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biometric appearance

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biometric appearance
hi all you ep fans this is just a thought id throw out into the forum and see whether anyone can make it better. i find it hard everyone in the universe that is eclipse phase would gladly give up there true physical appearance (the one they were born with) unless there truly hideous. now i was thinking of a way for certain individuals to transfer there looks onto another morph prior to resleeving and how it would work, i was thinking somthing locked in there biometric signiture that holds there true selfs apperance for an added cost new morphs can adopt this appearance. thank you and feel free to explain a better way or improve this one cheers boys.
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Re: biometric appearance
About a half of all PCs I see seem to practice this (with maybe an eighth being the 'adventurous' sort looking to try out new things, and the remainder shunning the flesh altogether).
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Re: biometric appearance
Ghost In The Shell had an excellent explanation of this in the 2nd Gig. Basically custom faces/bodies are sculpted by master artists. Depending on the quality and time spent on them they may not have the ability to perform facial expressions or have very limited movement in the mouth or limited displays of emotion around the eyes etc. Of course, the Eclipse Phase universe is a little bit more advanced (though still comparable to GITS) so you could assume that there are individuals who could take a 3d model of someone (much like we do today with CAD/CAM) and use it to construct a custom morph/face for the recipient. In my campaign we don't go for generic faces anyway - everyone has a unique look and identity unless they're one of the lower classes (read. poor) and therefore they're in a standard flat (with minor variations on looks) or case (which is obviously synthetic so it doesn't always have identifying marks). Upper classes in my campaign, executives and especially one of the characters (can't give away too much, dunno if any of my group read here and the overarching story is a secret) has a super customized morph that's been naturally born with little gene tampering and a lot of grown-in augmentations and cybernetics so that they could retain their natural body (a sign of very high status for us) but still be on-par with the rest of transhumanity in terms of being disease free etc. Hope that's what you were looking for.
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