• A Few New Things

    A few new things worth checking out:

    • Bobby Derie posted up the first 151 entries of his Farcast Yearblog as a PDF. He's been doing an entry a day for half a year now, each with a new locations, morph, gear, item, etc.--it's interesting stuff.
    • A Russian translation of Eclipse Phase's Quick-Start Rules, thanks to Alexander Kuein!
    • Polish translations of the character sheet, terminology, and hacking cheat sheet, thanks to zombiak!
  • The Final Countdown!

    The Final Countdown

    There are just under eight hours left in the Transhuman Kickstarter campaign. We have smashed through every stretch goal, unlocked great stuff, and set about a course for a very busy remainder of 2013!

    We have a few housekeeping notes before the campaign ends:

    Stretch Goals

    If we hit $120,000, every freelancer who works on any of the unlocked stretch goals is going to get a 15% bonus, and, every freelancer who works on our upcoming book Firewall will get the same 15% bonus.

    Transhuman Open Playtest

    We added the second draft of the Packs Character Generation system to the Open Playtest, along with the first public draft of the Life Path Character Generation system. You can check them both out here:

    Thank You

    We have plenty of people to thank, most notably all of the backers. 1767 as I write this. Thank you. This is your fault. :-)

  • Mashups: Eclipse Phase vs. Don't Rest Your Head, Part II

    This is a continuation of my previous post on using Don't Rest Your Head and Don't Lose Your Mind from Evil Hat Productions to run certain types of adventures in the EP setting.

    This post contains setup info and pregen characters for a scenario using DRYH/DYLM to portray a group of Lost Generation kids undergoing an unusual therapy at an orbital research facility. The intro information is intended for players who aren't yet familiar with the EP universe. Players totally unfamiliar with transhumanism will probably need a bit more introduction; those who know EP can probably skip much of what follows.

    The Setup: General Setting Info for Players

  • Transhuman Kickstarter Stretch Goals -- The Final Week!

    We have under a week left in the Transhuman Kickstarter, and it's been an amazing ride so far. Strap in for the last week, because it's about to get extra fun! Covered in this update: new stretch goals and an update about PayPal payments.

    Eclipse Phase as ePub

    We just unlocked this goal, and we'll be publishing Eclipse Phase in ePub format this fall/winter! If you want to pre-order it, you can add $10 onto your Kickstarter pledge.

    New Stretch Goals

    $71,000 -- 1000 ISBNs!

  • Eclipse Phase & Fate

    First off, a confession: when I first encountered FUDGE, as a text file on the pre-web Internet, I almost stopped reading when I got to the bit about the dice. An inveterate AD&D player, I love me some non-six-sided polyhedra. If EP has one flaw, it's that we only use one kind of die. So it goes without saying that I dislike when games only use six-siders, and by extension, when games only use six-siders marked with pluses, minuses, and blanks.

    But then there's Fate. Oh, Fate. If not for your ugly-ass dice, you & I could be so perfect together. There's so much that's compelling about this rules engine, and so many possibilities that I can see for using it with our setting.