• Transhuman Kickstarter Launches!

    The Kickstarter campaign for Transhuman has launched!

    We are hard at work on Transhuman, the Player's Guide for Eclipse Phase. Transhuman is a player's handbook for Eclipse Phase, full of optional and additional rules and advice. Most importantly, It features two new alternative and simplified character generation systems for Eclipse Phase. One of these uses pre-created packages to build characters, and the other builds off that system but uses random elements to add twists. These systems are designed to make it quick and easy to create a new character or for gamemasters to whip up NPCs as needed.

    Transhuman covers different types of Eclipse Phase characters in detail: AGIs, asyncs, infomorphs, uplifts, infugees, and indentures. In addition to roleplaying advice and optional rules for these specific character types, other elements of the game that affect characters such as insanity, death and memory loss, psychosurgery, nanofabrication, and reputation are explored.

  • Eclipse Phase - April Updates

    As we near the launch of our kickstarter campaign for our next book, Transhuman, we have a few news items we wanted to catch everyone up on.

    First up, Sunward: The Inner System is now back in stock and in stores once again. This is our second printing of the sourcebook and we're glad to have it available again! Note that we raised the cover price to $44.99.

    Second, Rimward: The Outer System has been nominated for an Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement! We're glad to see it get some recognition. If you're attending the Origins Game Fair this summer, please consider voting for it!

  • Transhuman Open Playtest and Kickstarter!

    We have two major announcements regarding Transhuman, our upcoming Player's Guide for Eclipse Phase. First off, we had previously said that Transhuman material will be subject to an open playtest, and that open playtest starts today!

    We have created the Transhuman Playtest section on our forums, and the first material available for playtesting -- part of the Traits chapter -- is already posted! Everyone is free to participate in the playtest, all it takes is an account on our forums and some of your time and effort towards polishing Transhuman!

    Each chapter also has specific questions from us. Please read the chapter with the eye towards answering those questions. There are two threads in the Transhuman Playtest Forum for each chapter -- one for answering those questions, and another for all other discussion about that chapter.

  • PAX East 2013

    I'll be moderating two panels at PAX East this year.

    At 10:30 am on Saturday, I'll be hosting a Sci-Fi Worldbuilding Workshop with my blogger buddies Caroline Willis & Andrew Linstrom. This one is audience participation: we provide some seeds for a world, and the participants split up into groups to flesh out various aspects of it. Come build an original SF world in an hour! The results will be posted on the Net and CC licensed for anyone to use. (Last year this filled up fast, and it's in a hard to find room -- so scope it out early if you want to come).