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Not to long ago I read Ribofunk (by Paul Di Filippo) which not only featured augmenting ones own body with bio-implants and DNA splicing, but machines that are grown instead of built. Is EP going to have some of the same elements like living vehicles, and weapons that grow their own ammunition? If so, will space craft benefit from this technology?
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Makes sense
There might be some practical limitations to growing ammunition -- depends on if you need some raw material, energy requirements, and time constraints (can you grow a bullet fast enough to stay in a full-auto firefight?) I would think growing machines, especially parts, would be an excellent option from an economic standpoint. (See the Rep-Rap, for instance...) I ran a Star Trek game where ships were grown using nanotech, making the frames much more robust. Growing "bioroids" would be a good example of this tech, allowing for a more perfect fusion of non-biological and biological elements.