Baseline bot attributes

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Baseline bot attributes

What are the baseline attributes for a bot?

One of my player characters has a speck, which has +5 REF , +5 COO, –10 SOM. The REF was easy enough to figure out and modifies the specs of whatever AI you have running the bot. But what is the start point for COO and SOM? I've found the reference that bots are essentially the same as synthmorphs - does that mean you take the average character baseline as 15 per attribute?

Answers appreciated, thanks.

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AI & Muses p. 331

all AI aptitudes are base 10 with specific exceptions noted.

So: COG 10, COO 15, INT 10, REF 25, SOM 0, SAV 10, WIL 10

Mea Culpa: My mode of speech can make others feel uninvited to argue or participate. This is the EXACT opposite of what I intend when I post.

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Thanks, and thanks for the

Thanks, and thanks for the reference. Obviously I was overlooking that sentence time and again.