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Bioconservative and Back...

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Bioconservative and Back...
Just to clarify, not all Bioconservatives eschew Backup technologies correct? I noted that the Jovian Spy has a month of Backup Insurance (which I would guess would see him resleeved into a cloned Flat body) and wanted to be sure this wasn't a typo. I can see a "You Again!?!?" moment here... if the characters are under the general impression that all bioconservatives are one-kill opponents and seeing the pesky fellow coming back for round 2!
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Answer is quite simple

As far as I know, one month of insurance for all characters is a rule. Gamemaster can ignore it for the "reality"'s sake, but this would make the character much less playable - it's got only one life. So, it's up to GM and players if they want to make one-time characters...

That may be a good ground for roleplaying - will character, who has witnessed death of a friend or another person close to him, and then meet him/her again, want to lose everything by dying?

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Bioconservatives can be
Bioconservatives can be hypocrites just like everyone else.
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And not every Bioconservative

And not every Bioconservative is going to be a hardliner on every part of their Faction. You might have Bioconservatives who are very much against the use of Cyberwear and Synths, but are fine with BioMorphs for example.

Just like every member of, say, the Ultimates is going to be a militant psycho who thinks everyone else is a weak jackass and needs to spend some time upgrading themselves. Its a fairly fundemental part of their beliefs, but you might get the occasional member who is closer to the centre field.

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I mean come on, when faced with final ultimate death, I bet the most serious bioconservationist, backslides.
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I'm also wondering... having
I'm also wondering... having read a bit more, if in most cases "bioconservatism" is less about using technology to avoid death than it is retaining and preserving the fundamental human form... the most I'm seeing them shoot for is Splicers to get around heridetary genetic defects. Maybe for most it's not about coming back, it's about coming back in as original a form to your origin as possible and rationalizing backup as a radical form of rescication.
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Good point
I would assume, just like our contemporary parties and factions, there are varying degrees of bioconservatives. This could even be a good basis for a session or two. Maybe the conflict between a more liberal faction and a hardcore faction would be good fodder. Damn, I love this game!
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In a world where as much

In a world where as much shit has gone down as in this one, I can't really blame people who just can't handle it, and fall back to paranoia or isolationism.