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Awarding Rez Points

So, reading over FV'd chargen guide brought up an interesting point. The original poster feels one should assume no RP will ever be spent, and to do chargen accordingly. Another poster contested that one can use RP to build up a character, as they have, and in the end they chalked it up to Play-by-Post being far less generous than IRL tabletop games.

Except... I've had a different case. I'm in two games, one online and one IRL. The IRL one took a few months to finish our first adventure, after which we earned a whopping 7 RP. On the flipside there's the online session, where I'd typically receive that much for a single session.

So, I think it boils down to not really having a consistent idea of how much to award. What's a good speed of progress per session? How much should they expect from a given encounter?

Personally, I lean more towards being generous with RP, considering it's meant to be your training, random studies, and income from non-mission activities all rolled into one. However, I'm interested in what you all have to say.

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Well, when I've ran EP games

Well, when I've ran EP games in the past (my campaign is currently on hiatus), I just asked my players. "How fast do you want to level?".

For scenarios and the like, EP tends to give like, 5+ RP per adventure. So generally, how I work is that I can hold off all the RP rewards until the end of a chapter or "quest" (or other quantum component of story) which means depending on how well they did, they get like 5-6 or more Rez to spend every few sessions. Or I could give them it more frequently, at the end of each session. They only get like, 1 or 2, but it's more often and over-all probably more points. They went for more frequent but smaller, though we only played maybe a month's worth of sessions before we had to break and play something else. I also don't follow the rule that you can't use Simulspace time acceleration to learn skills.

This is why I tend to disagree with broad statements like "You'll never level again!" and "60+ CP on a morph is a trap!" because really, that's a variable, and one you and your GM can set by actually discussing the game going to be run.

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and when your group is not

and when your group is not terribly seasoned on a system it can pretty slow too, the deotees is meant to be run in a single session, 2 tops, took my people 5 or 6, depends on whether you count the session entirely of dong jokes a session

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I give

I find that I give my players roughly 5 rez per session.

I also give bonus rez here and there for doing things and being a good RP'er or just keeping the game fun.

Right now we're on session 9 or 10 and my players have 50 to spend.

I also tell them that their morph/gear/credits are part of a pool that usually refreshes when they ego cast.

It has led to a more friendly play style.

I think. Maybe.

Of course now I have them gate crashing so they're going to learn the difference between real scarcity and the artificial scarcity that exists throughout the system.

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kindalas wrote:Of course now

kindalas wrote:
Of course now I have them gate crashing so they're going to learn the difference between real scarcity and the artificial scarcity that exists throughout the system.

My group's on a well-to-do scum barge. Unfortunately, it's controlled by a gang (the same gang that hijacked the ship during the Fall and re-instantiated tens of thousands of its current inhabitants) and one of my players managed to tick off one member of the gang so badly that his chances at getting anything made on the nanofabrication machines are "We have an opening next Wednesday" forever.