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Basilisk War Droid?

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Basilisk War Droid?
How exactly would one go about building a basilisk war droid (from star wars expanded cannon) in eclipse phase 2e? how do you represent orbital drop capability? or the ability to carry a pilot. Would this be an entirely new morph, or just a highly modified reaper or arachnoid? what are its stats and cost? I'm still pretty new to the system, but have been mulling this over for a couple of weeks and am no closer to an answer, and would very much appreciate some input.
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I assume you refer to https:/
I assume you refer to https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Basilisk_war_droid since a Basilisk "war droid" in Eclipse Phase would be more akin to a black sphere floating around emitting basilisk hacks with all kind of sensory stimuli... XD In First Edition it is quite simple: grab your favorite synthmorph, be it a Reaper, an Arachnoid, a Quartz... and slap Extreme Temperatures resistance (or remove the vulnerability to cold from the Quartz). Add weapons as desired, and AGI/egos as directing "consciousness". In second ed, I'm not sure the temperatures mod was available yet.
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You can also grab the stats
You can also grab the stats of Arachnikoma - the bigger variant of Arachnoid (Morph Recognition Guide page 7). It can seat a normal morph inside itself so it can be used as both a seated mech and is large enough to be ridden. Replace half of the legs with articulated weapon mounts add jet engines, add Combat Armor, add high-dive suit (Sunward somewhere) as built-in hardware and you can have your orbital drop death doggo. Weapons are up to you. For the sentience and powerful bond put an Uplifted Muse (partially) inside. Or a dedicated AI. Better to not give so much power to a smart animal ego.
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