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Back to Eclipse Phase after a couple years. Weird Question.

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Back to Eclipse Phase after a couple years. Weird Question.
Greetings he-morphs and she-morphs. I've been away from Eclipse Phase for almost three years now, and I will be putting together a campaign for my gaming group in the coming months. I've been describing the game to a friend of mine and I'm getting a lot of the terminology mixed up. In the game I played years ago, our sentinels spent a lot of time communicating over a private network. I thought there was a specific word or phrase that described this sort of private chat and I believe it was an in-game mechanic but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I know it's a silly question, but it has been bugging me all day and I can't find it in the corebook or anywhere else. Can someone with a better brain pan remind me? Thank you for answering this totally innocuous question and saving my sanity!
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I don't know if there'san
I don't know if there's an official term for it, but as the GM of my group I've come to call it meshaging.
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Thanks! I didn't know if it
Thanks! I didn't know if it was a phrase he had made up or something from the game, but more and more I'm thinking he just made it up.
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We usually just say we're
We usually just say we're sending messages using Space-Signal or something similar.
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"VPN" - https://en.wikipedia
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My team used to call it
My team used to call it "messaging" until everyone got their hands on tacnet software. Now they just refer to it as "talking on the tacnet".
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Tacnet! That's what it was!
Tacnet! That's what it was! Thank you so much!