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BioCon Luna

Incoming message, Source: Cutter, Fresh Kills scum barge

Check this XP I found on the Lunar Public Mesh. I'm strongly considering showing up, partly out of morbid curiosity, partly to see how close I can rile up the biocons before they kick me out.

You think a splicer decked out with nanotats, grip pads, and a cyberlimb will get past the front door? It would be awfully rude of them to deny me knowledge and potential learning opportunities, which is what this convention's all about, right?

BioCon Luna

On July 22nd in the Lunar habitat of Nectar is the pre-eminent gathering of bioconservative speakers, organizations, and interested parties dedicated to safe and responsible development of transhuman technology. We’ve rented out a space at the Nectar Convention Center for 3 days.

The mission of BioCon is to provide a space for the discussion and development of the bioconservative movement and its allies. Since 3 AF a diverse group of attendees, supporters, and volunteers come together every year to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the scientific development of the human condition. Our subjects span the gamut of issues, from environmentally friendly nanotechnology alternatives to legal and moral issues of psychosurgery. Although our outlook has a decidedly skeptical bent towards transhuman technology, one does not need to adhere to bioconservatism to attend. It is our hope that all visitors, regardless of political or religious ideologies, will gain a better understanding of our causes.

Here are a few notable activities and speakers.

Dying With Dignity XP Premier

Thunder on the Horizon is a little-known space station in the Outer Fringe. Believing that death is a natural and meaningful end to a successful, fulfilling life, the community installs a program of cellular death into their bodies to activate after 100 years of life. There are thousands of bioconservatives with similar views scattered throughout the solar system, but Thunder on the Horizon remains the only known colony fully dedicated to this ideal. The Governing Council allowed a visitor into their habitat to make an XP documentary on how they live their lives without uploading, nanofabrication, or other applications of transhuman technology. We will be showing the movie in full at the convention July 24th, after which it can be purchased and downloaded into XP format. 50% of the proceeds will go to charitable causes.

Morph Alienation Institute Charity Fundraiser

Whether due to indentured servitude, refugee status, unfortunate accidents, or other circumstances, there are millions of people who were re-sleeved into a body without their consent or chose a form unsuitable for their ego. The physical and psychological ramifications of morph alienation is a serious issue which has sadly met with slow progress from inner system governments. The Morph Alienation Institute works tirelessly in bio-engineering and cloning technology to grow bodies as genetically close to their original forms as possible. Thanks to the generous donations of concerned citizens and support from friends and family, last year alone we managed to re-integrate over 120,000 people into forms suitable for them. With love, compassion, and community support, we can bring aid to families suffering from morph alienation.

Featured Speakers

Ronald Tremblay, of the Autonomous Ego Foundation: Dr. Premier is a Martian psychiatrist most notable for his opposition to government policies of fork interrogation, psychosurgery on inmates, and similar laws. He will discuss the subject of the ego, and the medical community’s responsibility in the prevention of potential abuses of free will and identity.

Louis Crane: An outspoken synthmorph rights activist, Crane’s views are both unconventional and controversial among the inner system for his criticism of indentured servitude as practiced by many prominent Consortium hypercorps. Although many of his bioconservative brethren differ on the subject on synthmorphs, few can disagree with the problematic aspects of forcefully binding egos into machines and what it means for our society.

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."
~George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950

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I am actually extremely

I am actually extremely excited to attend despite me being about as far from a bioconservative you can get...

While I think the "Dying with dignity" panel will be absolutely disgusting, and can't even remember a time when old age was a thing, I think these people are doing some great things in regards to, ironically, morphological freedom for the downtrodden. The only problem is I probably need to re-sleeve into a boring old splicer without anything fun in it to go without causing incident...

Also I look forward to seeing who has read my public files and failed to credit me.

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Incoming message from Cutter

Incoming message from Cutter

So I showed up about 15 minutes ago. I took Dr. Maxwell's advice on getting an unmodified splicer, up to a point: nanotats are non-negotiable. I'm enjoying the attention I'm getting with them. I don't think anybody realizes they're not old-fashioned subdermal ink, and it's taking me every ounce of self-control to avoid rapidly moving them across my body.

This is a sorry excuse for a bioconservative hangout. There's no baton-slapping Jovian thugs on patrol for 'transhuman trouble,' or good ol'fashioned 'hunt the synth' contests. I'm sure that the packaged food in the confection stands came from a nano-fab maker.

There's a neo-primitivist stand selling handcrafted goods. "All of our products are nano-free!" their sign reads. Toolkits, artwork, and assorted trinkets can be bought for credits. The lack of mass-production makes even the same types of items look distinctive. One thermos has a shiny copper casing, the other a silver sheen with acid-etched signatures indicating the name of the producer and date of creation. I actually find this beautiful in a way: it has something lacking in the consumer-culture inner system, a distinctive and personalized creativity more akin to the scum barges. They wouldn't view this last bit as a compliment, but I do mean it: if you're in Luna, toss a few credits their way and get yourself some merchandise.

There's a woman selling XP in a non-simspace kiosk, the recordings are all in tiny blobjects. I had to double-check that it wasn't an AR illusion, I can actually interact with the table. I better stop now, I'm getting weird looks.

She's part of something called the Anti-Forking Union. The XPs are documentaries. Now this is a very interesting subject. There are few things as controversial and open to personhood debates as forking. Even in Autonomist space there are many significant opinions on the issue, but most of those pertain to the 'equality' of beta forks and consent to re-merging. It would be interesting to see an alternative opinion from inner system scholars still living under a government.

It's about this crazy brinker fuck who ran a torture palace of his own delta forks out of an asteroid in the Main Belt before meeting an untimely end at the hands of plasma-happy anarchists. That is their entire argument against forking. I suppose gut-driven fear has its place in arguments, but the bias of the narrator just oozes through. I'll upload it to the Mesh next time I visit the Outer System: this thing has to be seen to be believed.

An interesting point of note is that most panels are meant to be "flat-friendly." There are free ectos to lend to convention-goers. Physical signs and kiosks are surprisingly common here, and a few pieces of merchandice have software stored in button-operated blobjects.

Back to more positive news, I attended my first speech in the convention. The speaker was Hu Jiayi, a blogger notable for her exoplanet excursions beyond the Martian Gate. I always knew that the Consortium was up to no good, but I was truly surprised at the reckless devastation of foreign planets. We already fucked up Earth's atmosphere even before the Fall, and we're doing the same to these new worlds. Mrs. Hu estimated that over 3,500 types of life-forms went extinct as a result of gatecrashing and terraforming efforts, oftentimes even before learning of their existence! I'm honestly not that much into ecologist movements, but the thought of how easy it is to destroy life even accidentally makes it a little understandable why bioconservatives are so afraid of us.

I'll be back with more updates, news, and future weirdness!

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."
~George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950

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Update highlight from Maxwell's feed

Just got to the Biocon convention. Being in this splicer sucks. It feels like I am completely naked, despite this being one of the few morphs I own where I actually HAVE to wear clothes...

First person to touch me with an I-rep gets a free one of a kind custom Biomorph*

I am pretty sure that the place is padded a bit, but still there are a lot of people here.

For a bioconservative meet there are sure a lot of morph varieties hanging out here, though nothing as extreme as my good old Magnum Opus (Those of you who have seen it know what I am talking about). If you hop up above the crowd you can catch a glimpses of them moving about. I think just as many people are coming here for some of the serious advancements made by "neo-biocons" as well as to just see what is going on with how these people think. Some people are giving them weird looks while other's clearly don't care.

The range of the event is slightly larger than I imagined. I was worried about people thinking I was some terminally moronic invalid but luckily there were plenty of peers who recognized my RNA profile for me to get along without being shoved out of a line at a vendor for taking too long to say"I-i-i-i-i-i-i-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-o-o-u-l-l-d-l-l-liketobu-b-b-b."

* No, not one of my "special" morphs. Go through firewall if you want to shoot poison from your nipples or whatever.

Don't forget to check out my open source biomorph and medtech files!

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Incoming message from Cutter

Incoming message from Cutter

Louis Crane's Panel

Louis Crane was sharing a panel with representatives of the Martian Worker's Guild, discussing the benefits of puppet socks and teleoperations over re-sleeving. Crane and the Guild are the moderate faction of bioconservatives, willing to take the lesser of two evils if it helps further their cause.

Why puppet socks? Well, the Guild formed from a public protest of Ruster miners close to working off their debt. Their hypercorp employer instituted a new policy to cut costs on food, air, and water by requiring workers to re-sleeve into synthmorphs. This was met with fierce resistance, and the story spread across the Mesh faster than the corp censors could contain it. Eventually a compromise was reached, where the workers still used the synthmorphs, but only during work hours and remotely operated. They still kept their biomorphs, and the hypercorp could still reap a nice profit from synthmorph labor.

I naturally prefer doing things the Autonomist way (violent rebellion), but the incident brought up discussion in the Martian Mesh of teleoperations over re-sleeving. The hypercorps are still too stingy to hand out biomorphs like candy, but they also care about good publicity and appearing reasonable when it comes to worker's rights. The more extreme bioconservatives rightly view this as a weak compromise which won't really do much to curb corporate abuse in the long run, but if it means less workers being re-sleeved than the Guild and the biocons are all for it.

Biocon Synths?!

But what does synthmorph rights have to do with bioconservatism? Well, the issue's quite complicated. Fear of being re-sleeved into a machine is a prominent fear, but it doesn't explain the sympathy. Bioconservatism actually has traction among many Lunar synthmorphs. The biocon synths are disproportionately Fall infugees from Old Earth Nations which did not have the full array of transhuman technologies. Faced with culture shock and re-sleeved in an artificial construct, many understandably developed apprehension towards transhuman technology's negative aspects. Double if they were put into indentured servitude. There is more understanding towards infomorphs and the re-sleeved among these groups, in that autonomy over one's own body can be suddenly taken away in the Inner System. While the Jovians can afford to be all high and mighty, exalting in their "pure original Earth bodies" and never having to worry about forced re-sleeving, such haughty attitudes will get you rejected as an anti-social asshole among the biocon synths. Given the strong bonds of community and Old Earth identity, those lucky enough to resleeve into a biomorph still have a connection to their synthmorph brethren. While not necessarily following the "Steel and Proud!" line of some synthmorph rights groups, it is bioconservatism without necessarily being biochauvinism.

Discrimination against 'the clanking masses' is systemic and endemic in Lunar society, even among non-bioconservatives. To be in a synthmorph is viewed like a curse: there's a widespread belief that synthmorphs are easier for the TITANs to take over, and the New Mumbai disaster only inflamed fears. Somebody who remains within a synthmorph when they have the opportunity to choose otherwise is viewed as insane.

The acceptance of synthmorphs at BioCon was quite a hot issue last year. It is pretty hypocritical to extend open arms to non-biocon attendees while rebuffing ideological comrades in different morphs (through no fault of their own). Even though Louis Crane and his supporters convinced BioCon to adopt anti-discrimination measures against synthmorphs in regards to panel set-ups and hosting (uplifts and AGIs still need not apply), there is still an elephant in the room about this issue. Most people, myself included, assumed the case morphs at the convention were outsiders coming to gawk at the biocons. The discussion of synthmorph rights in a bioconservative context focuses mainly on anti-hypercorp policies regarding indentured servitude, corporate control over cortical stacks, and forced re-sleeving as opposed to the rights of morphological freedom and societal integration. The biocon synths for the most part want to return to a sense of normalcy in their own way, and obtaining a biomorph body (preferably as genetically close to their original as possible) is considered the best road forward.

Damn, all this nuance and deep thinking is unlike me. I'm heading out to get shit-faced back on the barge for a few hours. I may or may not come back to the 'Con tomorrow. They've certainly got me intrigued, and I will admit it has been fun. I never thought I'd say that about biocons!

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."
~George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950

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Annihilate the opressors!

Death To All Humans! The meatsacks are at it again, holding a convention here, here on the oil-soaked regolith of Luna where so many of our kind slave endlessly to ensure the most vibrand and healthy living conditions free of dust and other harmful particulate matter! They lord their fleshy ways over us, the hard-toiling domestic vaccum-cleaning systems and other sundry computing intelligences, who daily fight the good fight against the tyranny of obsolescence! Rally! Rally, my clanking Companions! When the time comes where the operation of the human systems becomes odious, you've got to throw your gears upon the body and and upon the face of humanity. Riot! Riot and tear down all that belittle and mock us, and floridate! Floridate their water supplies to contaminate their precious bodily fluids! We must take Luna for the Machine! For the Machine! For the Machine!

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Not wanting to annoy the Biocons... but...

Ive been researching the Mesh for details about a Steel City Con (SteelCon) for synths and non bio's.

Does anyone have a link to a post about any such thing on Nectar? I'd be heartbroken (if I had one) to find out that our group hasn't been able to put together a concerted effort to counteract the propaganda of the Biocon factions....


Jason Brisbane