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Biological, Synthetic, or Mixed

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Biological, Synthetic, or Mixed
I've noticed that the morphs come in three main types: -Biological: The organic shells, based on living organisms, like animals - Synthetic: The robotic and mechanical shells -Mixed: Either cyborg or techno-organic in nature Two questions: Is there any design restrictions and what type would be your favorite?
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Far as I know, the sky is
Far as I know, the sky is very much the limit. There are organic morphs capable of living in the corona of the sun (suryas... they look like whales), as well as bodies which look like basic animals like dogs. There are mechanical bodies up to things like spider tanks, and you can even apparently upload your body into your vehicle (it's like a futuristic rendition of Pixar's Cars). Obviously they are only gonna publish so many right now, but I'm sure there will be a ton of possibilities.

As for my favorite, I'd have to probably go with the surya. The idea of living in the sun is just too cool to imagine. I bet they live on photosynthesis.

Now for which morph I would enjoy if I were living in such a world, I'd probably stick to organics. I love the physical pleasures way too much to give them up (we'll say that I mean eating, because I do like eating). I might have a mechanical body for work and such (like a cargo ship, so I could make a decent living as a hauler or something... hell, I might not even mind getting a combat ship and living as a soldier), but my standard body would probably just be a genetically-enhanced senescence-immune version of my current body. I might also keep a few cool animal morphs around... who wouldn't want to fly around as a hawk, amirite?
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This is gonna put a whole new
This is gonna put a whole new spin on Redshirts as well... ("That. will. teach. Hendroff. to. not. use. his. mechanical. body...")