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Barriers and melee weapons

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Barriers and melee weapons
Either it's not there or I just can't not find it but how do melee weapons or laser cutters work with barriers. In the rules it is said that range weapons only inflict 1/3 of their damage to barriers. Thus I suppose melee weapons do the full damage. In Glory there is this airlock where it is said, that character could cut through it with the appropriate tools. Actually I would think that a diamond axe would be an appropriate tool because it is diamond-coated (which should be able to damage anything to some degree). The airlocks ratings are DUR 100, Armor 50, WT 25. But the DR of a Diamond Axe is only 2D10+3+SOM/10, therefore it wouldn't be possible to reach once the WT (which would make some kind of hole I guess). Therefore my question: How do I create a hole in this airlock with a diamond axe (and how would I calculate the duration it takes depending on the SOM of the axe-wielding character) Another question related to this: can the Hand Laser be used as a laser cutter or can the Utilitool used as a laser cutter. How would this work?
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Re: Barriers and melee weapons
I would think in this case it would depend on how the cutting is being done. If you're hitting it with a diamond rapier, you're still just putting little holes in it, which will ultimately be ineffective. This would apply to most bladed weapons, really. Weapons made specifically to punch through barriers will reflect this in their AP value. Blunt weapons and elemental effects meanwhile might work normally. Combat spells err... psychic attacks would be halved in power as well.