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Bioconservatism by Jove!

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Bioconservatism by Jove!
More of a couple of questions than suggestions... just wanted to clarify something. We've heard the term "Bioconservative" mentioned a lot in topics about those individuals that prefer to not Infomorph themselves. For a while I've been thinking it's a religious choice but looking at some of the conversations you have been saying "bioconservatives AND religious types". Just to clarify, what is the central notion of Bioconservatism? is it a collection of religious beliefs or more philosophical/lifestyle choice... like thinking that Informorph backup somehow diminishes the "origional" person, or that important desicions are better made with the reality of no "save point"? And if it's the latter, are there some exceptions? And if resleeving is out can/do Bioconservatives still obtain other modifications (unless you are a total Luddite why NOT have Basic Biomods?). On that note. Was there any particular idea/story behind making the Jovian Republic Bioconservative? Given the proximity to Jupiter I'd imagine that Informorphs and Resleeving would be a LOT more appealing with the radiation risk alone... or is THAT the whole appeal behind it? Did the Bioconservatives that set up shop around Jupiter do it simply to show Transhumanity that "mere mortals" could still create something powerful even around one of the more dangerous worlds in the solar system (or did they do the smart thing and they are in Europan seas taking advantage of natural radiation shielding)?
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Bioconservatives, at least

Bioconservatives, at least as defined by transhumanists (who are mostly the ones who use the term -- I'm not sure anyone refers to themself as "bioconservative") generally come from 2 camps. On one hand you have the religious, politically conservative, natural order types. On the other you have left-wing eco-minded folks who are strongly suspicious/critical of new technologies and how they are wielded. This wikipedia piece sort of covers it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioconservative#Contrasting_stance

As to the Jovians, we wanted both strong military and a bioconservative factions in the game, and for various reasons it made sense for us to mesh them together. We also specifically wanted a force in the outer system that wasn't autonomist (aside from the ultimates and exhumans, who aren't very large faction-wise), and Jovian Junta had a nice ring to it :)

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Ah! Got it, thanks for
Ah! Got it, thanks for clearing that up.
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From a pragmatic POV the

From a pragmatic POV the biocons serve a potential purpose in that if it turns out there's something inherently wrong with transhumanism that takes a while to show up they provide a pool of "baseline" humanity as a backup or fallback position.

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I thought the same... maybe

I thought the same... maybe there are groups (Firewall, and Project Ozma) with an interest in ensuing such groups survive just in case... reminds me of Joe Haldman's "The Forever War".

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Re: Bioconservatism by Jove!
It reminds me a little bit of Orion's Arm, in how some of the archailects kept what amounted to nature preserves of pre-singularity lifeforms (usually humans) so they could be studied as well as to provide a group of potential uplifts should the need ever arise.