catalyst Game Labs is nominated twice: once for the Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules in the Best Free Product or Web Enhancement category and also in the Fan Choice Best Publisher category!

    In the Best Regalia category, you also owe it to yourself to check out Green Ronin’s Hobby Games: The 100 Best, a great book with top game designers writing about their favorite games — both Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech are included, of course!

    Please check out the other nominees and other categories and then go register your voice!