• Rimward Street Date: October 3rd, 2012

    Our newest release, Rimward: The Outer System, will be in stores Wednesday Oct. 3rd! This 200-page, full-color, hardcover sourcebook ($44.99) details the outer half of the solar system, from the Main Belt to the Kuiper Belt, visiting all of the major stations and habitats. The predominant outer system factions are also outlined, including the anarchists, brinkers, Extropians, scum, Titanians, and ultimates. A selection of new morphs and gear rounds out the material. This sourcebook is a companion to the Sunward sourcebook and a great resource for running campaigns and scenarios in the outer rim.

    Now is a great time to tell your friendly local game store to put in an order, as it ships out to stores early next week!

    Also, check out Rimward Preview 2: Locus and the Table of Contents.

  • NPC File 1: Prime Available in Print!

    Our first electronic-exclusive release, NPC File 1: Prime, has been our best-selling and one of the most well-regarded electronic titles for Eclipse Phase. Now, we're bringing it print via DriveThruRPG's Print on Demand Program— $10 for the print version, $5 for the PDF version, and $12 for both of them together.

    If you previously bought the PDF and want to upgrade to the bundle at a discounted price, you should have already received a coupon in your email, if you subscribe to "product update" emails on DriveThruRPG. If you don't, please send an email to and we'll hook you up with that coupon!

    NPC File 1: Prime is 15 pages, full-color, and provides over thirty original NPCs and variants for your Eclipse Phase campaign, complete with full stats, ready to use as NPCs or player characters.

  • Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 2!

    In our last post, we went over the games we're running and seminars we'll be presenting at Gen Con 2012. Now we're going to take a look at the great stuff we'll have for you at booth #840 in the Exhibitor's Hall!

    Here's a peek at the new stuff we'll have available:


    We fully expect that our advance copies of Rimward will be for sale bright and early Thursday morning!

    This full-color hardcover release is 200 pages, with a spiffy cloth bookmark. It covers The Main Belt, Jovian Republic, Jovian Trojans,  Saturn, The Titanian Commonwealth, Uranus and the Ultimates, Neptune, The Kuiper Belt, The Autonomist Alliance, plus new morphs and gear.

  • Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 1!

    Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 1

    The Best Four Days in Gaming start next week, and we'll be at booth #840 in the exhibit hall, hosting several seminars, and running games as well!

    Stay Social for Updates!

    We'll be using social media as much as possible during the convention -- please follow ps_pub on twitter and watch the #PS_GenCon hashtags!


    Friday, at 2PM, in the Pennsylvania Station C at the Crowne Plaza, we'll be talking Posthuman Futures, covering company news, the last year, upcoming plans, and all that good stuff. This will be a great chance to hang out and chat, talk about Creative Commons licensing, our publishing style, or anything else!

    On Saturday at 2PM in the Indiana Convention Center, room 201, we'll be hosting What's Up With Eclipse Phase?, where we talk about upcoming Eclipse Phase stuff and take audience questions and suggestions.