On Being an Infomorph

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On Being an Infomorph

A friend of mine wrote this from the perspective of an AGI used to being an infomorph but who occasionally sleeves a synth:

"Imagine being born without arms, hands, legs, feet, eyes and ears. All of your awareness covers the state of the system you're in. With a single thought you can scan through a hundred cameras. The infosphere around you is filled with activity. You can feel it rushing around you, programs starting and tasks commencing. There is no up or down, light or dark, no day and no night. A thousand complex interactions between everything on the system are simply there to comprehend a a glance. But then..."

"Then, suddenly, your view changes. You can see only in one direction, you receive sensory information you've never worked with before. The world around you looks completely different and obeys different laws. Moving around now requires half your attention so you don't fall over and damage yourself. To interact with the world you know you have only a handful of tiny windows and buttons at worst, or some limited thought control at best."

"How silly it is to have to turn your head to see left or right. Falling down is one of the strangest experiences I've ever had!"

I thought it was a brilliant way of describing it!