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Backup facilities

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Backup facilities
These facilities are among the most secure places the solar system has. They are also tempting targets for all sorts of shady characters, including Firewall agents. What are your writeups/descriptions of such places? Here is one facility a PC subscribes to: Redoubtronics By Håkan Andersson and Anders Sandberg A small, dedicated company in the survival business. Incorporated: 1 AF Main base: Rorke's Drift, orbiting or inside 2007 VL305 (a 100 km diameter Neptune Trojan). Exact details are not known by outsiders. Population: none, save AI autostaff for maintenance, server space monitoring and fabs. Stores: 60,000 backups. Ethos: “Integrity, profitability, survivability” Organization: Rorke's Drift Secure facility is run by a smart contract, “Dalton”, an AI implementing the conditions defined in the corporate charter and customer service contracts. If needed it can bring troubleshooters (consultant egos stored by retainer) up from storage to deal with emerging issues. The company has a discreet mesh presence in most habitats, with customers interacting with AI marketing representatives acting as front-ends to the main contract. Several facilities such as RD exist, sharing client load amongst themselves. The corporation is registered on Extropia and owned by private investors, who are however by the charter prevented from interfering with the function of the secure facilities. Services: Secure backup hosting with infomorph virtualization and transmission services upon resurrection. If the conditions for resurrection come true, customer egos are reinstantiated in the computer systems of the habitat. There they have a chance to get reacquainted with current conditions and make a decision to what to do next. As one of the services the corporation will supply a certain number of credits (guaranteed against a portfolio of stable stocks, natural resources and long-yield reputations). Minimum contract: One backup, resurrection upon bodyloss. 24h revirtualisation and egocasting to other habitat. Basic contract: Quarterly backups, resurrection upon bodyloss. 1 month virtualisation, 2000 creds and egocasting included. Silver contract: monthly backups, resurrection conditions specified by user. 5 years of virtualization, 5000 creds and egocasting included. Gold contract: monthly backups, resurrection conditions open to specification by user. New ID and 5000 creds upon virtualisation on self-owned dedicated physical machine with independent power supply. Egocasting included if desired. Note that the habitat does not accept incoming egocasts of non-customers (or forks of hired troubleshooters). The only way to visit is as a customer being resurrected or physically, in which case whatever defenses the company has bought will come into play. Given the name of the facility these are likely extensive. The company and storage facility was designed to be able to withstand the total loss of civilization in the solar system. In this case (as detailed by the smart contract) an anarchocapitalist legal polity will be instantiated and active customers would be able to buy services for further survival. The resources of 2007 VL305 are large and the facility is likely stocked with blueprints and equipment to exploit them to build whatever the customer’s are willing to pay for, although it might take a while to restart civilization. History: Redoubtronics was formed 4 AF by a cabal of mainly extropian investors putting together the infrastructure, contracts and marketing necessary for the extrocorp’s operations. Being careful and paranoid, they kept their own identities largely hidden. Satisfying a market segment for customers needing totally unaffiliated backup service with strong privacy and security safeguards, the company has been quietly profitable, gradually expanding its operations with additional facilities and marketing. The profits, after deducting for investment and maintenance, are allocated in equal parts to the original group of investors and the bounty fund for the Fall Justice Foundation. Some investigations have been made of the possibility of extrasolar backups, either via Pandora gates or a probeship bound for Epsilon Eridani. As yet, no firm decision has been arbitrated by the governing contract.
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Re: Backup facilities
root@Backup facilities [hr] Ozymandias Resurrections History will never forget you, for you will never die. We seed the near Oort Cloud with nano-constructed backup storage devices of your fork, backed with our Eternity Guarantee. New backups are made and distributed from time to time, but your old forks are never destroyed. Each OR device is installed with a large quibit reservoir, which is used to receive a "no not wake" signal periodically, using a single quibit per communication. If your current sleeve is incapacitated, the signal is not sent, and your backup is beamed back at the next period, starting with the backup specified in your contract.
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